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A road freshly paved: the development and validation of a classification system for maternity models of care

A road freshly paved: the development and validation of a classification system for maternity models of care
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  A road freshly paved: the development and validation of a classication system for maternity models of care. Natasha Donnolley  BSc(HIM). Project Ofcer - National Perinatal Epidemiolog ! Statistics "nit# "NS$%errn B&tler-Henderson BSc(HIM)# MPH# 'rad ert .. HIM *iscipline +eader - &rtin "ni,ersitEliaeth S&lli,an MBBS, MPH, MMed (Sexual Health), MD, Cert SRH, FAFPHM . Pro/essor and *irector - National Perinatal Epidemiolog ! Statistics "nit - "NS$. Introduction: 0 re,ie1 o/ e2isting 0&stralian maternit data collections  the 0&stralian Instit&te o/ Healthand $el/are (0IH$) National Perinatal Epidemiolog and Statistics "nit (NPES") in 3454identi6ed 7e data gaps# incl&ding the lac7 o/ nationall agreed de6nitions /or models o/ maternit care that ta7e into acco&nt ,ariations in ser,ice deli,er et1een instit&tions and j&risdictions 5 . One o/ the actions to s&pport the ommon1ealth *epartment o/ Health and 0geing NationalMaternit Ser,ices Plan# 1as the National Maternit *ata *e,elopment Project (NM**P) 3 .One component o/ this 1as to de,elop a standardised nomenclat&re and de6nitions /ormodels o/ maternit care. he res&lt 1as the de,elopment o/ a no,el classi6cation sstemased on the &ni8&e characteristics o/ models o/ care - characteristics o/ the 1omen themodel is intended /or# the pro/essionals 1or7ing in the model and aspects o/ the carepro,ided in the model.  he Maternit are lassi6cation Sstem or MaS incorporates a ne1 data set speci6cationand a set o/ de6ned major model categories (MM) that 1ill allo1 /or collection o/ datanationall to /acilitate meaning/&l analsis and comparisons o/ maternal and perinatalo&tcomes /or di9erent models o/ care . Study Objectives:  his st&d aims to ,alidate the MaS as an acc&rate# repeatale and reprod&cile sstem/or identi/ing# de6ning and classi/ing models o/ maternit care in 0&stralia. he st&d alsoe2amines the heterogeneit o/ maternit models o/ care in NS$ /rom 1ithin the same MMto j&sti/ the need /or a classi6cation sstem ased on model characteristics rather thanthro&gh the &se o/ a asic naming sstem (the MM). Methodology:  his research st&d &ses a 8&asi-e2perimental mi2ed methods research design in,ol,ing t1ophases o/ testing and ,alidation o/ the MaS in NS$. Ethics appro,al has een recei,ed/rom the So&th Eastern Sdne +ocal Health *istrict H&man :esearch Ethics ommittee.Phase 5 has een cond&cted in /o&r di9erent maternit ser,ices o/ di9erent ser,icecapailit le,els# casemi2 and geographical location in NS$. Phase 5 aimed to capt&re anarrati,e set o/ descriptions o/ a range o/ models o/ care &sing semi-str&ct&red inter,ie1s1hich 1ere &sed to de,elop a set o/ case st&dies /or &se in Phase 3 in addition to e,al&atingthe most acc&rate method o/ completing the classi6cations(indi,id&al maternit sta9 ,ers&sa team o/ sta9). Phase 3 in,ol,es a state-1ide a&dit o/ planned irthing ser,ices in NS$ (inpartnership 1ith NS$ %ids and ;amilies) and an assessment o/ reprod&ciilit andrepeatailit o/ the MaS  appling a test-retest methodolog &sing the case-st&dies.Preliminar res&lts /rom the st&d 1ill e presented. onclusion: 0s part o/ its de,elopment# the MaS onl &nder1ent content ,alidation. ;&rther ,alidationis needed to e2amine its e9ecti,eness# acc&rac and precision at classi/ing models o/ maternit care. his st&d 1ill assess the repeatailit and reprod&ciilit o/ the MaS in apilot program in NS$. Once models o/ care can e acc&ratel classi6ed &sing the MaS# acloser e2amination o/ the o&tcomes o/ mothers and aies in di9erent models o/ care 1ill epossile.  !eferences: 5. $al7er# <. (3455). Maternity data in Australia: a review of sources and gaps. Bulletin no. 87 . anerra= 0IH$.3. 0&stralian Instit&te o/ Health and $el/are 345> (/orthcoming). Foundations for enhanced maternity data collection and reporting in Australia: National maternity data development  project tage !.  anerra= 0IH$. Ac"no#ledgments:  he a&thors 1o&ld li7e to ac7no1ledge the ommon1ealth *epartment o/ Health /or /&ndingthe NM**P &nder 1hich the MaS 1as de,eloped# the 0IH$ /or their permission to &nderta7e this ,alidation st&d o/ the MaS and NS$ %ids and ;amilies /or partnering in this project. ompetency domains addressed:   +ang&age o/ medicine   Healthcare terminologies and classi6cation   :esearch methodologies   Health ser,ices organisation and deli,er $resentation type:  Scienti6c?academic (a /&ll paper 1ill e s&mitted to HIM< /ollo1ing the con/erence) onference stream:  Health In/ormation Management %heme:  Health erminologies and lassi6cation Author biographies:  Natasha *onnolleNatasha is a Project Ofcer at the National Perinatal Epidemiolog and Statistics "nit de,eloping a classi6cation sstem /or models o/ care as part o/ the National Maternit *ata *e,elopment Project. She is a 8&ali6ed Health In/ormation Manager 1ho is enrolled in a Masters o/ Medicine  :esearch at "NS$. In addition to her pro/essional responsiilities# Natasha has 1or7ed as a ons&mer 0d,ocate and :epresentati,e /or maternal and perinatal health /or the past 54 ears incl&ding in,ol,ement in state# national and international committees and as a director o/ SI*S and %ids (NS$) and the International @asa Pre,ia ;o&ndation.%errn B&tler-Henderson%errn is the *iscipline +ead /or Health In/ormation Management at &rtin "ni,ersit. %errn has een in,ol,ed 1ith clinical research /or 5A ears# and thro&gh her postgrad&ate training and clinical e2perience# is an e2pert in research design?methodologies# epidemiolog and iostatistics. 0s a health in/ormatician# %errn holds a n&mer o/ positions on national and international committees and has de,eloped sstems in oth 0&stralia and internationall.Eliaeth S&lli,anEliaeth S&lli,an is a p&lic health phsician 1ith 3A ears national and international e2perience as a medical epidemiologist. She has specialised in reprod&cti,e and perinatal epidemiolog. She is *irector o/ the National Perinatal Epidemiolog and Statistics "nit at the"NS$ and Pro/essor o/ Perinatal and :eprod&cti,e Health. Her research /oc&ses on the &se o/ pop&lation data to in/orm e,idence ased polic and practice. She has o,er 5>4 peer-re,ie1ed p&lications and national monographs on perinatal and reprod&cti,e health# holds competiti,e NHM: and other grant /&nding# and is a memer o/ national?international committees and 1or7ing gro&ps on perinatal and reprod&cti,e health.
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