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  Social Media: Does it really matter? Social media does not matter at all if you are a person who is stuck in this time periodunfortunately but belong from a time which is 10 years ago. It is also not a big deal toyou if you are a social outcast and can live your life without getting a hunch of essenceamidst the lively world out there. But you are not categorized in those unfortunate lowlevels and if wasn’t so you won’t be sitting in your comfy couch and gazing at the brightscreen of yours other than keeping busy with all those downgraded trends of the pariah.!ust take a moment and re oice as you are not belonging to that misfortune class whodo not have the opportunity to get engaged in this mesmerizing world which goes by thename social media.#ow if the thing is still uncertain for you and the matter is also revolving round your head and knocking does it really matter$ So to all those confused folks from that couchlet me have the honor to enlighten you with some facts rather statistics and walk youthrough the answer which is hoped to be answered once you are finished with thisarticle. Little Chit-Chat %et&s not ump to statistics first statistics are for the nerds and the useless bookwormswhat we want is results with a better upshot in the same regards. In that case statisticsand figures relating to social media is needed to an e'tent but let us focus on that after a while. In order to put light into social media we can focus on the root first and thenmake an analyzing data along with it. ( comparison chart between social media and theusers of it with a broad range of spectrum alongside the facts and figures are sure toboost up the illustrative significance of social media. )o reach to the root of the answer of this baronial *uestion which dared to put a finger at social media we can use the lawof deduction. +o not worry you do not need to be another Sherlock ,olmes to reach tothe end of this *uestion. !ust drag yourself to social media and you will get the answer before you know it. Just Being Illustrative, Nothing ersonal #ow we are left out with social media so what actually are we referring to when wecome to terms with social media$ Breaking the terms apart and understanding themindividually and later on making a connection between them again and fusing them islikely to bring out a result that is enough for you to have a partial knowledge aboutwhere the discussion is leading us towards. #ow if we do that particularly we will be leftout with two phrases which are literally from two different poles. -ne is Social’ andanother one is /edia’. #ow taking a broader look at those terms Social means havinga relation with the society. (s there are no other directive measures are given to put thatphrase in some yardstick and do the udging so we will stick to that resolution of theterm Social’. #ow what is being referred by the term social’ in this conte't where socialmedia is concerned is not very hard to decipher. If we take a moment to look over thematter with a bigger eye we can easily conclude that we are being discussed as theterm  Social’ goes. It is we who are in the limelight and what we are doing is beingreferred as social as we are a social being. But due to the gradual change of the world  and thus going with the flow people have also changed and it is not ust another change it is really a radical modification in the trend of human being. Being social is notanymore chained to some one on one hand shakes and knowing over a cup of tea.)hrough time it has taken a giant turn in its course and now the whole world is our neighbor and the all around 2 billion look alike are our ac*uaintances. (ll this waspossible as the world was literally brought into a net by the introduction of internet. )hedefinition of society has changed and we are now living in only one society all together through the medium of internet. (nd now the matter drops down to the media so by media we mean in the generalmode of communication. 3es the ,i and the ,ellos are regarded in this field where themedia is concerned. (ctually to some it is. )here are plenty branches of the media thatis there over the internet and also through other modes of communication. !he Dividing Line So this is where we tend to break the ice and get a boom in our venture to revealwhether social media matters or not. So we are able to know what social media is andat this very moment try to think what type of communication you have ever donethrough the internet$ 3es I see that bright face and dazzling eyes4 So now you have gotit. 3ou have understood what social media is and what you do with it or have thepotential to do with it. So put a little bit of pressure in your mind and think harder. 5heredo social media stand in this vast land of opportunity and communication. 3ou will easilycome to know what depth social media have reached into the world where physicalworld has almost seized into being due to the rise of this new virtual world. Social mediaacted as one of the key factors behind this transformation and thus we have ultimatelygot a new world for us. ( simple statistic can easily e'pose the truth behind socialmedia ust go back 6 years and see what was there and now look at where it standsnow4 #ow if you really can say again does social media really matter$ I would say then+o you matter at all without it$  2 | Page
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