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R E S E A R C H A D V A N C E D T R A I N I N G NETWORKING A knowledge hub for smart engagement with contemporary China The TOChina System China s iconic West Lake in Hangzhou 2015 TOChina The TOChina
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R E S E A R C H A D V A N C E D T R A I N I N G NETWORKING A knowledge hub for smart engagement with contemporary China The TOChina System China s iconic West Lake in Hangzhou 2015 TOChina The TOChina System is an integrated knowledge hub developed by the Department of Culture, Politics and Society of the University of Torino (Italy) in partnership with Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China), ESCP Europe business school (Torino campus), and the Torino World Affairs Institute. The TOChina System STEERING PARTNERS The TOChina System DONORS & PARTNERS STRATEGIC DONORS UNIVERSITY OF TORINO The TOChina System is coordinated by the TOChina Centre within the Department of Culture, Politics and Society, University of Torino. The Department pursues cutting-edge research and advanced training on China, the EU as a global actor, and the Mediterranean region. ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Zhejiang University has been TOChina s n.1 partner in the People s Republic of China since TOChina s establishment in Zhejiang University is China s largest tertiary education institution, and one of the C-9 universities of primary national relevance in the PRC. INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS WORKING PARTNERS TORINO WORLD AFFAIRS INSTITUTE Established in 2009, T.wai is an independent, non-profit institute dedicated to rigorous academic and policy-oriented research in the fields of global politics and security studies. It is Italy s only think-tank with a dedicated China research program. ESCP EUROPE, TORINO CAMPUS Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the world s oldest business school. Triplecrown accredited (EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB), ESCP Europe welcomes 4,000 students and 5,000 executives from 90 nations every year, offering a wide range of general management and specialised programmes (Master, MBA, PhD, Executive Education). The TOChina System OPERATIONS Double Degree in China & Global Studies TOChina Business Program TOChina Summer School Executive Training & Scenario-Building TOChina Spring Seminars T.wai-CICIR/CCCWS Track 1.5 dialogues Global Politics Library TheChinaCompanion 中意 Research Partnership China Policy Lab ThinkINChina TOChina Alumni OrizzonteCina e-journal TOChina Conversation Club The TOChina System THE TEAM Dr. Giovanni ANDORNINO Assistant Professor of International Relations of East Asia, University of Torino Vice President, T.wai TOChina System Coordinator The TOChina System PURSUING A HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING OF CONTEMPORARY CHINA S POLITICAL-INSTITUTIONAL AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC CHANGE THROUGH AREA STUDIES-INFLECTED RESEARCH IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Enrico FARDELLA Senior Research Associate, T.wai Associate Professor, Peking University ThinkINChina Founder & Convenor Dr. Giuseppe GABUSI Adjunct Professor of IPE and Political Economy of East Asia, University of Torino Head of Research for Emerging Actors, T.wai Coordinator, Double Degree in China & Global Studies Prof. LIU Wei Associate Professor of History and Politics, Zhejiang University and University of Torino Executive Director, Center for Italian Studies at Zhejiang University Dr. Silvio MARENCO Corporate Service Director, ESCP Business School, Torino Campus TOChina Business Program Corporate Director Prof. Francesco RATTALINO Managing Director, ESCP Business School, Torino Campus TOChina Business Program Director of Studies Ms. Greta SCARDELLATO Manager, Great Vista Bridging Horizons Co. Ltd. TOChina Alumni Coordinator Mr. Francesco SILVESTRI PhD Candidate, Scuola Superiore Sant Anna, Pisa Acting Director, Center for Italian Studies at Zhejiang University In pursuit of China s revolution, Tian anmen Square 2015 TOChina The pace and cogency of China s relations with the Euro-Mediterranean region today far exceed the human capital required for responsible engagement. Senior EU diplomat, Brussels TOChina is Italy s most dynamic hub for expertise on China s economy, socio-political dynamics, foreign and security policies. It pursues rigorous, in-depth research based on international and Chinese sources, intensive fieldwork and surveys with senior local partners. Its aim is to promote a holistic understanding of China, relevant to key stakeholders in the relations between the Euro-Mediterranean region and China, including students, business and institutions. TOChina researchers are widely published, both in Italy and globally. RESEARCH Global Politics Library ONE OF ITALY S LARGEST COLLECTIONS DEDICATED TO CHINA S HISTORY, SOCIETY, POLITICS, FOREIGN POLICY, AND POLITICAL ECONOMY TheChinaCompanion QUITE POSSIBLY THE WORLD S MOST ADVANCED ONLINE RESEARCH TOOL ON CONTEMPORARY CHINA S POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY 4,465 ENTRIES IN THE LIBRARY CATALOGUE The Global Politics Library is the working library of the Torino World Affairs Institute. The bulk of its collection is dedicated to the history, politics, economics and society of modern China and India, security in the Indo- Pacific region, and relations between China and the Euro- Mediterranean region. The Library s policy of acquisitions focuses on scientific journals and academic monographs to complement the rich collections available in the multiple libraries of the city of Torino, and especially those of its University. Currently, the Library subscribes to the following journals: The China Journal, China Perspectives, The China Quarterly, the Journal of Chinese Political Science, Mondo Cinese, Pacific Affairs, Twentieth Century China. Past issues of the following journals are also available: China Information, the European Journal of International Relations, Foreign Affairs, Modern China, The Pacific Review. The Library catalogue is available online. When searched, it offers not only books titles, but also titles, authors and abstracts of individual chapters in edited volumes, and individual essays published in the journals the Library subscribes to. Books may be borrowed free of charge, and journals consulted on site. TheChinaCompanion (TCC) is a free research portal designed and run by China scholars which optimizes signal-tonoise ratio in online searches for relevant contents on China s politics, international relations and political economy. The TCC database indexes over 370,000+ news reports on current Chinese affairs, published by 41 of the world s leading newspapers, periodicals and broadcasters. The News section is updated hourly. Trained China specialists personally catalogue papers and transcripts produced by the most influential global think-tanks. There are currently 3,754 entries in this section, and counting. The same specialists have catalogued over 6,900 academic articles and 3,300 book reviews published in the world s top 167 academic journals, 1999 to today. This section is updated weekly. All items are searchable by author, date, title and abstract. All citations are 1-click exportable and may be saved in the researcher s online portfolio. 12K+ THINK TANK REPORTS, JOURNAL ARTICLES & REVIEWS CATALOGUED 1 Open Mondays Tuesdays 14-17, Thursdays Accessible 24/7. News updated hourly. Other sections daily. 2 RESEARCH RESEARCH China Policy Lab AN INTERNATIONAL MONTHLY RESEARCH SEMINAR ON CHINESE PUBLIC POLICIES AT ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY, HANZGHOU (PRC) OrizzonteCina e-journal ITALY S ONLY BI-MONTHLY E-JOURNAL FOCUSSING ON CHINA S CURRENT SOCIO-POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 30+ STANDING INVITATIONS FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS AND YOUNG SCHOLARS TO ATTEND CPL RESEARCH SEMINARS The China Policy Lab is the monthly research seminar convened by the Center for Italian Studies of Zhejiang University at its HQ in the historical Yuquan Campus near the West Lake. Seminars are held in English by Chinese and international scholars for an audience of committed graduate students, PhD candidates and young researchers. Since November 2013, the series has hosted speakers from a wide spectrum of scientific sectors, including Daniele Brigadoi Cologna (University of Insubria), Michele Geraci (Nottingham University Business School, Ningbo), Gu Jianxin (Department of Foreign Affairs, Zhejiang Province), Gregory J. Moore (Zhejiang University), Zhang Tiejun (Sinovision Center for Cultural Exchanges). Seminars investigate the actors, processes, and fora (institutional and informal) involved in public policy formulation, implementation and monitoring in China across a variety of fields. Participation in the 1-hour presentations and vibrant Q&A sessions in free. OrizzonteCina is Italy s only bi-monthly e-journal entirely dedicated to China s current affairs, including political dynamics, socio-economic features, and cultural phenomena. It is freely downloadable online. With a dynamic editorial board composed of young China scholars with backgrounds in Economics, History, Law, Media Studies, Political Economy, Political Science and Sociology, OrizzonteCina offers rigorous analysis and informative commentary. Since 2010 over 400 essays have been published for an engaged public of over 15,000 readers, including officials, scholars, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and students across the globe. Contributors include international opinion leaders such as Vice Minister Yu Hongjun (International Department of the CPC), Ambassador Alberto Bradanini (Embassy of Italy to China), Dr. Liang Yabin (Central Party School of the CPC), and Mr. Fang Kecheng (Southern Weekly 南方周末 newspaper). 47 ISSUES PUBLISHED SINCE Seminars take place once a month at Yuquan Campus. Published bi-monthly 4 RESEARCH RESEARCH 中意 Research Partnership FOR JOINT RESEARCH BETWEEN ITALY S ONLY THINK-TANK WITH A DEDICATED CHINA BRANCH AND CHINA S TOP CENTERS ON ITALY STUDIES The TOChina System ADVANCED TRAINING TO PURSUE A SMART ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY TOWARD TODAY S (AND TOMORROW S) CHINA 1,000 TARGET NUMBER OF QUESTIONNAIRES IN FIRST EVER SURVEY OF PROSPECTS FOR FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS IN ITALY-CHINA RELATIONS The TOChina System pursues innovative research agendas on Italy-China relations through a set of partnerships with China s most influential research centers on Italian studies, including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Peking University. The research partnership between the Torino World Affairs Institute and the Center for Italian Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was launched in 2014 on the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership between China and Italy. In April 2015 the Torino World Affairs Institute was the first think tank signing a partnership with the newly-founded Center for Mediterranean Area Studies at Peking University, inspired by TOChina s Dr. Enrico Fardella. A pilot research project on perceptions of Italy among Chinese students of Italian studies is currently under way. Three scholars affiliated to the TOChina System - Giovanni Andornino, Enrico Fardella and Michele Geraci - featured among the top-50 Italian movers and shakers in Italy-China relations in the 2015 edition of the yearly list compiled by Milano Finanza. TOChina Summer School 2012, in the China halls of Govone Castle near Turin TOChina With qualifications and work experience in Australia, China, Singapore, the UK and the US, TOChina researchers combine traditional training practices with innovative scenario-building techniques of analysis. TOChina oversees Italy s only International Relations graduate double degree on China studies, a world-class Summer School, and since 2013 a super-intensive Business Program for prospective managers aiming a dynamic and ambitious career with China. TOChina researchers consult for the EU, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Parliament, and MNCs. 5 Launched in 2013, first major research seminar in April RESEARCH ADVANCED TRAINING China & Global Studies Double Degree ONE ACADEMIC YEAR IN TORINO AND ONE IN HANGZHOU, LEADING TO AN ITALIAN LAUREA MAGISTRALE AND A CHINESE MASTER S DEGREE TOChina Business Program A 200-HOUR PROGRAM IN MANAGEMENT & INTERCULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR CHINA AND THE EURO-MEDITERRANEAN REGION 55 AVERAGE INTAKE PER ACADEMIC YEAR 15 FULL SCHOLARSHIPS TO CHINA EVERY YEAR One of Europe s most innovative Graduate programs in international studies, the Double Degree in China & Global Studies is designed to equip motivated, outstanding students with articulate knowledge and effective skills in the history, politics, economics, social anthropology, language, and relational culture of contemporary China. It is a two-year, full-time program. The program, offered both in English and Italian, is open to BA graduates from any social science background (natural science graduates may also be considered in special circumstances). A detailed entry check-up interview and constant tutoring within a diverse, challenging class of fellow students promote a rewarding and intense learning experience. All students are offered a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities during the course. While programs such as the Spring Seminars, TOChina Summer School and the coveted TOChina Business Program may all be applied to individually, taken together they form an integrated, additional learning package, with generous scholarships for top students. The TOChina Business Program offers an exclusive set of six crash courses designed to equip a high-power group of prospective managers with strategic skills in the areas of business internationalization, intercultural management and entrepreneurship, with a focus on the changing business environment and new market opportunities in China after the latest round of reforms. The 50 participants engage in 200 hours of lectures, case-studies, and team project work with a world-class faculty of scholars, managers and entrepreneurs. The TOChina Business Program takes place in Hangzhou, managed by the Center for Italian Studies at Zhejiang University. The TOChina Business Program is jointly designed by the China scholars of the Department of Culture, Politics and Society of the University of Torino and ESCP Europe, the world s oldest business school, whose Torino campus is in the top ranking of business schools in Italy. All admitted participants are awarded with a scholarship covering over 50% of the program fees. TOChina Business Program graduates are supported by the ESCP Job Placement office. 7NUMBER OF DAYS ELAPSING FROM GRADUATION TO PERMANENT CONTRACT AT BANK OF CHINA FOR ALUMNUS MATTEO S. (CURRENT RECORD) 1 Apply in April every year. Departure to China in September. Runs July-August every year. Apply online in March/May. 2 ADVANCED TRAINING ADVANCED TRAINING TOChina Summer School 2 WEEKS OF A WORLD-CLASS EDUCATIONAL SALON PREPARING YOUNG SCHOLARS AND PRACTITIONERS FOR TOMORROW S CHINA Executive Training & Scenario-Building EQUIPPING OFFICIALS AND EXECUTIVES WITH SKILLS TO MAKE BROADER SENSE OF CHINA S SOCIAL, TECHNOLOGICAL, ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL AND POLITICAL TRANSFORMATIONS THROUGH INNOVATIVE, INTERACTIVE TECHNIQUES 300+ SUMMER SCHOOL ALUMNI SINCE 2007, FROM 31 NATIONS, 5 CONTINENTS Since its first edition in 2007, the TOChina Summer School has gathered hundreds of outstanding students, young scholars and engaged professionals from around the world to reflect on the complexity of China s return to global prominence. One of Europe s premier short-term courses on China s politics, foreign policy and economy, the TOChina Summer School offers 60 hours of lectures, Q&A sessions, and round-tables with leading scholars from China and around the world. Enriched by a partnership with the Australian National University, Naples Easter University, Roma Tre University and MSOI, the School welcomes up to 45 young researchers, graduate students, practitioners and outstanding undergraduates who pass a fierce selection process. The program takes place in Torino. Former Summer School faculty members include: Geremie Barmé, Richard Baum, Kerry Brown, Kent Deng, Bates Gill, François Godement, Kairat Kelimbetov, David Kelly, David Shambaugh, Ashley Tellis, Patricia Thornton, Pan Wei, Wang Yizhou, Gudrun Wacker, Wang Zhengyi, Xie Tao, Yu Keping, Yu Yongding and Zan Tao. Developed for executives and officials to acquire and immediately activate knowledge and operational skills in a highly interactive fashion, scenario-building exercises are an established training methodology. Yet, they are rarely employed by scholars in synergy with the insights of academic research. TOChina researchers have mastered this technique through years of practice with experts from the intelligence community and consultants from top energy companies in Washington, Paris and Brussels, and now employ it to systematically reflect on China s futures. In July 2013 officials from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Presidency of the Council, the Bank of Italy, ENI, and SACE took part in a scenario exercise on The impact of China s rise on EU-China relations over the decade. A yearly executive training seminar, Mapping China s futures is held in Spring at the European University Institute, in Fiesole, a partnership of the Global Governance Program and T.wai. 64 THE STEEP MACRO-VARIABLES ANALYZED IN A STANDARD EXECUTIVE SCENARIO EXERCISE (12 HRS) 3 In Torino, over the last week of June and the first of July. The central question and case-studies are tailored to participants requests. 4 ADVANCED TRAINING ADVANCED TRAINING TOChina Spring Seminars CONVERSATIONS WITH CHINA EXPERTS DURING THE CURRICULAR COURSES OF THE CHINA & GLOBAL STUDIES DEGREE IN TORINO The TOChina System A SET OF CAREFULLY CRAFTED PARTNERSHIPS, CONSISTENT COMMITMENT, AND YEAR-ROUND PRESENCE ON THE GROUND FORM THE BASIS OF DURABLE CHINA NETWORKS 65 AVERAGE NUMBER OF STUDENTS AND FACULTY MEMBERS TAKING PART IN EACH SEMINAR 5 Spring seminars are held in the second semester every year as part of the courses of International Relations of East Asia (Dr. Giovanni Andornino), and International Political Economy and Political Economy of East Asia (Dr. Giuseppe Gabusi) and History of Contemporary China (Dr. Liu Wei) core components of the curriculum of the Degree in China & Global Studies. Seminars offer an opportunity for enrolled students, faculty, and engaged members of the public to reflect on and discuss issues related to China s society, politics and economy, from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and professional perspectives, Weekly, from March through May including those of Chinese and international scholars, diplomats, professionals and entrepreneurs. Recent guest speakers include Daniele Cologna (University of Insubria), Luca Gori (Presidency of the Italian Republic), Kim Young-Seok (Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Rome) Katherine Morton (Australian National University), Andrea Perugini (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Richard Pomfret (University of Adelaide), Han Qian (Embassy of the PRC in Rome), Martin Whyte (Harvard University) and Zhao Minghao (International Department of the CPC). Lovers windbells at Shen Yuan garden, Shaoxing TOChina Since 2007 TOChina has established strategic partnerships with top think-tanks and prime academic institutions in Beijing and Hangzhou, China. TOChina s networking activities range from Track 1.5 dialogues on the high politics of Sino-Italian and Sino-Mediterranean relations with key officials from the Chinese Party-State, to service networking for government officials, the corporate sector, academics and the media. Graduates from the top TOChina educational programs form a dynamic and committed alumni community. ADVANCED TRAINING NETWORKING T.wai-CICIR/CCCWS Track 1.5 dialogues AMONG THOSE PARTICIPATING IN PAST EDITIONS ARE REPRESENTATIVES FROM ITALY S MFA, CENTRAL BANK, FINANCE, AND THINK-TANKS ThinkINChina BEIJING S MOST INFLUENTIAL ACADEMIC CAFÉ, EXPOSING KEYNOTE CHINESE INTELLECTUALS TO A GLOBAL AUDIENCE 48 AVERAGE NUMBER OF STRUCTURED AND INFORMAL MEETINGS B
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