A Petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights Us 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955-1111

Original petition for restitution of conjugal rights
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  A PETITION FOR RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS U/S 9 OF THEHINDU MARRIAGE ACT 1955IN THE COURT OF THE JUDGE, FAMILY COURT, DELHIAT DELHI Marriage Petition No. __./ 200_ Mr. Anand Kapoor, age- 30 yrs, occupation- Service, r/o- De!i . Petitioner#ersusMrs. Ne!a Kapoor, age- 2$ yrs, occupation- Service, r/o- %angaore . &espondent U/S 9 OF THE HINDU MARRIAGE ACT 1955  '!e petitioner respect(uy su)*its as under+.  '!at t!e petitioner is t!e !us)and o( t!e respondent,t!eir *arriage !aving )een soe*nied at De!i on2-0-20according to t!e indu reigion, vaidic rites and cere*onies. 1tas a ove *arriage and )ot! o( t!eir parents ere agreed. 2.'!at Ne!a as oring in %angaore, !ie Mr. Anand asoring in De!i ti *arriage.3.A(ter *arriage t!ey continued t!e ong distance reations!ip (or year, !osoever t!ey !ad sudden disputes t!at )ot! o( t!e* ereoring in di4erent paces. 5ne ased anot!er to *ove.6.'!at 7nay a(ter ong dispute, Ne!a !ad to ive t!e 8o) and s!e*oved to De!i, a(ter t!at s!e coudn9t 7nd t!e 8o) o( !er (ocus area inDe!i, !ic! is pu)ic !eat!, )ut s!e coudn9t 7nd t!e 8o) in De!i!ic! sustain !er.$.'!at in %angaore s!e as earning a saary o( &s 0,000 per  *ont!, and, *a: s!e as o4ered in De!i as $0000 and t!e 8o) asnot speci7c to !er area, so s!e !ad to su4er *a8or pay cut. %ecause o( !ic! !er saary e:pectation !as to )e reduced )ecause a(ter !ic! i( s!e *ove to anot!er 8o) s!e need to eep.'!at (or t!ose  *ont! s!e as econo*icay and 7nanciaydependent on !er !us)and, a(ter t!at s!e got 8o) o( $0,000.S!e eaveda avis! i(e in %angaore, s!e ant to dine a ot, !ie s!e aeges t!at,!en !e *arried !er, anand nos t!at s!e goes out a ot, so it asnot ne to !i*,no s!e is dependent on !us)and so s!e need *oney (ro* !us)and todine a ot..'!at during t!ese  *ont!s Anand *aintained !er and a(ter t!ats!e got t!e 8o) in !ic! s!e !ad to su4er paycut and t!e o;ce asaay (ro* t!e !ouse s!e use to ive, )ecause o( !ic! t!ere as so*eind o( ver)a 7g!t )eteen t!e*, !ic! is very nor*a in every*arried (a*iy.<.'!at a(ter t!e ver)a 7g!t t!e pro)e* o( t!e !o*e coud !avesoved a(ter taing to eac! ot!er. %ut a(ter t!at 7g!t it!out trying toresove t!e con=ict s!e *aied !er >.(or*er e*poyer and re?uested to get !er od 8o) )ac, and t!eyo4ered !er e*poy*ent on t!e sa*e 8o), sa*e, position, sa*e saaryand s!e *oved to %angaore, )ut t!e parent o( Anand as in aryanaso !e need to visit t!eir parent, so !e re(uses to go to %angaore ands!e aso re(uses to co*e De!i )y rong(uy aeging t!at !e as s!ortte*per, and s!e !ad to su4er ver)a !arass*ent. %ut s!e didn9t 7eany co*paint.0.'!at parents o( Anand is in od age )ecause o( !ic! it is notpossi)e (or !i* to eave !is parents and *ove to %angaore it! !isi(e, as !e need to tae care o( !is parents !o use to ive in aryana..  '!at t!e petitioner su)*its t!at !e as rig!t (ro*t!e )eginning and !as ever since )een sincere, ready  and iing to co!a)it it! t!e respondent, and t!erespondent )eing !is egay edded i(e !as no rig!t orreason or ground to eave !i* aone. 2.'!at t!e *arriage as soe*nied at De!i, and t!eparties !ereto aso ast resided toget!er it!in t!e oca i*itso( t!e 8urisdiction o( t!is court, and !ence t!is on@)e ourt!as 8urisdiction to try and decide t!is petition.3.'!at t!e cause o( action (or t!is petition 7rst arose on 2< t! Dec, 20, !en t!e respondent vountariy deserted t!ispetitioner and e(t !is society it! a vie to )reaing aay t!e*atri*onia tries, and !ence, t!is petition 7ed today is eit!in i*itation.6.'!at t!e petitioner aso decares and con7r*s t!at t!ispetition presented )y !i* is not cousive.$.'!at t!is petition )eing c!argea)e it! a 7:ed rate o( court (ee, t!e sa*e is paid !ereit!..'!at t!e petitioner, t!ere(ore, prays t!at BCaA decree (or t!e restitution o( con8uga rig!ts )epassed against t!e respondent, and s!e )e directed toresu*e co!a)itation it! t!is petitioner, andC)C) Any ot!er orders in t!e interest o( 8ustice )e indypassed.De!i,Sd/- Anand KapoorDated + 2-0<-20< .PE'1'15NE& Sd/- c AD#5A'E F5& PE'1'15NE&  VERIFICATION 1, Mr. Anand Kapoor, t!e present petitioner, do !ere)y state onsoe*n a;r*ation t!at t!e contents o( t!is petition in paras  to$ are true and correct to t!e )est o( *y 3no2edge and )eie(, andso 1 !ave signed !ereunder.Sd/- Anand Kapoor . PE'1'15NE&

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Dec 14, 2018


Dec 14, 2018
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