A study of the applicability of risk management in the construction industry in Malaysia

A study of the applicability of risk management in the construction industry in Malaysia
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  INTI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and MathematicsA study of the applicability of risk management in the constructionindustry in Malaysia Ng Soo DinBEng !ons" in #i$il Engineering%ro&ect Super$isor' Dr Sam M ( Final )ear BEng %ro&ect*+-  2 APPROVAL A study of the applicability of risk management in the constructionindustry in Malaysia byNg Soo DinA project dissertation submitted to theFaculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & athematics!NT! !NTE"NAT!#NA$ %N!E"S!T'in partial ful(lment of the re)uirement for the*achelor of Engineering +ons- in.i/il EngineeringAppro/ed0 11111111111111111111111111  Dr Sam M (  roject Super/isor!NT! !NTE"NAT!#NA$ %N!E"S!T'N!$A!, NE3E"! SE*!$AN August *+-  4 DECLARATION !, the undersigned, hereby declare that this report is my o5n independent 5or6 e7cept as speci(ed in the references and ac6no5ledgements8 ! ha/e not committed plagiarism in the accomplishment of this 5or6, nor ha/e ! falsi(ed and9or in/ented the data in my 5or68 ! am a5are of the %ni/ersity regulations on lagiarism8 ! accept the academic penalties that may be imposed for any /iolation8 Signature...................../ Name.Ng Soo Din................Matri0 No/.1*+++234................Date.35+-5*+2................  : ABSTRACT 6isk managing is a process of planning, identification, assessment, analysis, response,monitoring and recording the risk management process/ The most primiti$e form of risk management is to sol$e the problem 7hen it is encounter/ Modern risk managing methodfocus on identify the problem, assess it and selecting an appropriate response/ The ob&ecti$esof this paper are to find out the different risk management properties present in the indi$idualitself and also the companies/ 1n the research, only large companies 7ere targeted, thereforemost of the response gi$en 7ere mostly on the agree side 7hen a sur$ey 7ere carried outthrough the means of electronic sur$ey/ The targeted audiences 7ere the company registeredin the #onstruction 1ndustry De$elopment Board #1DB" 7ebsite/ 1n this research, 1 7as ableto learn that risk management processes 7ere present in large companies and in mostrespondents 8uestioned but in depth risk management is not present/ The problem 7hendoing this research is the amount of respondent that replied to this sur$ey/ 9nly -+respondents participated in the sur$ey/  ; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First of foremost, 1 7ould like to thank my final year pro&ect super$isor Dr Sam M ( for hisguidance and support throughout the period of the pro&ect/ !is ad$ice and e0perience in finalyear pro&ects allo7ed me to learn a lot of kno7ledge and gain a lot of ne7 e0perience/ :astly, 1 7ould like sho7 appreciation to all my classmates, friends, family members andfaculty officers in F9STEM/
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