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   (Birmingham1)Dwight D. Eisenhower was born on October 14, 1890 in the home of his father andmother, at 208 East Day Street in Denison, Texas. He was the first president tobe born in Texas. Eisenhower was third among seven brothers in his family. Jacob Eisenhower his Father was German, and Ida Eisenhower his mother was part Swiss and English. Dwight’s middle name was David but because he liked it better reversed his name when he enrolled at West Point Military Academy. Before Dwight enrolled into West Point he spent a few years supporting one of his younger brotherscollege education, and help his father pay the house’s mortgage when they lived in Texas.While Dwight Eisenhower went to Abilene High School he graduated at the top of his class in 1909. He played football and baseball while he was in high school. Ever since he was a little boy Eisenhower said to a friend “I’ve always wanted to bea major league baseball player just like Honus Wagner.” Eisenhower’s friend wantedto be president of the United States. Later Eisenhower said “neither of us got what we wished for.” When Dwight graduated from high school he enrolled a was accepted at West Point Military Academy in June of 1911. When his mother found out she went into tears, because she was a pacifist.When Dwight was at West Point he did many things. He tried outfor West Point’s Baseball team but he didn’t make the team. Eisenhower said “that notmaking the baseball team will probably be the most disappointing thing ever tohappen in my life.”After that Dwight Tried out for the football team and made it. He was the varsity running back in 1912; he was so good that he was put in the New York Herald for an article. He even played against the awesome Jim Thorpe. Then later that year he sustained a knee(Birmingham2)injury and was forced to quit his foot ball career. Later in his career he became head football coach for St. Louis College while Eisenhower was stationed atFort Houston. When Eisenhower became older he took up golf as his most favoritepast time, he even had a driving range and a few courses installed at Camp David. (www.brittanica.org)Eisenhower graduated from West Point in 1915 and he ranked 64thacademically and 128th disciplinary wise out of a huge class of 164 graduates.After West Point he served with the Army Infantry at various camps in Texas andGeorgia until 1918. When World War I started Eisenhower became the Third leaderin the new tank corps. He became a temporary Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. Dwight spent the whole time during the war training new tank crews, and never sawany combat during World War I. After the war he was put back to his permanentrank of Captain for the time being then was promoted to Major only a few days later. Eisenhower strongly approved and had creative ideas of tank warfare whilediscussing them with his friend George S. Patton another senior tank officer whowas a very good friend of Dwight’s.Eisenhower was later transferred to the Panama Canal Zone and was executive officer to General Foxx Conner until 1924. From1925-1926 he attended The Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Shortly after graduating hebecame battalion commander at Fort Benning Georgia until 1927. During the Peacetime late 1920s Eisenhower’s career was stagnant. Most of his friends left the army for really high paying business jobs. He was reassigned to the American Battle Monuments Commission which an organization was created to build monuments and memorials for the wars the United(Birminham3)States has been in. It was directed by General John J. Perishing. Then Eisenhower was again reassigned to The Army War College. Eisenhower was later promotedto Lieutenant  Colonel in 1936 an after being a Major for sixteen years. Eisenhower was then stationed in the Philippines under the direct command of General Douglas Macarthur. Dwight Eisenhower then returned to the states in 1939 and held a lot of staff positions in Washington D.C. , California, and Texas. Eisenhower was then appointed chief of staff to General Walter Krueger. Then Dwight was promoted to Brigadier General October 3, 1941. (www.thewhitehouse.gov)After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dwight was reassigned to Washington D.C. in June 1942 to formulate the plans for the Allies to defeat Germany, and Japan. He was Deputy Chief in charge of Pacific Defenses under the Chief of War Plans Division. In late 1942, he was appointed supreme commander of the allied forces in Europe or European theater of operations (ETOUSA), and he was supreme commander of the African Expeditionary Force as well. Eisenhower also led the invasion of Sicily and the invasion of the Italy and its mainland. Dwight D. Eisenhower Formed the plans for D-Day the biggest amphibious force ever created in history to invade Normandy France.D-day was the turning point in World War II for the Allies, theybegan to push into Axis occupied France on June 4, 1944. They have begun the fight for France. On December 20, 1944 Dwight D. Eisenhower was promoted to General of the army, in recognition of his superior commanding abilities. His rankwas the equal to a Field Marshall in the European Armies. D-day was a very dangerous and risky mission, although it succeeded Eisenhower’s gamble worked he had wrote a back up speech incase(Birmingham4)of failure. Eisenhower Said “Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failedto gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision toattack at this time and place was based on the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that bravery and devotion to duty could do.If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone.” He was a very modest person and blamed himself for the if there was a failure and not for the men following orders which I greatly admire. Eleven months after D-Day on May 8,1945 from which on that day Germany or what was left of it signed its unconditional surrender. (The Victors)After the War Dwight Eisenhower was made The Army Chief of Staff, from 1945 through 1948. While the allies occupied Germany they put a plan called the Morgenthau Plan it was to strip an limit Germany of there industrial means of building an army permanently. Since Germany started both World War one andtwo. The plan was heavily influenced by Eisenhower. Then Dwight left the armyand took a position offered to him to be President of Columbia University in December 1948 until 1950 when he left, because he wasn’t very good at the University. Also in 1948 Dwight Eisenhower wrote his memoir Crusade in Europe which waspublished. Then he left to become Supreme Commander of the new NATO force being(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) assembled to keep the peace in Europe andAsia. Then later Eisenhower was ‘drafted’ into the Republican Party by Senator Robert Taft who was a non-interventionist.Shortly after he joined the Republican Party in 1952 he ran in the Presidential election. He had promised in his campaign of foreign policies that he would visit Korea and Personally end the war there himself, and to maintain a very strong NATO force against(Birmingham5)communism. His running mate which was to be made vice president was Richard Nixon. When Dwight Eisenhower won a sweeping victory against the Democrats in a Thirty six states to a twelve win. It marked the first Republican come back in thewhite house for the first time in the last twenty years. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the oldest President to be elected at age sixty two, and also was the only General in the Twentieth century to be made president. During his term Eisenhowerdid a lot of things Including the New Deal Programs which added Hawaii and Alaska to the united states, and he invented Social Security. Then Eisenhower’s firstterm was over in 1956, but he was reelected for president yet again he won hissecond term with 457 of 531 electoral votes and a astonishing fifty-seven pointsix percent popular vote. His most famous achievement was during his second ter  m was the championing and then later signing the bill to build the Nation Interstate Highway system, other wise known as the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1952.The main reason of the Interstates was because of the Cold War.If there was a war the Interstate system was Designed to Evacuate heavily populated areas and allow the Military to move in. Dwight Eisenhower was involved inhelping Desegregate schools all over the United States, and also said Racial Discrimination was a National Security Issue. After Eisenhower’s term was up he was the only President ever to be ‘constitutionally’ Forced from Presidency. He chose hisVice-President Richard Nixon to be his successor, he ran against John F. Kennedy. From which Eisenhower said “I will do almost anything to avoid turning my chairand country over to Kennedy.” Kennedy later won the Presidents chair by a very slim vote. Eisenhower then died shortly after from congestive heart failure on March 28, 1969 at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington D.C. , his body was then (Birmingham6)moved on a train to Abilene, Kansas to be buried next to his son who died at age3, then later his Wife, Mamie in 1979. Dwight D. Eisenhower Left the world inshock but he left it with a Legacy to the World. With his Great Military and Presidential achievements to Eisenhower just being himself as the First Citizen ofthe World because he was so greatly respected and admired by all. (DwightDavudEisenhower)
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