A brief account on the evolution of telephones

It has become a necessity in the 21st century and responsible in changing the way we communicate.
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  A brief account on the evolution of telephones It has become a necessity in the 21 st  century and responsible in changing the way wecommunicate. The world has become a smaller place because of technology and distance is notan obstacle to get in touch with someone.The telephone is listed by several publications as one of the greatest inventions ever created.Like all great inventions, the telephone had humble beginnings. Graham ell sought to improvethe telegraph and as a result, the telephone was born. oth used similar wire!based electricalsystems to establish links from one place to another. hen Graham ell started hise#periments, the telegraph had been established for over $% years, but still used &orse code.ell's pioneering harmonic technology was based on the principle of sending different musicalnotes in a different pitch along the same wire.The invention of the telephone was a key moment and a stepping stone in the foundation of modern communication. Though there was many lawsuits disputing the invention of thetelephone, (le#ander Graham ell is the one who is credited with coming up with the practicalmodel of the telephone. )e was the first to patent the telephone as an *apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically.+The first models of the telephone were different technically from each other. They had one wirefor both transmission and audio. The same opening was used for receiving and transmittingsound.y the dawn of the 2% th  century, more than $ million phones were connected throughswitchboard e#changes. The development of a carbon granule transmitter and electromagneticreceiver were placed in a single plastic molded handle. hen inactive, it was rested on a baseunit.This was the iconic technology involving a rotary dial in the base unit that was to be used for most of the 2% th  century.This led to the transportable+ or bag!phones+ which ware patched into the telephone network.In -ecember 1/0, ell Labs engineers came up with a he#agonal cell transmission for mobile  phones. They stated that the cell towers should be at the corner of the he#agons. The onlyproblem was that the technology was ahead of its time and the radio freuencies were yet to beallocated, it would prove to be a game changer in cellular technology. (s the technology progressed, telephones increasingly became a part of day!to!day life. ree3rank calls were a byproduct of this technological innovation. ree spoof calls are considered a safe entertainment channel. ith the digital revolution, many new techniues emerged in prankcalling such as caller I- block and voice changers which are very popular means of prankcalling. Resource Box:  To make free prank calls with voice changers and free spoof calls visit https455myphonerobot.com5


Jul 28, 2017
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