A Path of Light - George Morley

This is an important and powerful work, mystic inspiration concerning how to raise your life to a higher order of spiritual awareness and achievement, as well as how to enter the higher angelic realms. The spiritual discourse is of a very high vibration and the topics are also uplifting and inspiring. This work has a very elevated, sanctifying connection with the higher angelic realms which may be felt upon any reading and contemplation.
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  1 AA PPaatthh oof f  LLiigghhtt  George Morley Kosmon Church (1962)  2 Table of Contents Introduction (3) Evolution and Awakening (3) Ideas and Inspiration (10)  Attunement and Rhythm (19) Rhythmic Expression (26) Objective and Subjective (36) Towards the Eternal Dawn (44) There is a Bridge (56) The Self Within All Selves (67) Like unto a Flame (79) Evensong (88) The Voice, the Thought and the Master (100) How to Build (107)  3 Introduction THE KOSMON FRATERNITY in England was brought into being as a result of directions from the spiritual spheres, and all through its sixty years of activity, communion with those spheres has been a basic factor in its teachings. For over half a century the main channel of spiritual communications was one of our founders, George Morley; and many of the trance addresses given through him in our church in London were taken down in shorthand. In the following pages will be found a short selection, chosen to cover briefly the various aspects of Kosmon thought. These are reproduced almost as spoken, being only slightly edited in the interest of clarity. The publishers wish to pay tribute to the lifelong service of George Morley, and to the help of Mabel Maidstone, stenographer. Evolution and Awakening From the beginning of time right down to the present day, the world has been passing through the process of evolution. But evolution is a peculiar thing; it is not like a continuous steady stream. There have been times when Man was in some respects more advanced than to-day, when he had reached a higher point of evolution. In the civilisations of the ancient Egyptians and Persians, and earlier still on the grand  4 continent which sank beneath the Pacific, we see great knowledge and wisdom, when men had understanding of the gods, and walked and talked with them. Then what is it that has advanced? It is the conditions of life. It is the ability of Man to command the forces of Nature by the power of his scientific attainments, and the ability to use these things for the ordinary comforts of life. Whether the conditions of Humanity are better or worse is a matter, really, of comparison. However, since this evolutionary march has brought us to the condition of understanding material things, it must ultimately come about that there will be a spiritual apotheosis to which Man will attain. The evolution in spiritual matters has gone on in periods. It seems that the Races of Men become spiritual and aware of the gods and of the occult forces that work in their lives, and then they fall into decay, or perhaps entirely disappear, and the peoples that follow them start right at the beginning again, even from the very elements of barbarism, and so the process continues until another high point is reached. Now, to-day, we have come to the point when it is the spiritual that is most important, or instead of the word spiritual, if you prefer, you can use the word truth. Perhaps we can say that it is vitally important for spiritual truth to be restored, in order that a real balance in human life be attained. This spiritual truth has been lost, but it was known long before Jesus lived; it was taught by many priesthoods and lodges of initiates in ancient days. It alone can help man to understand himself, and guide him toward a new and higher world-order. This is where the Fraternity of
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