A study of stress at XIth class students

A study of stress at XIth class students
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  “ A study of stress at XIth class students.”   ResearcherMrs. Shalini JauraGuide   Ms.Nivrutti Magar   DNYAN GANGA EDUCATION TRUST’S COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (B.ED.)Mumbai university,Mumbai2011-12   I - Self Declaration I Shalini Jaura  declare that the research work  “ A Study of Stress atXIth std. Students ” have successfully completed under the guidance of  NivrutiMagar Sir .This is my own writing .This research I have not presented for any degreecourse.Date: ___________  Shalini Jaura   Researcher    II - Certificate Guide  This is to certify that Shalini Jaura has done research on “ A Study of Stress at XIth std. Students ” this work has done under my own guidance and her writing based on facts and questionnaire.Date: ___________  _______  Guide’s Sign   III - Certificate of College This is to certify that Shalini Jaura has taken admission to B.Ed. course(fulltime) and she has presented research on “ A Study of Stress at XIth std.Students ” For this research she has completed her work under the guidance of  Nivruti Magar Sir this research is part and parcel of B.Ed. course and thissubject not presented to any degree course.Date: __________ Principal ____________ Dnyan Ganga Education TrustCollege of Education (B.Ed.)   IV  –  Acknowledgement “A student is like a pearl diver in search of treasure, in the ocean of knowledge. For research studies, even sky is not the limit, but a researcher tries to get as much as possible.”   To start with a hymn of thanks to God for his blessings was and isalways with me to overcome any difficulty.This is to acknowledge my sincere, humble and deepest sense of gratitudetowards my guide respected Mr. Nivruti Magar Sir . His guidance, expertsuggestions and moral support during course of investigation has helped me tocomplete this project successfully. It’s my pleasure to avail this golden opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Lavanya M. Joshi ; Principal B.Ed college .I am grateful To allthe staff members and my dear classmates.I think words with me are insufficient to express my heart toacknowledge my parents, Husband and son for their endurance and being therefor me in every thick and thin.Date Shalini Jaura
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