A seminar on the depletion of the Ozone layer, presented by Ozoagu Peter Cj

A seminar on the depletion of the Ozone layer, presented by Ozoagu Peter Cj
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  SEMINAR PRESENTATIONBYOZOAGU CHIJIOKE PETERESUT/2009/100055TOPIC: OZONE LAYER DEPLETIONDEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTYFACUTY OF APPLIED NATURAL SCIENCESENUGU STATE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCEAND TECHNOLOGYMAY, 2013    OUTLINE • INTRODUCTION • OZONE • OZONE LAYER • OZONE LAYER DEPLETION • OZONE DEPLETING PROCESS • CONSEQUENCES OF OZONE LAYER DEPLETION •  THE WORLD’S REACTION   • CONCLUSION  INTRODUCTION Over the years, man appreciated the use of  most chemicals because of their quality andeconomical values. Scientific evidence have however proved that most of these chemicals release free radicals such as; Cl,Br, OH, NO and NO 2 , which when releasedinto the atmosphere reacts with thestratospheric ozone thereby leading to ozonelayer depletion.Ozone layer depletion leads to increased UV radiation (especially UVB) reaching the earth, thereby causing harm to plants,animals and aquatic life.  OZONE  Ozone is a triatomic molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is an allotrope of oxygen that is much less stable than thediatomic allotrope. Ozone is a gas formedfrom diaoxygen by the action of ultravioletlight and also atmospheric electricaldischarge. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES  A pale blue gas with a molar mass48.00gmol -1  Density: 2.144mgcm -3 (at 0 o C).  Melting Point: -192 o C, 81K  Boiling Point: -112 o C, 161K  Solubility in H2O: 1.05gL  -1 (at 0 o C)  Very soluble in: CCl 4 , Sulfuric acid, CFCs  Resonance Lewis Structure of the Ozone Molecule.
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