A Correlation Vetween Idiomatic Mastery

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  1 A CORRELATION BETWEEN IDIOMATIC MASTERY AND READING COMPREHENSION (A Study in SMK N. 1 Sipirok) By : Rosmelianti Pangaribuan  A.   Background   According to Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) reading is one for the four basic language skills that should be owned by students beside listening, speaking and writing. Reading comprehension is very important nowadays  because we have known that many sources of technology are written in English. It is commonly supported the other skills. It means that reading comprehension should be improved. The standard competence in reading comprehension especially for the eleventh years of senior high school is that they are expected to be able to comprehend the meaning of short functional text and easy in any kind of genres form in the daily life context and to access the science. It means that they are  prepared to be able to access any information in written form. To reach this competence there are many efforts that has done by the teacher, such as gives motivation, preparing teaching material and uses the best method. Then the teacher also gives drill and exercise about the lesson and some tasks to do at home (homework) and making English course.  2 But the fact, the students’ achievement in English in SMK Negeri 1 Sipirok is still low. It is known from their result in National Final Examination (UN) in 2005/2006 academic year. There were some students still got 6.40 mark. 1  If we analyze, in the file of study there are many students unable in reading comprehension well, the often get difficulties in understanding the text. They can not read the text correctly, the they are unable to answer the questions  based on the text. There are some factors that make students unable in reading comprehension. Probably one of them is they do not know the meaning of two or more word combined together. They translate one by one word while the words have the unity meaning. So, it makes them confuse to understand the reading text. The number of words that combine together and have the unity meaning we called idiomatic. Idiomatic mastery is a means to increase the students’ reading comprehension. What they are reading will be understood easier if they have idiomatic mastery. Because in reading text, there are many words that combine together and have the unity meaning. So the teacher has to explain about idiomatic mastery clearly. It is true that idiomatic mastery can help the students in reading comprehension. So the writer is interested to conduct a research about idiomatic mastery and reading comprehension. The title of this research is “A Correlation 1  Dinas Pendidikan,  DKN (Padangsidimpuan : SMK Negeri 1 Padangsidimpuan, 2006).    3 Between Idiomatic Mastery and Reading Comprehension (A Study in SMK  Negeri 1 Sipirok). B.   Formulation of the Problem To know what should be done, the problem can be formulated as follows : 1.   To what extent is the students’ idiomatic mastery in SMK Negeri1 Sipirok ?  2.   To what extent is the students’ reading comprehension in SMK Negeri 1 Sipirok ? 3.   Is there a significant correlation between idiomatic mastery and reading comprehension in SMK Negeri 1 Sipirok ? C.   The Theoretical Description 1.   Reading Comprehension Reading is not only to read the written form, but it needs the process to understand what she/he has read, it is called comprehension. Reading and comprehension are an activity that can not be separated. Goodman in Mc. Neil says “reading is the mental composing of a  parallel text”. 2   Further Eddie Williams states “reading is a process where by one looks at and understands what has been written.” 3  In addition Guntur says that reading is a process done and used by reader to get massage delivered by 2  John D. Mc. Neil,  Reading Comprehension : New Directions for Classroom Practice , (Los Angeles : Harper Collin Publisher, 1992), p. 7 3  Eddie Williams,  Reading in the Language Classroom , (Hongkong : Macmilan Publishers, 1985), p. 2  4 the author in words in written language. 4  From the opinions, it can be concluded that a reader should be able to understand the information of the text. In reading the reader does not only read but they must also understand what she/he reads. This process is called comprehension. Comprehension is the kind of process done to understand something. It is supported by Martin, “comprehension is power to understand.” 5    Nearly, Henry Guntur says that “comprehension is the interpretation of experiences, connecting new information with the information that has been known, finding the answers of the cognitive questions.” 6  So, it can be concluded that comprehension is the ability of someone to gets information from one of material. Reading comprehension is a combination of identification and interpretation skill which has aim to get information with involve contain or idea and understand the language process in the text where the outcome is depends on the way thinking of reader. This also suitable with As Hornby says : 1) reading derive from the verb read means look at and or be able to 4  Henry Guntur Tarigan,  Membaca Sebagai Suatu Keterampilan Berbahasa , (Bandung : Angkasa, 1976), p.9 5  Martin H. Manser, Oxford Learner Pocket Dictionary  , (New York : Oxford University Press, 1995), p. 81 6  Henry Guntur Tarigan  , Metodologi Pengajaran Bahasa , (Bandung : Angkasa, 1991), p. 43
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