A Curve Design Method with Shape Control

A Curve Design Method with Shape Control
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  © Copyright: King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals;  A Curve Design Method With Shape Control Sarfraz, M; Balah, M SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE AND ITS APPLICATIONS - ICCA 2003, PT 3, PROCEEDINGS; pp: 670-679; Vol: 2669 King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Summary A curve design method has been proposed which, in addition to enjoying the good features of cubic splines, possesses interested shape design features too. Two families of shape parameters have been introduced in such a way that one family of parameters is associated with intervals and the other with points. These parameters provide a variety of shape controls like point and interval tension. This is an interpolatory curve scheme, which utilizes a piece-wise rational cubic function in its description. The proposed method enjoy ideal geometric properties and geometric continuity of order two is also achieved.   References: 1.   BARNHILL RE, 1978, COMPUT GRAPH IMAGE P, V8, P78 2.   BARSKY BA, 1984, COMPUT VISION GRAPH, V27, P1 3.   BOEHM W, 1984, COMPUT AIDED GEOM D, V1, P1 4.   DIERCKX P, 1989, COMPUT AIDED GEOM D, V6, P279 5.   FARIN GE, 1996, CURVES SURFACES CAGD 6.   FAUX IE, 1979, COMPUTATIONAL GEOMET 7.   FOLEY TA, 1987, ACM T GRAPHIC, V6, P1 8.   FOLEY TA, 1987, ACM T MATH SOFTWARE, V13, P68 9.   FRITSCH FN, 1986, COMPUT AIDED GEOM D, V3, P155 10.   GREGORY JA, 1990, COMPUT AIDED GEOM D, V7, P1 11.   MORTENSON ME, 1985, GEOMETRIC MODELING 12.   NIELSON GM, 1974, COMPUT AIDED GEOM D, P209 13.   NIELSON GM, 1986, IEEE COMPUT GRAPH, V6, P35 14.   SALKAUSKAS K, 2004, ROCKY MTN J MATH, V14, P239 15.   SARFRAZ M, 1992, COMPUT GRAPH, V16, P427 16.   SARFRAZ M, 1993, COMPUT GRAPH, V17, P529 17.   SARFRAZ M, 1994, ANN U SCI BUDAP, V37, P53  © Copyright: King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; For pre-prints please write to:
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