A MATLAB-based framework for engineering design evaluation via virtual prototyping

A MATLAB-based framework for engineering design evaluation via virtual prototyping
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   University of Southern QueenslandFaculty of Engineering and Surveying A MATLAB-based Framework forEngineering Design Evaluationvia Virtual Prototyping A dissertation submitted by George Bernardel in fulfilment of the requirements of  ENG4111 and 4112 Research Project towards the degree of  Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) Submitted: October, 2004    Abstract Virtual prototyping is gaining increased relevance as a viable cost-effective alternative to themore traditional methods of physical prototyping for engineering design. Today = s computer systems are well-able to handle the complex system equation solutions andvisualisation/animation overheads in pseudo real-time. This project develops a framework,using MATLAB/Simulink  ® , whereby engineering component definitions are assembled intosystems and simulated for dynamic performance.Engineering components are largely defined by spatial extent, behavioural characteristics withina wide spectrum of operating conditions, material properties and production-related attributes.These feature definitions, and other data, can be captured within digital files and supplied bymanufacturers as the means to encapsulating the essential > nature = of their product. An initial protocol is established to capture these features in dedicated  A  virtual definition files @  directories.MATLAB is a powerful computational engine for the solution to, and visualisation of, largely,matrix-based problems. Simulink, integrated with MATLAB, is a sophisticated tool for thesimulation of system dynamic behaviour. These two products, in their student edition forms, areshown to integrate seamlessly, via a series of graphical user interface controls, as a relativelyeasy-to-use virtual prototyping tool.The main outcome of the project is a MATLAB/Simulink application  A  VirtProtoBench @ , whichuses the virtual prototyping methodology to: •   load and assemble virtual component file definitions; •   assemble components into a required engineering system; •   use relevant system equations and component behaviour parametersto simulate the working system; and •    provide simultaneous system animation and parameter feedback.VirtProtoBench is not a robust production version for virtual prototyping use. The fullcomplexity of all aspects of all system parameter interactions, tolerance checking, failureconditions, etc are not implemented and is beyond the scope of this work. Nevertheless, to showits feasibility it is used to build, assemble and test several simple components comprising ageared-hoist mechanism. i    University of Southern QueenslandFaculty of Engineering and Surveying ENG4111 & ENG4112  Research Project    Limitations of Use The Council of the University of Southern Queensland, its Faculty of Engineering andSurveying, and the staff of the University of Southern Queensland, do not accept anyresponsibility for the truth, accuracy or completeness of material contained within or associated with this dissertation.Persons using all or any part of this material do so at their own risk, and not at the risk of the Council of the University of Southern Queensland, its Faculty of Engineering andSurveying or the staff of the University of Southern Queensland.This dissertation reports an educational exercise and has no purpose or validity beyondthis exercise. The sole purpose of the course pair entitled "Research Project" is tocontribute to the overall education within the student’s chosen degree program. Thisdocument, the associated hardware, software, drawings, and other material set out in theassociated appendices should not be used for any other purpose: if they are so used, it isentirely at the risk of the user. Prof G Baker DeanFaculty of Engineering and Surveyingii    Certification I certify that the ideas, designs and experimental work, results, analyses andconclusions set out in this dissertation are entirely my own effort, except whereotherwise indicated and acknowledged.I certify that the work is srcinal and has not been previously submitted for assessmentin any other course or institution, except where specifically stated. George BernardelStudent Number: 0039740960  ________________________________ Signature ________________________________ Dateiii    Acknowledgments The author would like to thank Ass. Prof. Sai-Cheong Fok for his guidance andfeedback during the course of this project work. The author also thanks his employer,Geoscience Australia, for support, both monetary and time-off, during the course of this project work and all previous subjects undertaken at the University of SouthernQueensland towards the fulfillment of the Bachelor of Engineering degree program.George Bernardel University of Southern Queensland October 2004 iv
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