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CONTENTS VERTICAL SOLUTIONP.14a&s International, published by Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd., is a monthly professional publication for channel…
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CONTENTS VERTICAL SOLUTIONP.14a&s International, published by Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd., is a monthly professional publication for channel players in the worldwide electronic security industry since 1997. It updates importers, distributors, OEM/ODM searchers, systems integrators, and other product purchasers on product sources and identifies developments in Video Surveillance, Access Control, Biometrics, Intrusion Alarm, Intercom/Video Door Phone, Home Automation, and other fields relevant to electronic security.ISSN 1997-6267 中華郵政北台字第1571號 執照登記為雜誌交寄 John Shi Executive Editor-in-Chief Hubert Duh Managing Director / Publisher EditorialGeneral Press Jill Lai Alf Chang Emily Lin William PaoEditor-in-Chief Senior Consultant Executive Editor william.pao@newera.messefrankfurt.comArt DesignGaven Lee Executive Designer Mao Chang Senior Designer mao.chang@newera.messefrankfurt.comTackle theCirculationUnknownMichelle Shih OfficerWithSecurityLisa Hsu Sr Media Mktg Coordinator Ryan Liu Media Mktg Coordinator Corporate ManagementThomas Pin Account Manager Chihung Lee IT ManagerJessica Yang Project Manager SecutechPeggy Wu Veronica Chen Jason Cheng Michelle ChuP.20 New Technologies Help Stadiums Keep SafeOnboard Bus Surveillance Systems Enhance Growing Requirements When it comes to onboard video surveillance systems for public buses, a reliable turnkey solution that is simple to configure and manage is more favorable. OCTOBER 2017 ● www.asmag.comP.42IoT - TRANSPORTATIONTrade Fair Manager Group Manager Project Manager Event Marketing michelle.chu@newera.messefrankfurt.comInternational Advertising [Headquarters]Israel Gogol Manager Audrey Fang[Branches & Representatives]Carolina Pattuelli Evris Consolos Adis Hodzic Manish Gandhi Iris Lai Carol Guan Y. C. Suh Takashi Komori Nguyen Thu Ha Ekaterina Shapovalova Mariusz KucharskiEurope (Italy) Europe (U.K.) Southeast Europe India Taiwan China Korea Japan Vietnam Russia mariusz.kucharski@aspolska.plMesse Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd.P.36Enhancing ADAS Performance for Safe Driving Road safety is a major concern for transport authorities, pedestrians and vehicle chihung.lee@newera.messefrankfurt.comasmag.comSports events are exciting places; however, safeguarding people from unknown dangers is a challenge.INTEGRATED SYSTEMmichelle.shih@newera.messefrankfurt.comMarketingTaiwan Branch: 8F, No.288, Sec. 6, Civic Boulevard, Xinyi District, Taipei City 11087, Taiwan Phone/886 2 8729 1099 Fax/886 2 2747 6617 Website/ Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd., a company formed by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd. and former a&s Group in 2009, is an integrated media service provider in the security industry. Our service covers magazines, websites, events, and trade shows. The portfolio of a&s magazines includes a&s International, a&s Asia (above published in English), a&s China, a&s Intelligent System, and a&s Taiwan (above published in Chinese). a&s Adria, a&s India, a&s Italy, a&s Japan, a&s Polska, a&s Russia and a&s Vietnam are licensed editions. For changes of address or subscription problems, contact us at Copyright© 2017 Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be republished, reprinted or redistributed in any forms, including electronic, without written consent from the publisher. Advertisers are responsible for their own advertisement content. The publisher is not liable for any legal, image, patent or trademark disputes from advertisements or among advertisers. Legal consultant: Julia S.H. Yu, Attorney at Law, First Law & IP OfficesEDITOR’S NOTE Can Machine Learning Help Alleviate Current Tragedies? This year seems to be quite a rough one for many countries. The Las Vegas attack, one of the deadliest mass shootings in the U.S., is again causing debates over enforcing more effective gun control policies. The U.K. also experienced five major terror attacks this year. The latest of which was the blast on a London Underground train last month. If we take into account attacks in other countries in the Middle East and Africa which frequently have serious casualties; I would say, the whole world is still suffering from social riots this year. The two latest attacks in the U.S. and U.K. have resulted in heavy casualties. The latest technologies in security may come into play, such as machine learning being used in cameras with advanced video analytics that can immediately detect abnormal behaviors, and gunfire detection systems which can identify gunfire sounds in particular and report them to the nearby police. It is not enough to only have a high density installation of surveillance cameras; the priority should be on how effectively they can help us prevent and immediately react to the events. In this issue, many of our interviewees mentioned how machine learning can benefit security and business operations in different applications, such as stadiums and traffic monitoring as well as driving safety. Machine learning has now become a must-have feature in a system for which security and safey can’t be compromised.KEEP IN TOUCH WITH...SOCIAL MEDIA company/ asmagglobalEDITOR-IN-CHIEF JILL LAIjill.lai@newera.messefrankfurt.comEDITORIAL TEAMGlobal Security News Media Platform FOLLOW US:OCTOBER 2017 ● www.asmag.comREPORTER WILLIAM PAOEXECUTIVE EDITOR EMILY LINStorage is an important element in video surveillance systems. Users have different requirements or needs based on project size or the vertical market they are in. It’s therefore vital for vendors and systems integrators alike to understand those needs to roll out solutions that help end users meet their objectives. This, and other important points, will be discussed in our next issue, please watch out for it!Consolidation of the security industry continues, with ABB’s recent acquisition of GE IS and ACRE’s decision to sell Mercury Security to HID Global. In most cases, mergers and acquisitions enable companies to enter new markets or expand solution portfolios faster. This will not only accelerate growth, but also the development of new products that can better fill gaps in the market.6Taking a Better Look with Machine VisionMachine vision uses imagery technology to check and analyze the image it is scanning. Many developers have created this to offer high precision and accurate information. Sensors are able to detect the slightest changes in the images while performing inspections. New advancements in machine vision technology has enabled them to run faster while staying reliable and accurate.Cognex In-Sight 2000 Series Vision SensorMicroHAWK MV–40 Smart CamerasIn-Sight 2000 series vision sensors combine the power of an In-Sight vision system with the simplicity and affordability of a vision sensor. Ideal for solving error-proofing applications, these vision sensors set new standards for value, ease of use and flexibility thanks to a powerful combination of proven In-Sight vision tools, a simple setup and a modular design featuring field changeable lighting and optics. The In-Sight 2000 series includes an integrated, high-performance image formation system consisting of field interchangeable lenses and a patentpending LED ring light that produces even, diffuse illumination across the entire image and eliminates the need for costly external lighting. Lenses and a variety of light colors can be easily swapped out as needed to meet application requirements.Built on the highest-performance imaging engine in its class, MicroHAWK cameras are fully-integrated with optics, processor, lighting and communications, offering an array of modular hardware options to take on any inspection task in three micro form factors. Paired with AutoVISION simplified machine vision software (for barcode reading plus basic vision tasks like locate, count, presence/absence, OCR and more) scalable to Visionscape software for advanced applications, MicroHAWK is unrivaled in the industry for performance in its size, and flexibility to meet a variety of application requirements and user experience levels. The MV-40 redefines the imaging market as the smallest IP65/67-rated, true-industrial Ethernet smart camera. With the library of Microscan’s machine vision tools on board in a rugged, ultra-compact case, the MV-40 is the complete package for solving any vision inspection challenge under any condition. Combining unprecedented ease-of-use, high-speed communication, optional liquid lens autofocus, and ultra-small form factor, the MV-40 sets the benchmark as an ultimate compact machine vision system in the industry.Key Features • Affordable vision sensor powered by In-Sight Explorer software and EasyBuilder — the same interface used for all In-Sight vision systems • Simple for both new and existing users to meet their automatic inspection challenges • Monochrome and color sensor models solve presence/absence applications, including color verification • Proven, reliable Cognex In-Sight vision tools • Compact, modular design with field-changeable, integrated optics and lighting Supplier: Cognex URL: www.cognex.comKey Features • IP-65/67, aluminum • 24 volt passive power over Ethernet • Autofocus • PROFINET • Speeds up to 800 MHz Supplier: Microscan Systems URL: www.microscan.comMVP Portable Automated Optical Inspection GEM IIIOCTOBER 2017 ● www.asmag.comThe GEM III automated optical inspection (AOI) is a feature-rich, highly robust, yet portable AOI platform based on Machine Vision Product’s existing high performance AOI solutions. The GEM III incorporates an 8 MP camera and is fully certified for 01005 inspection with an 8 micron pixel size. The GEM III features MVP’s wizard driven ease-of-use database programming ePro and the Auto-Optimize wizard and is a cost-effective, yet powerful solution for low volume, high mix production environments including New Product Introduction. By utilizing the same optics as inline AOI new inspection programs are equally portable between the GEM III and MVP’s range of inline solutions. Key Features • Portable AOI with in-line performance • 8 MP camera with 8 μm pixel resolution • 430 x 430mm inspectable area • Full compatibility with in-line AOI • Robust flying inspection based stage • Certified to 01005 Components for solder joint inspection ideal for high mix or NPI Supplier: Machine Vision Products URL: www.machinevisionproducts.com8PRODUCTS OF THE MONTHMarantzMek SpiderEye Machine Vision Mek SpiderEye machine vision systems deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process via the development of totally automated processes.The system has pattern matching, OCV, hue, saturation, brightness, RGB and grey level histogram, distance measurement, angle, and uniformity. It has 8 channel multiple source and up to 6 lighting modes. There is an optional SQL and/or XML data collection and storage of inspection results (including images). Also, full barcode traceability (Datamatrix QR code, Code128 and Code 39), SPC defect analysis and live production result viewer. Ideal for small-spaced assembly lines, Mek SpiderEye machine vision systems are affordable, easy to use and totally flexible to handle short runs, repetitive tasks and ergonomically challenging jobs. Key Features • Moving subject automatic optical inspection • 8 simultaneous images captured • Flexible lens options • Compatible with telecentric lenses • Distortion removal and focus correction for angled camera viewsSupplier: Marantz ElectronicsURL: www.marantz-electronics.comDatalogicP-Series Smart Camera The P-Series is an ultra-compact cost-effective smart camera offering advanced machine vision functionalities in a fully embedded stand-alone device. The P-Series is available with gray-scale or color CMOS image sensors with two different resolutions: VGA and 1.3 MP. Lenses and illuminators are fully interchangeable and can be mounted and replaced by the user. Five focal lengths and nine lighting options result in 90 different combinations delivering outstanding installation flexibility while offering superior image acquisition capabilities. The P-Series is powered by the IMPACT LITE software package. With more than 25 inspection tools, IMPACT LITE revolutionizes device programming by making the inspection configuration quick and intuitive. Key Features • VGA (640 x 480) or 1.3 MP (1280 x 1024) resolution • Built-in digital I/Os, serial and Ethernet interfaces • Powered by IMPACT Lite • Grayscale or color CMOS image sensor • Right-angle IP67 rated enclosure with rotating connectors • Embedded interchangeable lenses and illuminatorsSupplier: Datalogic URL: http://www.datalogic.comADLINK TechnologyCyberOpticsSQ3000 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System SQ3000 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) system maximizes ROI and line utilization with 3D multi-view sensors that enable extremely fast 3D inspection. SQ3000 incorporates Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology and highly sophisticated 3D algorithms offering microscopic image quality at production speeds. MRS technology suppresses any reflections that can distort the data, especially on shiny components, enabling precise 3D representation while the architecturally superior sensor design captures and transmits data simultaneously and in parallel. The result is unmatched speed and accuracy. Key Features • Four multi-view 3D sensors and a parallel projector delivering metrology grade accuracy at production speed • Sensor simultaneously captures and transmits multiple images while proprietary 3D fusing algorithms merge the images together • Autonomous Image Interpretation (AI²) offers precise discrimination with just one panel inspection making it a perfect solution for high-mix and high-volume applicationsSupplier: CyberOptics URL: www.cyberoptics.comNEON-1021-M Smart CameraADLINK’s new NEON-1021-M Intel Atom E3845 processor based ready-to-go smart camera with MVTec MERLIC. Equipping its state-of-the-art quad-core smart camera with an easy-to-use machine vision software, the NEON-1021-M significantly increases competitive advantage, exceeding basic smart camera advantages for machine vision development. NEON-1021-M features high performance quad-core Intel Atom processors, speedy multi-ROI image capture, 2-MP global shutter image sensors, and PWM lighting control support. High-speed multi-barcode capture by multi-ROI function shortens image processing cycle time and optimized I/ O includes one additional slave GigE Vision camera connection, 4 X isolated input, 4 X isolated output and VGA output for maximized integration with external devices. Rugged construction with IP67 rated housing and M12 connectors enables the NEON-1021-M to withstand the harshest industrial environments. Key Features • MERLIC inside from MVTec • Image centered user interface • Machine vision application with no need for programming integrated tool library • 2 MP 60 fps resolutions, monochrome global shutter CMOS sensors • Multi-ROI function replaces multi-camera barcode reader solution • Additional GigE Vision 1 slave camera support Supplier: ADLINK TechnologyURL: www.adlinktech.com9NEWS FEATURE a&s explores topics that are generating interest in the security industry, offering readers important facts and information relevant to their profession.OT–Morpho Becomes IDEMIA The newly renamed group aims to offer its customers enhanced security in an increasingly connected world. BY IDEMIATtravel or even vote in total confidence, drawing on the benefits of a connected world,” explained Didier Lamouche, CEO of IDEMIA. “The accomplishment of this promise is what we call Augmented Identity. It is about using the biometric characteristics of each person as a unique signature of individual identity, thushe result of the merger of Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho), the OT-Morpho group has become IDEMIA. The group’s ambition is to empower citizens and consumers to interact, pay, connect, travel and even vote securely while taking advantage of the opportunities of an increasingly connected world. At an event that brought together nearly 2,000 guests at the Seine musicale, Didier Lamouche, Chairman and CEO of OT-Morpho, officially renamed the group IDEMIA. In a world directly impacted by the exponential growth of connected objects, the increasing globalization of exchanges, the digitalization of the economy and the consumerization of technology, IDEMIA places “Augmented Identity” at the heart of its actions. As an expression of this innovative strategy, the group has been renamed IDEMIA in reference to powerful terms: Identity, Idea and the Latin word idem, reflecting its mission to guarantee everyone a safer world thanks to its expertise in trusted identities. IDEMIA is the result of the merger between OT and Morpho completed on March 31, 2017. “Our future will be built through innovation and disruption which will revolutionize our daily lives. Our vision when we merged OT and Morpho was to build a new offer “The group’s ambition is to capable of revisiting the world of digital empower citizens and consumers security. And this is what the creation to interact, pay, connect, travel and of IDEMIA has achieved. Thanks to our even vote securely while taking talented people and the solutions they advantage of the opportunities of an invent, citizens and consumers can increasingly connected world.” now connect, interact, exchange, pay,APPLICATION CASES ENTERPRISEGENETEC SECURES OPERATIONS FOR CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION God’s Love We Deliver (God’s Love) is a OCTOBER 2017 ● www.asmag.com10non-sectarian non-profit organization in New York that cooks and home-delivers nutritious meals to people who are too sick to cook or shop for themselves. The organization recently expandedits operations and rebuilt its headquarters and security. The God’s Love team relies on the Genetec’s Security Center unified platform to make sure that operations are running accordingly. The team can view videos of the major regions in the building with the Omnicast system. They use the Synergis system to secure all doors which are set on a schedule to accommodate volunteer and staff hours. The system also restricts floor access from the main elevator. Only full-time staff withpermission can access the office floors, while volunteers are free to come and go to their working areas.29.7 million29.7 million global attendance in 2016 at the top 20 waterparks.Souce: AECOM and Themed Entertainment Associationfacilitating exchanges. It fosters confidentiality and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions. This is a decisive step towards a more frictionless, safer world,” said Lamouche.Proactive Security: Know the Risks and be Prepared Circadian Risk’s software allows for comprehensive risk analysis that law enforcement agencies can use to better understand critical situations. BY the a&s Editorial TeamSecurity systems began to change with the arrival of machine learnin
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