A Short History of the Mayo College- 1869 to 1942

The origin of Mayo College, one of the oldest Public Schools in the country, dates back to 1869, when Col F K M Walter, the Political Agent of the Bharatpur Agency recommended a school in India for a large number of pupils, with a staff thoroughly educated-not mere bookworms, but men fond of field sports.
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  A SHORT HISTORY OF THE  MAY0 COLLEGE 1869-1942 BY V. A. S. STOW M. A., c. I.E., Principal, Mayo College. 1    942 PRINTED AT THE FINE ART PRINTING PRESS, AJMER,   MAYO con  LIBRA.; V  zzt nr®  CHECKED OK  OA 1E CONTENTS. C hap . P age . P reface  .... .... .... —  I. T he  B eginning , 1869-187,5' .... 10II. E arly  Y ears , 1876-1903 .... .  .... 7III.  R  eorganisation   ani >-E xpansion 1903-1914 .... .... .... 26IV.  C hequered  Y ears , 1914-1931 .... 53V. P resent  D ay , 1931-1942 .... .... 73  PREFACE. The Mayo College has now been in existence for nearly seventy years and an up to date sketch of its history may therefore be of some interest.There is already extant a history of the College, the interesting and exhaustive- account written by Mr. Herbert Sherring, who was at the College from 1887 to 1'912, but the period covered by it does not extend beyond 1898, and the following pages are an attempt to bring the story up to date and to give a short account of the history of the College from its  beginnings to the present day. In addition to the valuable information obtained about early dates from Mr. Sherring’s work, I am indebted to Mr. J. A. M. Ede of the College staff for his suggestions and assistance in reading the proofs and seeing this sketch through the press, and to Messrs. K. L. Syed and Co., State Photographers of P^ilanpur, for the admirable photographs they took for the purpose. The sketch has been completed on the eve of my retirement and I offer it as a parting token, which I hope may find acceptance not for its merits, but for the sake of the Mayo College War Fund to which the proceeds will be devoted. A  jmer ,   December, 1942. V. A. S. S tow ,
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