A Short History of New Age Movement

This is a free publication describing an outline of the history of New Age movement, with its major events, publications, concepts and ideas.
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  - 1 -  A Short History of New Age Movement With Its Concepts, Ideas & Major P! ications a creative commons report by Nathaniel  Version 1.0Copyright (c) 2014 by NathanielLicensed as Creative Commons ByNc!a .0 cover image so#rce$ http://www.flickr.com/photos/67194724@N03/8357065433/in/photolist-d!9p4 #ik$% th$ '!thor on ('c$)ook:http://f'c$)ook.com/'st't$ofmind)lo*  - 2 -  !#pport the Commons i% yo# en&oy' +his work is fr$$ to sh'r$ 'nd $n,o th!s s!pportin* th$ *lo)'l mo$m$nt for r$cl'imin* th$ ommons.f o! will find this work inspirin* or $d!c'tin* pl$'s$ s!pport th$ '!thor $ith$r ): 1. oing all yo#r shopping on ma*on.com  i' th$ followin* 'ffili't$ link: http$++,,,.ama*on.com+- encoding/3camp/1536creative/ 60675lin8Code/#r2tag/asto%mi20  o! m' wish to do 'll o!r shoppin* $$r thro!*h this link )ookm'rk it in o!r nt$rn$t )rows$r :.2. 9r by p#rchasing the boo8s lin8ed thro#gh a%%iliate lin8s in this ,or8.   r$c$i$ *ift c'rds from m'on this w' so th't  c'n 'dd mor$ )ooks to m coll$ction 'nd  p!)lish mor$ cr$'ti$ commons p!)lic'tions.3. 9r by p#rchasing one o% a#thor:s boo8s ')o!t spirit!'lit m'*ick pschic d$$lopm$nt or $iki. http$++,,,.ama*on.com++e+B007B; B<=rammar isclaimer o f'r this work h's not )$$n $dit$d ) ' prof$ssion'list  *r'mm'r $rrors m' occ!r. l$'s$ for*i$ th't m non-n'ti$ n*lish isn;t p$rf$ct :. - 3 -  bo#t a#thor$  N'th'ni$l is ' p$n n'm$ of <o,ci$ch =s'r$wic who is ' $iki >'st$r +$'ch$r 'nd ' spirit!'l pr'ctition$r )orn 'nd liin* in ol'nd !rop$. <h$n p$opl$ 'sk him ')o!t his p$n n'm$ h$ s's ?N'th'n? is ' w' $'si$r to prono!nc$ th'n his r$'l n'm$ th!s h$ p!)lish$s his )ooks !nd$r ?N'th'ni$l? n'm$.A$;s 'n '!thor of n!m$ro!s )ooks on spirit!'l s!),$cts: pschic d$$lopm$nt Nors$ r!n$s N$w *$ cl'iro'nc$ 'nd $iki. A$;s not 'fr'id of contro$rsi'l s!),$cts )$c'!s$ h$ )$li$$s in old l'tin pro$r) ?Aomo s!m...?. A$ li$s in ol'nd wh$r$ h$ t$'ch$s $iki 's w$ll 's h$ pr'ctic$s oth$r spirit!'l 'rts. Bn th$  p'th of his own spirit!'l *rowth h$ h'd th$ opport!nit to l$'rn from C!ddhist 'nd +'oist m'st$rs witch$s sh'm'ns 'nd m'n $iki m'st$rs. - 4 -
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