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  Annexure: 2 Problem Identification Report (End of Second Week of Joining)  Name: Omar Mustafa Khan Organization: Managineers Educational Services Major Clients of the Firm: IDFC , Pantaloons, etc Major Products of the Firm: ADD-Emp Major Competitors of the Firm: eLitmus , Amcat Functional Area of Training: Marketing Intern Department Assigned: Marketing and Sales Office Location (HO/ Regional/ Branch): Lucknow Statement on the Managerial Decision Problems Noticed (about 250) The best way to become acquainted with managerial economics is to come face to face with real-world decision-making problems. There is a problem in pricing the product according to the market environment.There are products  which are providing educational services in a varied prices, so to compete with them , we have to quote price near to them and in such a way that customer gets the value of product and as well as cost of product get extracted from it. One more challenge is a market entry, As Managineers educational services is a start-up company and have to develop their product in keeping with considerations of current competitors ,market environment and to check  whether the market is expandable or not. There are few more decisions problem has been faced, where and when they must enter into the markets?  What should be done to reach large no.of customers? How to provide a product to customer with value and benefits?   In collecting information for the company, there has to be a some limit somewhere; one cannot definitely decide using inadequate and incorrect information. At the same time, one can not keep on accumulating information for the sake of greatest clarity and lose time in the bargain. Some calculated risks must be taken where complete data can not be collected accurately     Environmental Scanning of the Industry (about 250 words): First of all, Political factors refer to the stability of the political environment and the attitudes of political parties or movements. This may manifest in government influence on tax policies, or government involvement in trading agreements. Political factors are inevitably entwined with Legal factors but in Managineers educational services ,there are less impose of government restrictions. Economic factors  include level of employment ,salary distribution, growth rates in economy, and cost of product are also being considered. These may vary from place to place. Managineers are working thoroughly to get it done in a better way to remove all those glitches which are affecting them. Socio-cultural factors  represent the culture of the society that an organization operates within. They may include demographics, age distribution, population growth rates, level of education, distribution of wealth and social classes, living conditions and lifestyle. Technological factors  refer to the rate of new inventions and development, changes in information technology, but it should also include materials development and new methods of manufacture, distribution and logistics.Managineers are focusing to develop new kind of online portal for students ,so that they can get the overall performance through it with the help of psychological assessment. Legal factors  such as national employment laws, international trade regulations and restrictions, m onopolies and mergers’ rules, and consumer protection . As Managineers are start-up firm which has minimal legal factors affecting them . Environmental Impacts   such as company’s internal and external environment ,  which are affecting them to compete with their rivals and help them to set high standards for the consumers. SWOT Analysis of the Firm (about 250 words):    S trengths     Excellent sales staff with strong knowledge of existing products    Good relationship with customers    Good internal communications    Good working environments    Friendly colleagues     Successful marketing strategies    Reputation for innovation    W eaknesses:    Cash flow problems    Insufficient resources    High in risk    Low in profit    Inexperienced business    O pportunities:    Product on the market are not as reliable or are more expensive    Market is not saturated in the field of employability test and educational tool    Can provide high standard assements in a low price    T hreats:    Competitors have a similar product    Competitors could lower the price    Competitors like elitmus and amcat are a major threat as they are the leading assessment program . Daily Activity Report for second Week:  Day 1 : Came to know about new product i.e Add-ED which are providing psychological assessment for students of school . Developed a powerpoint to do pitching among the school officials Day 2 : Gathered more information related to the product and enlisted the schools of faizabad where i needed to pitch the product Day 3 : Went to faizabad and search for the schools and tried to get the meeting appointments  Day 4 : Got the appointments from 4 schools : KT public school,HCJ Academy, Udaya Public School and Awadh International school. Day 5 : Went to each schools and met with officials and I demonstrated details about the  product, Among them 2 schools have impressed with my skills and product description. They have agreed upon for implementing Add-ED from july onwards. Day 6 : Returned to Lucknow and reported to the office .
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