A Framework for Space Security: An Alternative for Weaponizing Space

Part of a 5-year project to investigate the state of space security and to consider the potential risk of its weaponization (especially in light of the 2007 anti-satellite weapon tests on satellites in Low Earth Orbit [LEO]) - this publication established a framework that aimed to prevent a costly and dangerous space arms race - one that could lead to harmful space debris and catastrophic environmental consequences. © The Eisenhower Institute, Gettysburg College, 2007
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  FRAMEWORK FOR SPAC ECURITY An Al  /ng pa I  00 he senhower Instte convened a five-yea proect to nvestgate the state of space secty and to consider the poea rsk of is weaponzatio. he stategy was o assembe a presgous neational grop of space proessioas all o whom had worked o comicated proecs ncldng aching craf into space. The project bega wthout any reconceived noto of the oucome, ad he rests are based solely o he rigorous sut  facts Given he expeence o or ael we wanted to make recommedatios  the nteatioa commuty ha wold be poically easble whie enhancing space secuty. We ae gateu to the MacArthu oundation, Caege Corporatio of New York, Poughshares, ad he Caadian govement for heir generos spot of or work. In the cose of this proec we prodced he Space Secrty Index convened confeences and wokshops that boght sace expets together rom aound he wod an we engaged he Penagon h Unted States Ai Force industry proessoals, and treaty awyes o robe he dimesons of the problem Pesete in his booke s our proosal the fina roduct of hs ue of Sace proect The Famework roposes an ernational egme to be esabished by the nations actively engaged in he se of outer space I sum, he proosal: ã provdes cotnity and ehances sace secty; ã keeps all coties rom egagig i a exesve ams race; ã creates a new orm for discssio of space isses; ã contbes o confiencebildng among naons ad icreases economic ad scientiic benefts fo the civil and commercial sphere; ã provdes fo safe and sece access o space; ad THEEISNJ-IO\VER ISTTUT  MWORK OR I'ACE CRI An A  pnzng p ã os ot qur  brd of a itatoal tat hogh  alows fo h soatio of thos stats o  colac. I cocluso, sac sct as com a fdamtal coot of iratioa staii A w dctio is d; i o which caalzs o  coo ists ad sad ocivs of t iaoa commt as a wo ad svs th trss of ach arcaig aio. E EEOER ]1E AMWOR OR A RY An A  (nzng f)c T  mdu o sac has b trasford damaticall ovr t ast af c o Sik to h Itatioa Sac Sato to PS ad Gao, t qu charac o sac has abld atios ad idvduas to la s, ad coc i was vr bor iagid. owvr, as ts vrom ofrs ooutis t gs with t cra itatios Salit orbts ar corolld  th laws o orial mcaics, a tir commcao caabltis o t laws o ctoacs. As a rs, h a iis o th br of orbtal slos ad fqc bads A t sa m wil sac assts orbit th Eath as a whol, t do ot rcogiz atoa orrs ad a, b atr, mor vlal o atack ta groud-bas ssms ad mc mo dfclt o dfd  folow a rt ad rcal cos, ad  a f osd a rotctd b ih rsol or aral. Tis s w it bcoms vtall motat or atos ad commrca ts to cooa o sac scui as t habi v cosr qartrs i sac h crt tatioa sac sct aroach whc ca trac is bith to th show admistatio ackowldgs h ioac of oaggrssv miltar alcaos  sac, a rcogto wc as sv  ac aoal ad iaoal scu or a as w, atr al, ca d tat coassac o sac ad a warig salis strgh  stabl of drrc drg t Cold War. Ov  ast cads a atios hav ivstd i catig ia sac sstms tat av gatl ag  rcoassac, couicatios, a targig caaiis Ths assts' crasig va hav ma h tgra o miia lag  mos sac-fag aos, o to dd ad to tag Ts atios a ow at a crossroads Th st cd f sct wl  cas b waoizg sac or  aaiig h stats quo, wh sac is tlzd fo mltar uoss bu ot t as a as or srcv waos. Fo a im that s ihrl iraioal i atur, sac s roia gatd. h Itratioa Tlcommuicao Uo is rsosib fo h allocatio of coicao fqcs ad obita slots, t i has o auori ov wat is lod  obt T Otr Sac ra fods o th rsc of ucar waos, or oth waos of ass sructio,  obit or o avl bods a milita isalatios o avl bods E EENO\VER SUE  RAMEWR R AE ERT An Alteative  \XejJoizing SIJce B prohiiig  scesed mssile defese ssem he forme ABM e hd sieosl ed he esig of spcesed AiSelle Weos ( ASAs)   imsse cpc oweve despe some ef· o cree  ew re  he Coferece o Dsme he Ued Ses whdwl fro he ABM re fed  imios o he deoe of ocle wepos i oi I ddio he crrel doed U.S. Nol Spce oic specificll ses h he Uied Ses wil opose he develope of ew leg egies o ohe resrcos h seek o prohii o ii U.S. ccess  or se of sce.1 he ew direcive pledges he Uied Ses o peserve he regled e of spce hese developes hve ed o  poeil sle siio  he frs io o delo wepos i sce eve if ol o of cocer fo� he secri of is ow sses wl like rigge  chi recio of recirocl oves which cold ope  sce s ce Mjo sce owers sch s Rssi d Ch hve de  cler h h he oose he wepozo of sce e e repred o espod  kd o  US emp o depo wepos hee Moreover Ch rece we furher he sccessf esg of s iselie rocke demosed h Ch  ew emergg spce powe hs he cci o kil selies i ow rh r I c e rged h Chs rece 007 isellie es which gered so ch ieo eo c e erpreed s  espose o he Uied Ses ppre  ilel sce  spce. I s mpo o oe h Ch codced is es fer es of epg o ss  esolio g sce wepos  he Ued Nios Coferece o Dsrme. Coseel regled d erl co   o o wepoize sce cold e qickl rsfoed io  ew re of cofroo. he sce secu h l ios d comecl eies seek fo hei spce sses cod e irrevocl os if  sigle evel primive  popel gided issile c hold or ere comecil sceific d mili ifsrcre hosge. Afe  US. Bllsic Missie Defese ercepo mged o desro  ig recissce selle o Fer 0, 008 here is o do h  les I United States National Spac Policy. W IOH August J ,  � hil snio Rssan forin ffirs an df oals hav root an   mn th woni!<ion of sa in th U's Cfee on Dsan th s hav ois a epe shoul noth naton (t ni ats) lo wons in sc i Ivno Russi's inis of Defee sat n Jun j Rsas osion on ths qsion has not chan fo cas: \ r catoicll aans the li<on o p  .  so t bins  ealize sch lns, tn w outlss will tak at rtliao surs Chnas nt AAT (est in nua 7 poves her comys wgnss (  us dsve weapn i .  lccssu   n ir  so s a rsonsc  1s o swo-atli   i ts in  (Pi Col, Cener fo Dense nfociol Fua ) TH OR  FRAMEWRK FR AE EURIY A Aremari e  \ea/oi,ing S/ace hee jo spce owes he Ued Ses Chi d Rssi lred possess he cl o ck seles  Low Eh rs. his soeg recogiio shod seve s  wke  cl fo imedie cio o ee frhe esclo. A spce rms rce lws igs wh i he ossil of he prposefl o eve ccde se of desrcive sce wepos Aside fro he gve mi dmge  ck o sce sses cold cse cldig he possile deiliio of criicl ol defese ifrscre offesive wepos i spce cold e eree dispve o ever d life i he plic sphee Sellies i or rd he Erh re ow sed fo coicios kig oerios elevso rodcsig irple vigo he Iee weher d clime esrch emoe medice d edco d meros oher io sevces. All of hese sses d   especs ou ql of ife wod e  sk ith r from drec ck o  he esig rrge of hghseed spce des ceed fom he desrcio of ohe cooril sses. A wr i spce wod clerl hve glol repecssios.  his is h  oi effor o ehf of l mor d emergg spcefrig ios o eie he he of spcesed wrfe sch s he Eisehower Ises roosl elow wod e  sigific d worh firs se owrd  comrehesive esose o spce secri hes I smm  s o elef h he delome of wepos i sce   io wod icrese h veil of is ow spce sses d los ceril podce  r of oher egve coseqeces icdg: ã  possle iio of  epesve ms rce  he jor spce powers; ã  res cese i he e of ios wih scesed wepos  dmged osecs fo ieo cooeo o  ew visio fo spce elorio d ã dsego of sce oecs which wod cree dgeous highspeed sce des felds i hv sed oris  EO\VR S

Doctor Who Risus

Jan 29, 2018

Word Order

Jan 29, 2018
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