A new abuse in modern world

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  Running head: A NEW ABUSE IN THE MODERN WORLD 1 A new abuse in the modern world Chuan Kangyi (B1302364) HELP University   A NEW ABUSE IN THE MODERN WORLD 2 A new abuse in the modern world In this era of technology, bullying is no longer limited to the bona fide. The rapid growth of internet technology critically triggers cyberbullying among people of all ages especially students and teens. Cyberbullying is harassing that happens when electronic innovation are utilize. Electronic engineering incorporates gadgets and devices, for example, cell phones , tablets, pdas including social media, messages and site. Cases of cyberbullying include, mean or hate messages sent by email or posted in social Medias. These problems can occur without the right guidance by parents and lack of guidance from parents or teachers about cyber ethics and law that must be follow so that online users can enjoy a safe online experience. A survey study by Li (2006) 264 students from three junior high schools was conducted. Almost half of them were victims and a quarter of them had been bullied online or still being bully. The majority of victims did not report it to their parents or higher authority for fear that it will cause more harm to them. This study shows how alarming cyberbullying is that begins as early as children in the primary school. Proactive measurements need to be implemented so that cyberbullying can be stop and a social media friendly environment can  be created to make sure teens enjoy their life to the fullest and no harm is intend Generally, cyberbullying happens for the same reason as other types of bullying. It can be more interesting as cyberbully can keep them anonymous from people or friends. The cyber world does not require a bully to face their victims, so the bullies will think they are invincible and would not be caught by higher authority for their actions and misbehaviour. According to a research done by (Suler, n.d. ) anonymity can cause people to say things they did not intend or will not say in real life communication. Peer pressure also contributes to the growing case of cyberbullying in the world. For example, a kid cyberbully his victim because all of his friends and peers are doing the same   A NEW ABUSE IN THE MODERN WORLD 3 thing because he fear that they will not accept him for who he is and instead will mock and  bully him. As a result, the kid will leave his sensibleness behind and make poor judgement  prior to his actions. A survey done by (Mc Guckin & Conor, 2011) which involves 100 teens state that 28% of them bully others for entertainment purpose or simply out of boredom. Teens will sometimes make fun of their friends without thinking about the consequences to add some thrill and excitement in their live. Lack of love and attention from parents or love ones can cause teens to cyberbully others to gain attention and courtesy from their own  parents. As a result, cyberbullying is their only source of entertainment to get the attention they are craving from their parents. On the other hand, cyberbullying can cause several severe effects to the cyberbullying victims. One of the main effects of cyberbullying is victims feel disinterested in anything related to school. The victims will have a higher record or number of absence from class compare to their peers and normal students. They will not be able to concentrate in studies and school life because the constant thinking and reminder of them being cyberbullied. The victims may feel too depressed and sad cause by the negative saying and comments they received online. Eventually, it will cause their grades in school to drop because they cannot  pay full attention in class and studies. And in some cases, the victims will drop out of school and it will affect their future and the rest of their life. The aftermath of cyberbullying also see victims being scared to face the real world and often feel insecure and powerless. ( Harpaz, 2010 ) suggest that there is a strong connection between depression and  bullying. Cyberbullying can cause serious hurt and depression among the victims. They will have self-low esteem because of the bullying that occur to them and disinterested in continuing their life. Victims spend less time and things they once are interested and spend less time with their families and love ones. In some cases, the thought of suicide may occur  because they feel worthless and powerless being bullied. (Harrington, 2004) also stated that   A NEW ABUSE IN THE MODERN WORLD 4 most of the suicide cases reported are usually link with depression and low self-esteem of an individual. It can cause many hurt to their family members and for parents knowing that their child died because of cyberbullying is inhumane. Victims of cyberbullying will feel vengeful and full of hatred cause by the bullying. The victims may feel angry because of the constant humiliation they face from their friends. They may take revenge by cyberbullying someone else to let their rage and anger they long hidden in their heart and may engage in retaliation. Seeking revenge will not solve the  problem but instead worsen it and the cynical cycle continues. By cyberbullying others, the victims will feel justice is serve and a sense of relief. Most of the time, they will target victims that are weaker than them or more vulnerable to them to get a feel of what it is like to  bully people and they might enjoy the process of bullying someone. Several measurements should take place to prevent cyberbullying among teens. Parents play a significant role in raising and bringing up their children. If parents sense something is wrong with their children they should take action about it to try to solve their  problem and misery. Parents should control and monitor their teen ’s  online activities to make sure that they are not harm and being cyberbullied. Among the common signs of teens being cyberbullied are they seem depressed or angry after looking at their mobile devices and not interested in the things they once love doing. Parents can console their child and save the evidence to be reported to a higher authority. In this time, parents should use their wisdom and knowledge to solve the problem. Working with your teen and the public can solve the  problem as soon as possible and minimise the damage. Furthermore, teens can prevent being cyberbullied by ignoring the hate messages send to them. Teens must learn to resist the urge to reply the message and take some time to cool down before thinking of the necessary action needed to solve this problem. Replying the
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