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A Lesson for the Tiger Folklore from Central Java A Long time ago, all animals had a king. Their king was the tiger. All animals were afraid of him. The tiger was the strongest among them. He was also very mean. He would hit any animals when they disobeyed him. They wanted to give the tiger a lesson. Listen friends, we need to find a way. The tiger is also ruel es!eially to weak animals like me, said the rabbit. have an idea, said the mouse deer. He is not lever as he looks
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   A Lesson for the Tiger  Folklore from Central Java A Long time ago, all animals had a king. Their king was the tiger. All animals were afraid of him. The tiger was thestrongest among them. He was also very mean. He would hit any animals when they disobeyed him. They wanted togive the tiger a lesson. Listen friends, we need to find a way. The tiger is also ruel es!eially to weak animals like me, said the rabbit.  have an idea, said the mouse deer. He is not lever as he looks.  think  an trik him, said the mouse deer. How will you trik him# asked the rabbit. t$s easy. %ou meet the tiger and tell him that  hallenge him to fight. &hat# Are you kidding# %ou annot win' said the rabbit. (on$t worry. $m not really hallenging him to fight. t$s all !art of the !lan. The mouse deer ontinued. %ou )ust tell him that  hallenge him to fight under that big tree, the mouse deer !ointedto a big tree near them.Later the rabbit met the tiger and he told the tiger about the hallenge.&hat'# s it true#' *+, tell the mouse deer  ae!t his hallenge.  will beat him so easily, said the tiger. He was soarrogant.The tiger went to the big tree. He saw the mouse deer staring at the branhes of the tree. Hey mouse deer'  heard you hallenge me to fight. Come, fight now' sreamed the tiger.However, the mouse deer did not move at all. He ke!t on staring on the branhes of the tree. ouse deer' Are you deaf# the tiger was really angry. -hh... e /uiet, said the mouse deer. &hat# %ou asked me to be /uiet. The tiger really don$t understand. %es. (o you see that big round thing in that branh# last night  had a dream. An owl told me that the big round thingabove us an give me !ower. He ontinued. The !roblem is  annot )um! or limb to grab that thing. 0eally# Are you sure# asked the tiger. &ell,  am the king and  deserve that !ower. -o  want you to get out of here otherwise  will hit you, said the tiger.The mouse deer !retended to be sared. He immediately ran away. eanwhile, the tiger limbed the tree. He wastrying to grab the round thing in the branh of the tree.The tiger did not know that the round thing was atually the beehive' And when he was finally able to grab thebeehive, he fell down to the ground. All the bees were angry. They all attaked and stung the tiger. The bees were angry beause the tiger had alreadydestroyed their home.The tiger was in a great !ain. He ould not fight the bees. he asked for hel!, unfortunately, the animals did not wantto hel! him.The tiger finally went to the river. He swam and he survived. He reali1ed the mistake. -ine then he hanged, hebeame a wise king.222  awang erah and awang 3utih Folklore from Central Java BAWANG Putih lived with her step mother and her step sister, Bawang Merah. Bawang Putih'smother died when she was a baby. Her ather remarried another woman and later her step sister was born.!nortunately, not long ater that her ather died. in#e then, Bawang Putih's lie was sad. Her step mother and her step sister treated Bawang Putih badly and always as$ed her to do all thehousehold #hores. %ne morning, Bawang Putih was washing some #lothes in a river.A##identally, her mother's #lothes were washed away by the river. he was really worried so shewal$ed along the river side to ind the #lothes. &inally she met an old woman. he said that she$ept the #lothes and would give them ba#$ to Bawang Putih i she helped the old woman do thehousehold #hores.Bawang Putih helped her happily. Ater everything was inished, the old woman returned the#lothes. he also gave Bawang Putih a git. he old woman had two pump$ins, one pump$inwas small and the other one was big. Bawang Putih had to #hoose one.Bawang Putih was not a greedy girl. o she too$ the small one. Ater than$ing the old woman,Bawang Putih then went home. When she arrived home, her step mother and Bawang Merahwere angry. hey had been waiting or her all day long. Bawang Putih then told about the#lothes, the old woman, and the pump$in. Her mother was really angry so she grabbed the pump$in and smashed it to the loor. uddenly they all were surprised. (nside the pump$in theyound )ewelries.*Bawang Merah, hurry up. Go to the river and throw my #lothes into the water. Ater that, indthe old woman. +emember, you have to ta$e the big pump$in,* the step mother as$ed BawangMerah to do ea#tly the same as Bawang Putih's eperien#e.Bawang Merah immediately went to the river. he threw the #lothes and pretended to sear#hthem. Not long ater that, she met the old woman. Again she as$ed Bawang Merah to dohousehold #hores. he reused and as$ed the old woman to give her a big pump$in.he old woman then gave her the big one. Bawang Merah was so happy. he ran very ast. Whenshe arrived home, her mother was impatient. he dire#tly smashed the pump$in to the loor.hey were s#reaming. here were a lot o sna$es inside the pump$in- hey were really s#ared.hey were araid the sna$es would bite them.*Mom, ( thin$ God )ust punished us. We had done bad things to Bawang Putih. And God didn'tli$e that. We have to apologie to Bawang Putih,* said Bawang Merah.&inally both o them realied their mista$es. hey apologied and Bawang Putih orgave them. Now the amily is not poor anymore. Bawang Putih de#ided to sell all the )ewelries and used themoney or their daily lives.///  Bawang Putih means white onion 0garli#1, Bawang merah means red onion 0shallot1. 304C5 0aden 3utra and (ewi Limaran were husband and wife. They lived in a !alae. 3rine 0aden 3utra$s father  was the king of the kingdom.*ne day, (ewi Limaran was walking around in the !alae garden. -uddenly she saw a snail. t was ugly and disgusting. %uk' said (ewi Limaran and then she threw it away into a river.-he did not know that the snail was atually an old and !owerful with. -he ould transform herself into anything. Thewith was angry to (ewi Limaran. The with !ut a s!ell on her and hanged her into a golden snail. The with then threw it away into the river.The golden snail was drifting away in the river and got aught into a net. An old woman was fishing and used her net to ath some fish. -he was sur!rised to see a golden snail in her net. -he took it and brought it home. &hen the old woman woke u! in the morning, she was sur!rised that the house was in the good ondition. The floor was mo!!ed.  And she also had food on the table. -he was thinking very hard. &ho did this to me# The !erson is very kind. t ha!!ened again and again every morning.The old woman was very urious. *ne night she deided to stay u! late. -he was !ee!ing from her room to know who ooked for her. Then, she ould not believe what she saw. The golden snail she aught in the river turned into a beautiful woman. The old woman a!!roahed her. &ho are you, young girl#  am (ewi Limaran, a$am. A with ursed me.  an hange bak as a human only at night, e6!lained (ewi Limaran. The s!ell an be broken if  hear the melody from the holy gamelan, ontinued (ewi Limaran.The old woman then rushed to the !alae. -he talked to 3rine 0aden 3utra about her wife.3rine 0aden 3utra was so ha!!y. He had been looking for his wife everywhere. He then !rayed and meditated. He asked the gods to give him the holy gamelan. He wanted to break the with$s s!ell. After several days !raying and meditating, finally gods granted his wish. He immediately brought the holy gamelan to the old woman$s house. He !layed it beautifully. And then ama1ingly the golden snail turned into the beautiful (ewi Limaran.The ou!le was so ha!!y that they ould be together again. They also thanked the old woman for her kindness. As a return, they asked her to stay in the !alae. 222 The Legend of -urabaya
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