A Customer Experience Management Framework

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a customer-centric business management tool. Interest in managing the customer experience has increased as research directly connected medium and long term business profitability to levels and dimensions of customer satisfaction. CEM provides businesses with a tool to systematically measure and improve customer satisfaction by using the customer perspective as a driver for internal business improvement.
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  Customer Experience Managementthat Improves the Bottom Line:A Framework for Implementing CEM Federico Cescoi  Executive SummaryIntroduction  CEM BackgroudThe Roe of Touchpoits The CEM Framework Capture the Voice for the CustomerAayze CEM DataItegrate CEM IformatioUse CEM to ImproveMoitor CEM Resuts The Benets of CEM Fiacia Retur Additional Benets of CEM Implementing CEM  Maagemet CommitmetAiged Pa-Strategies-Methods-GoasStart Sma ad Buid CEMIvest i Techica Toos Conclusion  Improvig Vaue Iside ad Out  About the AuthorBibliographyiii00 0202 05 0608091112 14 1415 15 16171718 19 19  2224 // White Paper TABlE OF COnTEnTS  Customer Experiece Maagemet (CEM) is acustomer-cetric busiess maagemet too. I-terest i maagig the customer experiece hasicreased as research directy coected me- dium and long term business protability to levels ad dimesios of customer satisfactio. CEMprovides busiesses with a too to systematicaymeasure ad improve customer satisfactio byusig the customer perspective as a driver foritera busiess improvemet.The better a busiess ca aig its operatiosto accuratey match what customers wat ad expect, then the more effective and efcient the busiess becomes. Customers are aso more satised; reducing churn and increasing spend -ig. Deiverig this dua vaue improvemet, forthe busiess ad for the customer, is truy a wi-wi for both parties.However, gatherig customer iformatio adthe usig it effectivey for improvemet is osma task. It takes a we-paed ad system-atic effort.Whe doe propery, however, these efforts do deliver signicant benets that include higherprots. The CEM framework that must be i pace to suc-cessfuy deiver vaue icude: ã Capture the voice of the customerã Analyze data to nd meaning and useful iformatio ã Integrate information; communicate to the right perso at the right time ã Improve the organization by intelligently ap -pyig what is eared ã Measure the effectiveness of CEM; make adjustmets/improvemets as eeded EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Executive Summary| iii .  A of these segmets must be fuctioig to ef-fectivey coect, process, ad appy feedback ia way that achieves orgaizatioa improvemetad a better customer experiece.Impemetig the CEM framework i each orga-izatio has its uique chaeges. There are,however, some commo obstaces that busiess-es ecouter whie begiig the CEM jourey.For exampe, a ack of maagemet commitmetad participatio is a frequet issue orgaizatiosface. Maagemet shoud have a cear roe iCEM that icudes paig ad reguar review.Other obstaces ca be overcome through properpaig that icudes traiig, ivestig i techi-ca toos, ad buidig the CEM program sowy.The utimate goa of the CEM framework is to deliver bottom line benets to the business,including nancial performance. As noted, suc -cessfu CEM programs have a direct impact byicreasig reveue whie reducig costs. CEMaso stregthes the busiess by providig vau-abe isight ito the customer ad the busiesseviromet.The importace of customers must be recog-ized. Usig a prove CEM framework esures abusiess is iteigety payig attetio to its cus-tomers – the most critica part of ay busiess.iv |Executive Summary .
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