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A Nation Divided

A Nation Divided Running head: A NATION DIVIDED 1 A Nation Divided Julie C. Moon Grand Canyon University Old Testament History BIB 113H October 15, 2009 A Nation Divided A Nation Divided Kings of Israel or Northern Kingdom King Jeroboam Dates of Reign 931-909B.C. Duration Covenant Kept or Violated 2 Synopsis He led the revolt of the ten tribes of Shechem. His false religion caused Israel to Sin. His false alter was destroyed, his arm paralyzed, and his son stricken by God due to his sin. H
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  A Nation Divided 1Running head: A NATION DIVIDEDA Nation DividedJulie C. MoonGrand Canyon UniversityOld Testament HistoryBIB 113HOctober 15, 2009  A Nation Divided 2  A Nation DividedKings of Israel or Northern KingdomKingDates of ReignDurationCovenant Kept or Violated Synopsis Jeroboam931-909B.C.22 YrsViolatedHe led the revolt of the tentribes of Shechem. Hisfalse religion caused Israelto Sin. His false alter wasdestroyed, his arm paralyzed, and his sonstricken by God due to hissin. He was stricken witha plague from God anddied. Nadab910-9082 YrsViolatedHe was the son of Jeroboam. He wasassassinated by a rebelnamed Baasha.Baasha909-88524 YrsViolatedHe killed Nadab. Hefought with Asa and builta wall to cut off trade toJerusalem. He wasrejected by God becauseof his sin. His seed was predicted to suffer thesame judgment as that of Jeroboam.Elah885-8832 YrsViolatedHe was the son of Baasha.He was assassinated by thecommander of his royalchariot troops while hewas drunk.Zimri8857 DaysViolatedHe fulfilled prophecy byslaughtering all the seedsof Baasha. He wastrapped by rebel soldiersin his own palace,resulting in a fiery suicidaldeath.Omri885-87312 YrsViloatedHe made Samaria thenorthern capital. He wasthe most powerful king upto his time. He arrangedthe marriage of his son  A Nation Divided 3Ahab to Jezebel.Ahab874-85222 YrsViolatedHe married Jezebel. HisBaal-worshiping practicescaused a great famine tofall upon the land. Hetricked godly kingJehoshaphat into a twofoldcompromise- matrimonialand military alliance. Hisdeath for his many sinswas predicted by three prophets. The death of Jezebel was also predicted.He was killed in battlewith Syria.Ahaziah853-8512 YrsViolatedHe was the oldest son of Ahab and Jezebel. He persuaded Jehoshaphat toenter into a ship-buildingenterprise with him. Hesuffered a severe fall,which proved fatal, in his palace in Samaria. Heturned to the pagan godBaal-Zebub for healing, but received insteadcondemnation.Jehoram852-84012 YrsViolatedHe was the youngest sonof Ahab and Jezebel. He persuaded Jehoshaphat toally with him againstSyria. He was on thethrone when God used thefour lepers to save the cityof Samaria fromstarvation. He was alsothe king with whom theSyrian leper Naaman met.He was finally murdered by Jehu in the Valley of Jezreel.Jehu841-81328 YrsViolatedHe was anointed by Elishaand ordered to execute thedynasty of Ahab, whichincluded Jehoram andJezebel. He executed  A Nation Divided 4Jehoram, Ahaziah, thesixth king of Judah, andJezebel. He also executedthe seventy sons of Ahabalong with their descendants and friends.Finally, by trickery, heassembled all the priest of Baal in a large conventionhall in Jezreel, where heordered the slaughter of each priest.Jehoahaz814-79717 YrsViolatedHe was the son of Jehu.His army was wiped out by the Syrians. Heexperienced a brief periodof remorse over his sins, but apparently not genuinerepentance.Jehoash798-78216 YrsViolatedHe was the son of Jehoahaz. He defeatedAmaziah, the sixth king of Judah, on the battlefield.He led Amaziah back toJerusalem as a captive andleft the city, taking bothwealth and hostages. Hewas visited by Elisha onhis deathbed.Jeroboam II793-75241 YrsViolatedHe was the son of Jehoash. He ruled longer than any other northernruler and was also one of the most powerful kings of the north. He recoveredmuch of Israel’s lostterritory. Jonah the prophet lived andministered during thistime.Zechariah7536 MonthsViolatedHe was the son of Jeroboam II, great-great-grandson of Jehu, and thefourth ruler in his dynasty.He was murdered by arebel named Shallum, thus
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