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A short story about a dog that is a monster (all 12 pounds of Saint Peter)-Some of this story repeats what I have written about Peter. Peter always used to amaze me (He still does. He is seven years old and I first met him when my roommate came home
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  1 Peter (Saint Peter) DEC 13 2018 tues A short story about a dog that is a monster (all 12 pounds of Saint Peter) –   Some of this story repeats what I have written about Peter. Peter always used to amaze me (He still does. He is seven years old and I first met him when my roommate came home and told me that she had a surprise for me! Peter was only a year and a half or about 10 years old in dog years.) Peter was a surprise  – he was adopted because the individuals who had him had problems with him. They had two young daughters and when they ran around  –  Peter used to chase them. That would have been fine but in running, they sometimes stepped on Peter  –  and to protect himself he snapped at them so that they would get off of him.) In order to “protect her children,” Peter was put into a garage in a crate (a wire box where people put dogs to prevent them from doing something that they should not do  –  tear open a garbage bag? Scratch furniture. 1  ) or he was sometimes brought to work. Peter did not do well when he was left at work overnight - He ate up papers, - He scratched closet doors and other stuff   –  My roommate just wanted to protect him. She knew that Peter would not survive in her office. She asked if she could 1 Some owners say that crates give a dog a private space  –  I am not one of those people. At one time, Peter used to tear garage bags  –  and we got a crate for him. When we put Peter in a crate  – he got out of it. We can only guess since we never saw him do it. In any case, he did not hurt himself  –  and he learned not to rip up the garbage bags. (Peter must have kicked out the bottom of the crate, turned it over, and squeezed out between the wires.)    2 take him, and they agreed. 2  Peter loves my roommate and when she saw how he was treated, she decided to ask if she could adopt him. (The answer was yes!) (Peter loves people  –  so when he is left alone  –  he usually kisses people that he sees  –  to show his appreciation and love. - He even kissed the UPS delivery guy  –  who in turn scratched his neck. It did not take long for Peter to get to know me. Peter was a young puppy  –  but based on his age and experiences  –  we became close friends. There was no question that he was going to become a member of the family.) Young dogs have to know where they fit in the pecking order. This happens based upon how they interact with the parties in the household. Since I am a softie, Peter realized that he could manipulate me and frequently did. There are so many things that one can learn about dogs and that they can teach you. Part of what one learns is based upon continuous interactions and responses  –  dogs frequently act differently with different members of the family. Peter was no different in our household. Dogs are Alpha dogs if they lead their pack or litter. They do not have to be the biggest dog in their pack  –  but they have to have a certain instinct. I do not know where Peter was born but it must have been at a puppy mill. He may have been one of the largest dogs in his category. In any case, when you have a puppy, you have to be consistent. When Peter was with me, it appears that he took the lead and I found myself following him. The result was that even though I took the initial lead, I found that I was frequently following Peter. With food  –  he refused to eat his dogfood so I usually gave him leftovers. It was not so with Kayan (our roommate.) when she gave him dogfood, he ate it… most likely because she would not give in to him…. Once she gave him dog food  –  she would not change her mind. When I speak to other people about him they frequently talk about their dogs and it reminds me of some of the things Peter did with me. When he is with me  for a week or more, Peter gains weight. Peter is a beautiful dog and when he stands up he looks majestic. His hair is white but he has different styles. When it 2  The two children from the household were upset because they were losing a loving dog.  3 is long, it is difficult to determine that he is a poodle. However, during the warm weather he has a pompadour on his head and a ball on his tail. (His tail is or was cut off when he was a puppy - we were not responsible for that.) During colder weather, we left his hair alone and it grew pretty long. At those times, he looked like a much larger dog - All that disappeared when we gave him baths and he would shrink to about half his size. After the bath, he would look very boney. But after drying off in towels –   he regained some of his size. I used to cover him with a towel and hug him to insure that he would get warm. Sometimes, I would put him under a cover and hug him to help warm him up. He wouldn’t put up with that for any length of time and he would poke his nose out from the towel so he could see what was going on about him. When I think about him, I remember some of the experiences and I miss him (he is with Kayan and I don’t see him as frequently.  ) That is mostly my fault. But I do miss him and love him very much) Dogs in my opinion, are very affectionate and when they grew up with you –   as puppies –    there is a bond that can’t be duplicated. -  4 (Even older dogs build bonds. They are grateful for any love that they get from their primary care takes. I have a friend (Kelly) who got his American Bulldog puppy (Atlas) when he was just 8 weeks old. Although he could fit in the palm of my hand at that time, it took very little time before he was 95 pounds. Even as a tiny squirt, Atlas had a  personality and loved to play. He was smart too. He would not be bullied by larger dogs and would use furniture to hide or would alternatively hide next to Kelly and expected Kelly to protect him. More on Atlas later –   he was a very assertive dog even as a squirt and this did not change as he grew into his body. It is amazing how quickly dogs grow when you compare them to people. Because their life span is less –   it takes them a shorter time to reach maturity. 3   3  Some vets have studied the life span of dogs over the years. In the last 40 years, it appears that many dogs live fewer years than they did in the past. This is especially true with larger breeds. Some suggest that this is due in part to the dog  5  Atlas was no different. He grew into his paws in a very short time. I know that when I visited Kelly, Atlas was very protective and would look over me. In return, he would expect me to scratch his neck and sometimes he would want me to play with him (Especially in the snow). American Bulldogs weigh about 90 lb or more. Atlas used to greet me by  jumping up onto my lap  –  and did so anytime he felt like it. The result was that when Atlas jumped on my lap at 2a.m.  –  the chair tipped over  –  and we woke up the rest of the house. I was asleep in the chair and did not expect a kiss at that time of the night  – so we both tipped over along with the chair. He landed on his feet and to show how much he wanted to attach with me, he came over and kissed me and licked my face. He was Just happy to see me and wanted to play. At another time, I’ll tell some other stories about Atlas. foods that are made for them. It has preservatives and lots of artificial ingredients.
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