A Study on the Impact of Finance Lease on the Part of the Lessee

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  A study on the impact of finance lease on the part of the lessee Rationale Objectives Research design Locale Target respondents Method of data collection The rationale of this study   is to assess and consider the effects of finance lease from the lessee’s perspective. This study could be used as a guide of pinpointing the amendments in IAS17 and changes to IFRS 16 after its revision. Along with this will include the specific implications of the said revised standards that will particularly focus on the finance lease. The objective  is to determine the appropriate policies and disclosures prescribed in relation to finance lease favoring the lessee. Illustrate the off balance sheet manner, pros and cons of finance lease and the principles to be applied in the FS of the lessee. Research Design- The research design of this study is both a descriptive and explanatory research)??? The research method is to provide credible basis for the study to conduct. Locale -Within the vicinity of Calamba? Target respondents  –   The lessee’s  Method of data collection- through survey and company visit. JOURNAL REFERENCES: 1.   Financial Accounting 2- Valix (2015) 2.   Financial accounting(reporting and analysis) 7 th  edition 2012  – stice 3.   Interpretation and application of IFRS (2012)- bruce mckenzie, danie coetsee,raymong chamboko 4.   International accounting 2 nd  edition- axel haller & Bernard raffournier 5.   Grady , Paul . Inventory of Generally Accepted Accounting 6.   Stabler, Charles N. Accounting Rules for Lease Transactions 7.   Rappaport, Alfred. Lease Capitalization and the Transaction 8.   Cook, Donald C. The Case Against Capitalizing Leases. 9.   Financial statements analysis 7th edition  – wild Bernstein subramanyam 10.   2013 PFRS part 1( a project of PICPA Metro Manila Region) 11.   2013 PFRS part 2 ( a project of PICPA Metro Manila Region)  12.   Hennessy, John L. Recording of Lease Obligations and Related Property Rights. Journal of Accountancy 13.   Rappaport, Alfred. Lease Capitalization and the Transaction Concept. Accounting Review 14.   Griesinger, Frank K. Pros and Cons of Leasing Equipment. 15.   J. Peter. Lease Evaluation. Accounting Review
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