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    CONTENTS Sl. No. CHAPTER PAGE No. 1. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION a)   Introduction b)   Statement of the problem c)   Objectives of the study d)   Scope of the study e)   Need and importance of the study f)   Research methodology g)   Limitations of the study 2. CHAPTER 2 THEORETICAL REVIEW 3. CHAPTER 3 INDUSTRY PROFILE AND COMPANY PROFILE 4. DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 5. CHAPTER 5 FINDINGS, SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSION a)   Findings b)   Suggestions c)   Conclusion BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDIX    LIST OF TABLES AND CHARTS Sl. No. TABLE Page No. 1. GENDER-WISE CLASSIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS 2. AGE-WISE CLASSIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS 3. TABLE SHOWING OCCUPATION DETAILS OF THE RESPONDENTS 4. CONSUMPTION PATTERN OF RESPONDENTS 5. TABLE SHOWING REGULAR CUNSUMPTION OF SOFT DRINKS 6. TABLE SHOWING THE WEEKLY CONSUMPTION OF SOFTDRINKS 7. CONSUMER PREFRENCE TOWARDS SOFT DRINKS 8. CLASSIFICATION ON BASIS OF RESPONDENTS FAVOURITE FLAVOUR IN SOFTDRINKS 9. TABLE SHOWING THE BRAND IMPORTANCE WHILE SELECTING SOFTDRINK 10. CLASSIFICATION ON THE BASIS OF MOSTLY CONSUMED SOFT DRINK 11. TABLE SHOWING CHOICE OF CONSUMING A SOFT DRINK    12. CLASSIFICATION ON THE BASIS OF CONSUMPTION OF SOFTDRINK (TIME) 13. TABLE SHOWING WITH WHOM DO YOU HAVING A SOFT DRINK 14. TABLE SHOWING NUMBER OF TIMES IN A DAY CONSUMERS CONSUME ASOFT DRINK 15. TABLE SHOWING THE PURCHASING PLACE OF SOFTDRINKS 16. CLASSIFICATION ON THE BASIS OF PACKAGE PREFERRED BY THE RESPONDENTS 17. CLASSIFICATION ON THE BASIS OF FACTORS DETERMINED WHILE CHOOSING SOFT DRINK 18. CLASSIFICATION ON THE BASIS OF SOFTDRINKS NAME/TYPE AND IT’S RATING (OUT OF 5)    CHAPTER I   INTRODUCTION      CHAPTER 1   INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION   Whenever a consumer is asked to express his views about whether he likes or Dislikes a product or service an advertising theme or a particular retailer he is being asked to express his attitude about it. In such a study a wide range of critical marketing strategy questions will arise. Consumer research is commonly undertaken to ascertain the likelihood that consumers will accept the proposed new  product idea, to gauge why firm’s. Consumers make decisions  by allocating their scares income across all possible goods in order to obtain the greatest satisfaction; formally we say that consumers maximize their utility subject to budget constraint. Utility is defined as the satisfaction that a consumer derives from the consumption of a good. As noted above, utility determinants are derived  by a lost of non-economic factors. Consumer preference are define as the subjective taste as measured by utility of various bundles of goods. They permit the consumer to rank these bundles of goods according to the levels of utility they give the consumer. Note that preference is independent of income and prices ability to purchase goods does not determine a consumers’ likes or dislikes The beverages markets in India and the rest of the world are getting increasingly more and more complex and competitive. Some the important reasons for such changes are like increasing place of globalization, entry of large international and domestic firms in the sector, intra-regional movements of consumers, larger proportion of working female population etc… Carbonated drinks, fruit juice and juice based drinks, energy and sports drinks, malted beverages,  probiotic drinks and bottled water are the growing sector in beverages or other fields in India. Carbonated soft drinks constitute the major category in ‘Aerated soft drinks’, the other two categories being juice based soft drink and squash sherbet and syrup drinks. Various types of soft drinks including orange, lime and lemon base drinks as well as soda water fall in the category of aerated soft drinks. These water drinks consist of water, carbon-di-oxide, colour, additives and  preservatives. In a tropical country like India, which has oppressive summers, there is substantial market for actuated soft drinks. At present soft drinks become an essential in life style of the people in the society. There are number of soft drinks brands are available in the market. In those brands, some brands are very   famous not only in India but also globally. The main leading soft drinks companies are Pepsi, cola, Fanta and sprite. These are the most prefer brand of the consumers in Kerala. For these brands, different advertisement is available in advertisement media. Soft drinks companies are also advertising their product through various media and spending huge amount on celebrities to endorse their product. Carbonated drinks are the dominated by artificial flavors based on cola, orange and limes with Pepsi Coca-Cola dominating the market. The entire part of the drink is based on its artificial flavors and sweetening agents no natural juice is used. For the past some years the market can be best described as a duopoly with two major players viz; Coke and Pepsi, both having sufficient monopoly power over the consumer. Now the market situation changes due to new competitors in the market. 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Due to entry of various brands into soft drink industry there exists severe cut through competition. All organizations are coming out with new promotional tools with attracting features, which has a severe impact on sales. In this study by using different tools and techniques try to find out the behavior of consumers towards different soft drinks available in market. 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY      To identify the consumers behavior towards soft drinks.    To ascertain the package preferred by the customers.    To understand the most favorite flavor chosen by the customer.    To identify the most preferred soft drinks/Most popular soft drink 1.4 SCOPE OF THE STUDY    The scope of the study reveals consumer behaviuor of soft drinks among people in mala area.      The study consider most popular brands of soft drinks available in market.  
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