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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Teaching Formal Silent Reading

A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Teaching Formal Silent Reading
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  Joshua Eriberto Miguel G. LlamesLanguage and Literature Assessment  A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Teaching Formal Silent ReadingI.Objectives  At the end of the session, the students are expected to1.Focus Skilla.Read critically the short story The Last Judgment y !arel "apek#$.Support Skill .identify the meaning of %ords through context the selection silently# andd.ans%er the &uestions from the text correctly. II.Subject atter   A.Topic's 1.The Last Judgment y !arel "apek# and$.formal silent reading.(.ReferencesTomeldan, et. al. )1*+-. rism, an /ntroduction to Literature 0anila 2ational (ookstore".0aterials1.ro3ector, $.laptop, 4.pieces of paper,5. manila paper, and6.pentel pens III.Lesson Pro!er   A.Routinea.rayer#."hecking of Attendance# andc."hecking of "lassroom "ondition.   (.0oti7ation “Find the Killer”  / %ill ask three students to 7olunteer# these 7olunteers %ill act as suspects of amurder. 8ach 7olunteer'suspect %ill deli7er their alii in front of the class regardingthe murder and the class %ill ha7e to identify %ho the killer is using or analy9ing thealiis of the suspects.".:ocaulary ;e7elopmentRead the follo%ing sentences then gi7e the meaning of the underlined %ordin each sentence through context clues.1.<sama (in Laden %as a notorious man.$.The three 3udges ha7e se7ere and austere faces.4.The prisoner killed his inmate in a ra%l.5.=e cannot a7oid death. /t is ine7itale.  6.>od?s lo7e for us is infinite.;.resentation1.@nlocking of ;ifficulties/ %ill introduce formal silent reading and gi7e its mechanics and guidelines tothe students.$.rereading ) Motive Questions)  a./f you %ere a 3udge, %ould you forgi7e murderer kno%ing there is a kindnessin his heartB4.=hilereading )ReadAloud-/ %ill ask the students to read the selection silently. =hile reading, / %ill flashthe letters on the screen for the time e&ui7alent. <nce the student is finishedreading, / %ill record the letter on the paper and %ait until the %hole class hasfinished reading the text.5.ostreadinga./ %ill gi7e the follo%ing &uestions for comprehension check.1.=ho %as the main character in the storyB$.=ho stood as %itnessB4.>i7e three sins he committed.5.Co% many people did he killB6.=hat %as the 3udges? sentenceB."heck ans%ers of the comprehension test y asking the students to exchange papers.8.87aluation Inside the ourt room!  / %ill di7ide the class into fi7e groups and each group %ill ha7e to role play the specific scenes from the short story.F.SynthesisFormal Silent Reading is a reading strategy that assesses the speed andcomprehension of a learner.>.Assignment' 8xtended learning Ans%er the follo%ing &uestions on your noteook.1.8xplain the line D0an is not %orthy of di7ine 3udgment?.repared y 0r. Joshua 8rierto 0iguel >. Llames
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