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  A Research ProposalOn COMPARATIVE STUDY OFPATTERN OF ADVERTISEMENTS INTIMES OF INDIAANDINDIAN EXPRESS pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp  Introduction: - With an increase in global competition, technology advances and fast informed consumers, it has become important for business to make a powerful impact on target audiences and markets. Therefore marketing communication strategies has become an important part of company’s overall performance.Introduction Advertising has been defined as “a powerful communication force and a vital marketing tool helping to sell goods and services, image and ideas! Wright #$%&'. (imilarly, )oderick #$%*' defines advertising as “a message specified by its srcinator, carried by a communication system and intended to influence and+or inform an unknown audience!. Advertising may also be seen as “a group of activities aiming at and including disseminationof information in any paid product or service to compel action in accordance with the intent of an identifiable sponsor.! oghud-e,#$%'Advertising has a long history, with some opinions tracing its srcin to the story of Adam, /veand the (erpent in the 0ible 1kigbo #$% and 2lepper #$%'. Wright #$%&' however opines that advertising started in ancient 0abylon at about &*** 03 when inscriptions for an ointment dealer, a scribe and a shoe maker were made on clay tablets. (andage and 4ryburger #$5&' argue that /gyptians first wrote runaway 6 slave announcements on papyrus at about &7** 03. Situation in India  In India, town8crying and hawking were the earliest forms of advertising. These have survived in many Indian villages till date. With respect to media advertising, which is the focus of this paper, (andage and 4ryburger, 7**59' suggest that the first media advertising  was done in :ondon in #;<< when a prayer book was announced for sale while the first newspaper advertising appeared in the 0oston =ewsletter in #<*;.The print media came into India in #%$ with the appearance of a >oruba language newspaper, iwe Iroyin published by )everend ?enry Townsend at Abeokuta. The publicationcarried an advert in the form of an announcement for the Anglican 3hurch. Advertisement: -  Advertisement consists of all activities involved in presenting to target audiences, non8personal paid massage relating to a product, idea or service. It can be donethrough various @edia.i'/lectronic @edia.ii'@ulti @edia.iii'rint @edia.iv'1utdoor @edia etc Future advertisement classified as: -Social Advt. Political Advt. Retail Advt. Financial Advt. Corporate Advt. ?owever for any kind of advertisement media selection is an important B challenging taste for the 3ompany or 4irm.Advertisement through print media specially in newspapers is gaining important due to increase in literacy, circulation B improvement in Cuality of printing.According to the #$$& annual report of the register of =ewspapers, there has been a growth in total circulation of details in #$$% over #$$# circulation increased from .& crore in#$$# to #*.5 crore in #$$%, it directly #**D increment.?ence statement of problem is that a comparative study of advertisements in Time of India and Indian /Epress.(omeone once said “effective advertising8 it’s a bit like trying to interest a deaf tortoise! unknown'. 0y glossary terms, Feffectiveness’ has been described as Fthe degree to which a system’s features and capabilities meet the users’ needs 3arnegie @ellon Glossary, 7**;'. This falls apt for the field of advertising too. /ffective advertising can be described as a paid form of communicating a message which is persuasive, informative, and designed to influence purchasing behavior or thought patterns, and meets the goals that it set out to do. It is such advertising that welcomes one into the world of advertising in India.  1)O!ectives of the stud : - The present study has the following specific ob-ectives9i'To study and assess, advertisements in Times of India.ii'To study and assess, advertisements in India /Epress.iii'To compare advertisements of Times of India and Indian /Epress.iv'To (tudy and understand impact of print8media advertisements on trade and commerce. #)$ potheses of the stud : - This study is an attempt of understanding the impact of print8media advertisement  with special reference to Times of India and Indian /Epress. To eEecute this study following hypotheses are drawn9?#Trade of advertisement in Times of India is higher than Trade of advertisements in Indian /Epress.?7The numbers of advertisements in Times of India is higher than trade of advertisements in Indian /Epress.?&Times of India earns higher income through advertisements than Indian /Epress. %)Scope of the stud : - The coverage and scope of the study provide insight into advertisements in two leading newspaper of India published from @umbai, which include Times of India andIndian /Epress. Times of India and Indian /Epress involve advertisements on the study. for the period of Hanuary 6 7*#&. &)Si'nificance of the Stud : - The study will help in understanding the impact of print8media advertisements to the Government, oliticians, Industrialist, Traders and 3ommercial Activities, as various types of advertisements are appeared in Times of India and Indian /Epress. It will further help in understanding the positive impact on students and housewives. It will also eEamine the role and performance of advertisements and its positive impacts onforeign investors and foreign institutes who are interested in dealing with Indian Trade and 3ommerce. The findings of this study will also provide an insight to various corporate houses. Thus, the study by enlarge will help the impact of print8
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