A New Vision of Funding? the Proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme

A New Vision of Funding? the Proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme
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  A New Vision of Funding –A NewVision of Disability? *  Associate Professor , D/HOS (Learning & Teaching Scholarship)Griffith Law School (Vice-President, Physical Disability Australia) * My views are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect the organizations I amassociated with.  Where I am coming from? • This presentation is embodied and represents a reflection on my ownscholarly thinking, personal experiences and observations of theexperiences of friends with disabilities (alive and deceased). • Acquired impairment at aged 18 year (now diagnosis as transversetransversemyelitis, no idea then) –C6/7 incomplete quad –‘walking’/not-walking • Deemed a ‘non-traumatic’ injury … no rehab, diddling the system/usedprofessional contacts to get orthotics, wheelchairs, typewriters, drugs, novocaona pannng ~ s sysem as connue. am years o. • Was at university … advise to ‘get real’ and drop out … booked nursinghome bed (didn’t take up), job at sheltered workshop (lasted 3 weeks) • My rehabilitation was through association with disabled people viadisability activism, peer mentoring. • I required around 28 hours care a week to stay out of a nursing home –this was done through the support of friends, paying workers (and luckyfor me) a pilot attendant care program DASI in Northcote.  Where am I going? • 1987 resumed university study at La Trobe (no on campusassistance) and finished with a Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) in1998. • I have worked to pay the extra costs of disability and stay out of anursing home all my life. I have been eligible for very few programs –my journey has been a form of self funded freedom. (Last year Ispent $15,000 of my own cash to purchase wheelchairs to remain in • In 1999 I took up a PhD scholarship and graduated with a PhD in2004. I have worked as a university disability studies teacher for 17years. It’s very lonely here … I am one of the few pwd’s in seniormanagement. I am a mentor but cannot find  a peer mentor. • I am aware that in even drawing a good salary my life is precarious,I only need one aspect of my life to come out of alignment –thenmy carefully balanced system could come crashing. I am a mid-lifewoman with disability, sole parenting a nine year old …. Life is goodbut always on notice.  My Focus • Discussion of NDIS –but in the broadercontext of living with disability (especiallyissues related to poverty, employment and. • I start from the assumption that if we do nothave a new vision of disability we cannot havea new vision of disability support.  Conceptual frameworks –what’s theproblem/barriers –disability as an afterthought? Consequences of exclusion ~ business asusual ableism,microaggression, Disabled people arenot a ‘discreetinsular minority’-We are not a Stateof Exception Disability as harmfulor is Disability aform of harm?   Disability is an evolving concept  and that disability results from the interaction between persons withimpairments and attitudinal and environmental barriers that hinders their full and effectiveparticipation in society on an equal basis with others.(Preamble, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 6 December 2006, at [e]). exhaustion, residualhistories
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