A Slight Accident by Morpheus

A little TG story
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  A Slight Accident By Morpheus Waking up a little late, 14 year old Brian Palmer had to hurry to make sure that he didn't miss his bus to school. He knew that if he missed the bus one more time his Dad was going to tan his hide and he had no intention of letting that happen. So with unaccustomed speed, Brian ran through all of his morning routine, stopping only to grab a cold pop tart before running out the door. Barely managing to get on the bus in time, Brian high fived a couple of his friends as he passed by them on the bus. Finding an open seat, he plopped down and let himself relax. Brian hadn't been looking forward to school that day too much, but knew that he didn't really want to miss it either. That was the day that Mr. Duncan, his science teacher, was going to take the class on a field trip to the Montgomery Institute. The place at the edge of town that everyone jokingly called Frankenstein's castle. They were a bunch of eggheads who liked to do things with quantum physics and stuff. All pretty boring as far as Brian was concerned. Still sitting in his seat, Brain cheerfully chatted with other kids sitting nearby, absently rubbing at his wrist. Glancing away from his friends, Brian stared at the golden blonde bracelet on his wrist and frowned as he remembered how his girlfriend Kelly had given it to him several days earlier. She had to move to another state with her family and had given him the bracelet, braided from her own hair so that he'd have something to remember her by. Though he was saddened by Kelly's leaving, Brian of course wouldn't admit it to anyone and was already keeping his eye out for another girlfriend. Still, he thought glumly to himself, it just wouldn't be the same. After going through several of his classes, it was finally time to go on the field trip and Brian was beginning to look forward to it. Simply because it would get him out of regular classes for a few hours, which he felt was worth the boredom that the field trip was guaranteed to bring. Snorting and making clear his contempt for the whole thing, just for the record, Brian hopped onto the bus with the rest of his class, impatient to be off and away from the school. Soon they were at their destination and the students were taken off the bus, Brian sarcastically mooing like a cow as they came off in a steady stream. Much to the annoyance of Mr. Duncan and the bus driver both. All right class, Mr. Duncan said once they were all off the bus, now that we're here, lets be on our best behavior. He glanced meaningfully at Brian, and continued, We don't want to give them a bad impression of our school. Especially since these people were kind enough to let us come here. Just then a tall red haired man with a mustache, wearing a white lab coat arrived. Hello everyone he said cheerfully, My name is Dr. Holland and I'll be giving you all the tour. Grinning to everyone, Dr. Holland said, In spite of what you may have heard, this isn't a mad scientists club. Winking towards the class, he called out to a fairly attractive woman who was standing nearby, saying Igor, get the door won't you This caused everyone in the class to start chuckling, even Brian who thought the joke was a bit corny. Sure thing she called back, going over and pushing some buttons so that the front door opened. Right this way she said, gesturing for  everyone to enter. And that's how this new rover unit will help explore distant planets. Dr. Holland said as he finished explaining some small robot thing that Brian found boring. Blah blah blah Brian whispered to the boy standing next to him, wishing that this was a little more exciting. You'd think that for mad scientists that they'd have something cool to show us. The other boy nodded slightly, obviously not paying too much attention to Brian. Right this way for the last, and best part of the tour Dr. Holland called out, making Brian wonder just what could be so good about a bunch of tinker toys. So far he wasn't really all that impressed, in spite of having already seen several very advanced breakthroughs. I think that you'll all like this one Dr. Holland smiled, leading the class through another hallway, electronically locked door and finally into a rather large room. Cool one girl up front said once they looked around. There were two big black metal chambers, one on each end of the room. Several computers and things were connected to each. Almost in spite of himself, Brian started to get a little interested, wondering just what all this gear was for. It certainly looked impressive. Once Dr. Holland had gathered the students around one of the chambers, he started to explain. These are our latest breakthrough. Though normally security wouldn't be allowing me to show you these, certain circumstances have removed that restriction. Primarily the fact that we're about to go public with these. He smiled proudly, gesturing towards the chamber in front of them. This is a lot like a modem for your computer. Only instead of just electronic signals, this machine sends matter from one place to another. Beam me up Scotty Brian said aloud, earning a lot of snickers and laughs from the students and a glare from Mr. Duncan. Actually that young man is fairly close. These are sort of like the transporters in Star Trek, but these are a lot more limited. Dr. Holland stopped for a second, then continued. These require two chambers so that one can transmit and one can receive. Wow, that would be awesome someone else said excitedly. Brian sorted sarcastically. Dude, have you ever heard of the Fly? Dr. Holland glanced at Brian then sighed. That's an act of fiction. This machine is perfectly safe. We've tested it numerous times with great results. It can transport and keep organic and inorganic matter easily separated. And just to be on the safe side, it automatically scans to ensure that there is only one living thing inside before it will send anyone. Grinning broadly, Dr. Holland assured the class No flies are going to sneak through here. So when can I use one to take a vacation to Paris? Mr. Duncan asked, obviously looking both impressed and amused. Sighing, Dr. Holland said I'm afraid that you won't. At least not anytime soon. You see, there is one small problem with these chambers.   I knew it! Brian interrupted loudly, earning him several chuckles from the students. He grinned, satisfied at all the attention, especially since it annoyed Mr. Duncan at the same time. Trying to ignore Brian's interruption, Dr. Holland continued, telling the class that though the machine worked fine, the power required to receive and reassemble a signal geometrically increased with distance. Looking embarrassed, Dr. Holland coughed into his hand and said It isn't practical beyond 50 feet. Glancing towards several other scientists in the room, watching the tour, Dr. Holland explained that beyond that distance it required far too much power and that the signal was far too weak to be of any use at all. Shrugging, he said More than that and you might as well be standing in a phone booth. Several of the students laughed, obviously amused by the irony. Science finally develops a teleporter, just like in all the sci fi stories, and you can only use it to go from one side of a room to another. What a disappointment. Brian snorted in disbelief. It all looked cool and certainly sounded neat, but he knew that it was all just a hoax. Just to see how gullible the students really were, he strongly suspected. Most of the other students seemed to be thinking the same thing. Why don't we give them a demonstration? the pretty woman who had let them in asked Dr. Holland. I think that they'd all appreciate that. You mean then they wouldn't think I was pulling their legs Dr. Holland called back. All right, a demonstration it is. Looking around for a moment, Dr. Holland said I will need a volunteer though. Though several hands came up from students who were eager to get involved with the game, or to just prove it a lie, Dr. Holland didn't call on any of them. Instead he pointed at Brian, grinning widely Why don't you help us young man? Shrugging, Brian stepped forward. He didn't really like this being put on the spot, but he didn't dare back down in front of all the other kids. He'd look like he was chicken or something and there was no way that he wanted that. Sure, why not Brian told Dr. Holland bravely. Right this way then. the doctor said, directing Brian through a door in the chamber, which was then sealed behind him. Brian looked around the inside of it with mixed amusement and nervousness. They certainly seemed willing to go to pretty good lengths for a joke. That was something that he could admire, but at the moment he wasn't sure that he liked being at the end of it either. In just a second Dr. Holland's voice came through the chamber. Brian nodded his head, listening nervously as strange humming sounds began to start and rubbing the bracelet for comfort. Soon the humming was at its strongest, and Dr. Holland cried out Now! pressing some switches on the outside computers. Brian felt a strange tingling sensation sweep through his entire body, then he went numb. It was almost like when his leg would go to sleep, but over his entire body. Suddenly a wave of cold seemed to sweep over him and Brian had the impression that he was being pulled apart into a million directions. Almost immediately the wave of cold faded and Brian's sense of touch started to return. God that felt weird Brian said to himself, looking around the chamber uncomfortably. Nothing seemed to have changed. Just then the door opened up and Brian climbed out, startled to see that he was on the other side of the room. The  rest of his class was way across from him, all staring at him with amazement in their eyes. Not sure what had just happened, Brian grinned and put on a brave face, determined to soak up as much respect for his brave feat as possible. What do you think now? Dr. Holland asked from across the room, obviously pleased. Brian shuddered, definitely impressed though trying hard not to show it. Well everyone, that's about all we have to show you for today. Thank you for being such a good audience and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as well as learned something. Brian stretched, gave an obviously fake yawn, then started walking back across the room to the rest of his class, failing to notice that the bracelet of Kelly's hair was missing from around his wrist. Getting home from school, Brian excitedly told his Dad all about the transporter that they'd seen at the lab, amazed that he'd actually seen something cool there. Brian's Dad snorted, saying Don't be ridiculous. You know things like that aren't really. But Dad Brian protested. I don't want to hear your stories Brian's Dad said sharply, turning away from Brian to signify that the discussion was over. Snorting, Brian said Yeah, whatever and stormed away, disgusted at practically being called a liar to his own face. I've got better things to do anyway he told himself as he hurried upstairs to his room, absently rubbing at his wrist and looking down in surprise as he noticed that the bracelet was missing. Damn! Brian snapped in annoyance, unhappy at having lost it. Still wondering where he could have lost it at, Brian went into his room for the night. The next morning when Brian woke up, the nipples on his chest felt rather sore and sensitive for some reason. Brian winced at the discomfort when he touched one of them, thinking that it almost felt like they'd had sandpaper run over them. They even seemed a little larger as well as irritated. Deciding that he just had a cold, Brian tried to ignore the discomfort, finding that it wasn't easy when he put his t shirt on and they rubbed up against the seemingly rough fabric. If he didn't know better, he would have sworn that his t shirt felt like it had sandpaper all over the insides of it. Or at least where his nipples were touching. By lunch time the irritation had faded and Brian quickly forgot about it. However that night after eating dinner, the irritation returned, and Brian hurried to his room to take off the shirt and get rid of the painful rubbing. Sitting down on the edge of his bed, he examined his chest, searching for some clues as to why it was sore. Though his nipples seemed a little larger and darker, Brian decided that this was just a side effect of the irritation, and of too much rubbing against his shirt. After a little while, Brian made sure his parents didn't see him as he grabbed a couple ice cubes from the freezer and returned to his room, trying to numb the irritation with ice. Though it only worked partially, it was still better than nothing. Finally Brian went to bed, unable to sleep at first due to the continuing irritation. The next morning Brian was pleased that the irritation in his nipples
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