A cycle-based synthesis algorithm for reversible logic

Several algorithms have been proposed for the synthesis of reversible circuits. In this paper, a cycle-based synthesis algorithm for reversible logic, based on the NCT library, has been proposed. In other words, direct implementation of a single
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  A Cycle-Based Synthesis Algorithm for Reversible Logic Zahra Sasanian*, Mehdi   Saeedi, Mehdi   Sedighi, Morteza   Saheb   Zamani {sasanian, msaeedi, msedighi, szamani} Quantum Design Automation Lab, Computer Engineering Department Amirkabir    University of TechnologyTehran, Iran ASP-DAC 2009 Quantum Design Automation Group, AmirkabirUniversity of Technology, Tehran, Iran  1/22/2009 ASP-DAC 20092 Outline  Introduction  Basic Concepts  Previous Work  Synthesis Algorithm  Experimental Results  Future Work  Conclusions  1/22/2009 ASP-DAC 20093 Introduction  Reversible Logic  Equal number of inputs and outputs  Injective mapping  Example: f  = {0,1,3,5,2,6,7,4} f: input → Output 0 → 01   → 12   → 33   → 54   → 25   → 66   → 77   → 4 Irreversible AND f   3  f   2  f   1  i  3  i  2  i  1  000000 100100 110010 101110 010001 011101 111011 001111  1/22/2009 ASP-DAC 20094 Power Dissipation  Rolf Rolf Landauer Landauer (1961)(1961)  Every lost bit causes an energy loss  When a computer erases a bit of information, the amount of energy dissipated into the environment is at least KT × ln2  Charles Charles Bennett(1973)(1973)  To avoid power dissipation in a circuit, the circuit must be built with reversible gates  1/22/2009 ASP-DAC 20095 Motivation  Decrease in power dissipation   Application in  Low power CMOS design  Quantum computing  Each unitary quantum gate is intrinsically reversible
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