A Comparative Study of Profitability & Operational Efficiency in ICICI and SBI.

A PROJECT REPORT On A Comparative study of Proftability & Operational Efciency in ICICI and !I ubmitted by AC#I$ %&PTA '()))(**) + t, emester -!A &nder t,e %uidance of -r arad , /aculty0 -!A /inance #1C Academy 21uc.no3 I44I- -A$IPA1 &$I5ERIT6 1&C4$O7 1 (Certificate from Faculty Supervisor) BONAFIED CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Management Project titled “A Comparative study of Profitabilty & Operatioal Effe!ie!y i ICICI ad BI # submitted by AC$IN %&PTA
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  A PROJECT REPORTOnA Comparative study of Protability &Operational Eciency in ICICI and !I ubmitted by AC#I$ %PTA '()))(**) + t,  emester -!Ander t,e %uidance of -r arad , -!A /inance #1C Academy 21uc.no3 I44I- -A$IPA1 $I5ERIT6 1C4$O7 1    (Certificate from Faculty Supervisor) BONAFIED CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Management Project titled “A Comparative study of Profitabilty & Operatioal Effe!ie!y i ICICI ad BI # submitted by AC$IN %PTA nroll ! 111 ##1 $o%   during Semester &' of the M Program (The Class of *+1,) embodies srcinal -or. done by him/her0  I%NATRE I%NATRE'E(teral E(amier) 'E(teral E(amier)  I%NATRE I%NATRE $EAD OF T$E DEPART*ENT FAC+T, IN C$AR%E-. C$AD$A*R/ $ARAD $.+A *  PREFACE Theoretical knowledge is fundamental weapon for any management student.But apart from theoretical studies we need to experience a deeper insight into thepractical aspects of those theories by working as a part of organization duringvaluable summer training, in which student can apply his theoretical knowledge. InSummer Training, we understand that practical knowledge and theoreticalknowledge have a vast difference. So this Summer Training has high importance asto know how both the aspects can be applied together.This training session helps us to know about the working process in theorganization, organizational management and other aspects, which is an importantitself. This training has to be a long and vast experience. uring the curriculum of management programmes a student has to attain a practical exposure of anorganization in addition to theory he!she studies.To achieve professional competence, manager ought to be fully occupied withtheory and practical exposure of management. anagement profession in India is abetter profession as compared to others. The demand for professional managers isincreasing day by day AC#I$ %PTA tudent-!A0/inance  ,    Table of !otets Chapter 1% &ntroduction +  ,,101 2vervie- of &ndustry  10* Company Profile 1, 10, 3esearch objective ,1 104 3evie- of literature ,1 10! 5ey 6ords ,*Chapter *% 3esearch Methodology ,4 7 , *01 Sampling 8esign ,! *0* Pilot Study ,9 *0, 3esearch Methodology , *04 :imitations of the Study , Chapter ,% 8ata nalysis and &nterpretation ,;  ;1 Chapter 4% Findings< 3ecommendations and Conclusion ;*  ;!Chapter !% ppendices = conclusion ;9 7 #14

m1 Understanding

Jul 25, 2017
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