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A STUDY ON THE CAUSE AND EFFECT OF THE UNFAITHFULNESS OF SIEGMUND IN D.H. LAWRENCE'S NOVEL THE TRESPASSER A THESIS In Partial Fulflllment of the Requirements for the Sarjana Pendidikan Degree in English
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A STUDY ON THE CAUSE AND EFFECT OF THE UNFAITHFULNESS OF SIEGMUND IN D.H. LAWRENCE'S NOVEL THE TRESPASSER A THESIS In Partial Fulflllment of the Requirements for the Sarjana Pendidikan Degree in English Language Teaching By: JEANE FENNY \ lgl F' I.. I I -. -.! p ' _..., ' l ~C-'-:-~ I f. l! :-1 ' 1- I. t o El!K'J s-;~~? 3 h1 _! :~ _c;r; - i I i ' I ' ~' p KE l \ ( (ATV) UNIVERSITAS KA10UK WIDYA MANDALA SURABAYA FAK.ULTAS KEGURUAN DAN ILMU PENDIDIKAN JURUSAN PENDIDIKAN BAHASA DAN SBNI PROGRAM STUDI PENDIDIKAN BAHASA INGGRIS FEBRUARY, 1999 APPROVAL SIJJWT (1) UNJrAllllFlJLNI~SS W SU:GMUND IN l)jl. LAWH.ENCE'S NOVIq, Till : TH.I(SI' ASSJ~I{ mul submitted by J l~ane FENNY has b en approved and accepted as a pm1ial iijiiillmeut of the n'quiremeuts lor Sm:jmaa 1\ mlidik:ut (h.-gn.'\.' iu Eugli~'h Teaching by the 1\lllowiug advisor: Drs. Aulouius Gurilu -~ Advisor APPROVAL SHEET (2) thesis has been examined by the committee on oral Examination with a grade of on /\ ~ ~-~ -~ ~ ~ Drs. Y. G. Harto Pramono, MPd Chairman S.Pd Drs. A. Gurito Member Approved by : I~~~ Dr. Veronica L. Diptoadi. M.Sc Dean Teacher Training College AC1~NOWLEDGl\J ENTS Fini: hing writing thi: the~is, the wrikr would like to exvres: h r sincc~rest gratitude to the Almighty (jod, for blessing lwr in Jitcing tho ditlicultios in thl.' whole process of writing this the~is. Besides, the writer would abo I ike to c'xknd her dl.'epe~t gratitude to her advisor, Dr~. Antonius Gurito. who has given his valuable tim , guidmice, patience, advice and ::;ugg.::;tion in the pro~- '~::; of completmg tlus th.:sts. The' \Hikr also w:uits to th:mk to all h0r thl.'nd~ who have- given the-ir valuable timl.', ;ulvi( e, :mgg..,:;twu, aml :;uppo 1 in Jiuwltiu.~ t!ji~ th, w;. Finally. th0 writer \ Vould lik : to dl.'votc' lwr appreciation to h r beloved tiunily fi r th0ir moral :md 1imUJcial:;uppoi1s iu compklihii, this thehis. ' TABLE OF CONTENTS Page APPROVAL SHEET (1).... APPROVAL SHEET (2) ACKNOWLEDGMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS... ABSTRACT... IV VII CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background ofthe Study Statements ofthe Problem Objectives ofthe Study Significance of the Study Limitation of the Study Definition ofkey Terms Organizational Patterns of the Study... 6 CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2.1 Fiction Kinds offiction Element offictioil Plot Charactt r ('HAPTER III METHUDI II. )( jy OF THE :STUD'{ 3.111w Naturt ofthe Study Re~e;u ch Data 'lltc Procedun: of Colh-cting the Data 1 Til.: Procc durc ofaiwlvxing thv Data ClLJ\PTER IV ANAL YSlS \IN CAUSE AND EFFECT ON THE TRESPASSER 1.1 Analysis ou tht i'lot Complication ' Tite Conllict b.:tween Si :gnnmd ;md lil'kmt '11te Contli;;t bt:tw~.:n Si gnnmd mtd Beatrice' l. 3 'I11e Conllid bdwc't'll Si.:gmuud mtd Him~c IL ' I 'Il1e Con11i;;t lwiween Siegmwtd wtd ll.:rt;dl L'limax... 4 Ll R :solutlon Analysis on the Ch;u al ter I 2.1 Sil'_!!,Jnuud Mal Nair I Hc lvna VL nll'n B :ahic : l'vlac Nair.... 3, C:tus.: ami Etl~ct oft hi.' liuthithlillni. s:; Aualysi~ oulhv Caust oj't!j -' llu!~tithiillu :;~ Exkm Cause' Analysts on the Elic ct ot'tlti? UntititltJithws:; Sil'gunutd to Him:;dL l2.2 :-;ic II,Jwmd to Hd :Ha Si.:gmuml to Ul'atricc ;utd His Childt\'tt CIL \PTEH V CONL'Ll!SltlN AND SUGGESTION.:'i.l t'ohdusioh....\2 Sug~elition... BlliLlOGRAPHY APPENDIX THE S\'NOPSIS OF TJ IE TKESJ ASSER VI ABSTRACT Fe1my, Jeru1e A Study on the Cause and Etlect of the Unfaithfillness of Siegnumd in D.H. Lawrence's Novel The Trespasser . Thesi:;. Program Studi Pendidikru1 Bahasa Inggris, Fa1. ultas Kegmuan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Kalolik Widya Mandala Surabaya. Advisor : (1) Drs. Antonius Gurito. Keywords: Cause, Efiect, Unfitilhfulness, Novel, Trespasser. In this thesis, the writer chooses literature as the subject of her study. It is because literature ~:an teach a lot about lifo: that coucems wil11 po:ople and their culture. Here, the writer selects one of D.II. Lawrence's work entitled The Trespasser . 1l1is novel is his second work and tells about the tmfaithfulness of a good husband, Siegmtmd Mac Nair towards his family. In this case, the pattern of story is designed to find the cau:;e and eoect of the unfaitltfitlue:;s of Siegmwtd. Therefore, in analyzing 'The Trespasser , first of all, the writer ofthe thesis wants to find out about the cause ofthe unfit.itltfillness on Siegmtmd. Later, she wants to lind out about the effect of the tmfaithfulness of Siegmund towards himself, Helena, and his family. She would like to discuss about iindiug Hte cause md effect of the unfaithfulness ofsiegmw1d because she wants to disclosure why a good husband like Siegmwul would ever do such a foolish thing by committing suicide. In doing the analysis, the writer deals with literary and content analysis. Since then, she concems wiu1 the elo:menls existing iuside the literary work like plot and character, and finds 'the meaning of each point and its contribution to answer h1.1r statements ofilie problem. Besides, shtl uses some refl rences which are related to the discussion on 11le Trespasser, and to contribute her ideas that can be subjective. 1l1erefore, this study is a qualitative rtlseardt. After analyzing 11te Trespasser, th1.1 writer linds that thor1.1 are two kinds of causes of the unfruthlltlness of Siegmund; they are the intern cause (lack of commtmication between husband and wite, the tmcomfortable of the disorganize house, aud the fiumtcial problem) m1d the extern cmtse (U1e pre:;euce of Helena a: Ute other wom m). Besides, she also finds out that th1.1 greatest effect ofthe wlfaitltfillness ofsit grnw1d is his conunittiug suicid which brings the impact toward Helena and his tamily. \111
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