A CYPF Forum for Leicester and Leicestershire

1. A CYPF Forum for Leicester and Leicestershire<br /> 2. Future Dates<br />VCS Representatives Meeting<br />7 July 1.00pm – 4.00pm<br />Core…
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  • 1. A CYPF Forum for Leicester and Leicestershire<br />
  • 2. Future Dates<br />VCS Representatives Meeting<br />7 July 1.00pm – 4.00pm<br />Core Offer Focus Groups<br />11 July1.00pm – 4.00pm 12 July 9.00am – 12.00pm<br />Cuts Focus Group<br /> 13 July 1.00pm – 3.00am or 5.00pm – 7.00 pm<br />Health & Social Care Forum Event<br />27 July 9.30am – 2.30pm<br />
  • 3. Introduction<br />Welcome & Introductions<br />Housekeeping<br />Aim of the day<br />
  • 4.
  • 5. Why change now?<br />
  • 6. The Forum: Working together<br />From<br />To<br />Broad Forums and Summits, plus task groups.<br />Reaches many groups. VCS reps very visible.<br />You can participate to different degrees and benefit.<br />Focus on supporting joint action.<br />Multiple, specialist networks.<br />Small number of groups participate.<br />Requires regular attendance for benefit.<br />Structure can become the focus – ie. TORs, membership.<br />
  • 7. The Forum: Influencing<br />Old<br />New<br />VCS attends many multiagency meetings – but do we know what each other is saying?<br />Main influence is assisting in implementation<br />Most of this is invisible to most of our peers<br />We know what our shared concerns are, and so do decision-makers<br />We identify priority needs and how to meet those needs<br />We are visible to voluntary groups, to senior decision-makers, and other sectors<br />
  • 8. Starting Out<br />Suck it and see - Let the format, activity develop as we go along.<br />Focus on action – We will take this where the energy and the interest is.<br />Shared vision – First task is to know what you can and want to achieve together.<br />
  • 9. What others are doing<br />The Health and Social Care Forum for LLR launched in December 2010.<br />Hear directly from decision makers – for example, Forum had info on local government settlement same day as local authorities<br />Identified and working on key issues that affect them all – ie VCS & GP Commissioning<br />This work now national exemplar for how to ensure new structures engage with VCS<br />
  • 10. What others are doing<br />Coalition of London children and young people’s organisations came together to say what would improve outcomes for children and young people <br />Worked with the Boroughs, councillors to influence London<br />Developed Children’s Manifesto ahead of general election, launched at House of Commons March 2010<br />2nd Manifesto ahead of 2012 elections<br />
  • 11. What do you want to achieve?<br />What aspects of the current changes concern you most?<br />What key local decisions or commitments would make the greatest difference to children and young people?<br />How could we improve the operating environment we all share?<br />What is the change you personally want to work towards?<br />
  • 12. Over to you. . . <br />VAL staff will break you into groups<br />Discuss what are the issues that concern you most?<br />What are the changes you most want to see?<br />Each group feeds back <br />2 top issues you share<br />2 top things you want to achieve!<br />
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