A Modern Theory of Ethics: A Study of the Relations of Ethics and Psychology : Olaf Stapledon

Book on ethical philosophy
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   A Modern Theory of Ethics: A study of theRelations of Ethics andPsychology   W. Olaf Stapledon M.A., Ph.D. A Modern Theory of Ethics: A study of the Relations of Et... of 2299/15/14, 5:26 PM  This web edition published by eBooks@Adelaide.Last updated Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 18:52.To the best of our knowledge, the text  of thiswork is in the “ Public Domain ” in Australia.HOWEVER, copyright law varies in other countries, and the work maystill be under copyright in the country from which you are accessing thiswebsite. It is your responsibility to check the applicable copyright laws inyour country before downloading this work.eBooks@AdelaideThe University of Adelaide LibraryUniversity of AdelaideSouth Australia 5005 A Modern Theory of Ethics: A study of the Relations of Et... of 2299/15/14, 5:26 PM  T  ABLE   OF  C ONTENTS Preface The Need for Ethics1. Self-Fulfilment as the Ground of EthicsPleasure and the Enduring Self  A. The Social Self B. The Actual Will and the Real WillC. My Station and its DutiesD. Summary E. 2. Criticism of the Self-Fulfilment Theory Emotive Aspects of the Theory  A. The Individual and Society B. The Ambiguity of ‘Self’C. Implicates of the Actual WillD. Implicates of the Nature of SelfhoodE. Summary F. 3. Pleasure as Constitutive of GoodFeeling Reinstated in Ethics A. Rationality of the IdealB. Moral ObligationC. IllustrationsD. 4. Good as an Unique Quality Ethical Differences of Professor Moore and Professor Field A. Essentials of Professor Moore’s Theory B. Essentials of Professor Field’s Theory C. Ethical Compromise Between Moore and FieldD. 5. Teleology in EthicsTwo Theories Contrasted A. Teleological Activity B. Teleology and ConationC. Ethical Implications of Teleology D. Summary E. 6. A Modern Theory of Ethics: A study of the Relations of Et... of 2299/15/14, 5:26 PM  Tendency in Physics and Biology The Meaning of Tendency  A. Biological TendenciesB. Reducible and Emergent TendenciesC. Organisms and SocietiesD. 7. Tendency in Psychology Bodily and Personal Needs A. Conation of Psychical ActivitiesB. Inter-Relation of OrganismsC. Objections to Instinct Psychology D. 8. Psychical ConflictThe Objective Sources of Conation A. The Problem of Irrational ChoiceB.  Automatism and Free ChoiceC. RepressionD. Summary of Discussion of Tendency in Psychology E. 9. Objective Activity as the Ground of EthicsThe Meaning of Good A. The Meaning of Better and BestB. The Meaning of OughtC. Logical Basis of ObligationD. Epistemological ConsiderationsE. Summary F. 10. Determinism and Free WillThe Relation of Freedom to Ethics A. Introspection of VolitionB. The Determinants of Free WillC. Responsibility D. 11. Essentials of the Concrete IdealIdeals and the Ideal A. The Abstract Form of the IdealB. Comparative EvaluationC. The Social Aspect of the IdealD. The Cosmical IdealE. 12. A Modern Theory of Ethics: A study of the Relations of Et... of 2299/15/14, 5:26 PM
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