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  PHY 4301: Mikroprosesor & Mikrokomputer Semester 2-2017/2018 TEXT BOOK: Singh, A. and Triebel , W.A., “The 8088 microprocessor-Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware and Application”, Prentice Hall, NY, 1989.  NUMBERING SYSTEMS NUMBERING SYSTEMS UNARY SYSTEM UNIVERSAL SYSTEM  UNARY NUMBERING SYSTEMS Numbers are represented using scores/scratches: 3 MAIN PROBLEMS 1. Large Numbers 2. Negative Numbers 3. Non-Integers (9.1, 8.8 etc.)  UNARY NUMBERING SYSTEMS Proposed solution: NEWER PROBLEMS 1. Redundancy of representation. 15=IIIIVV or VVV OR VX ? 2. No representation for non-integers. 15.1=? 3. No representation for negative numbers.  -15=?
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