A Successful Guide for a Guitar Audition at the Worlds Best Music College - Matias T Rengel - Preview

To learn more about this book please visit: A Successful Guide for a Guitar Audition at the Worlds Best Music College will help you give the perfect audition to Berklee College of Music and get accepted as one of their privileged students. Matias Rengel, the author, is a musician from Tucuman, Argentina. He has been accepted to Berklee College of Music and received a scholarship based on both the Audition & Interview process and the Berklee Writing and Composition Scholarship. The book is only $16.99!!!
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    Dedicated to my love, Lourdes  Table of Contents   Acknowledgments 8Preface 9 Berklee College of Music What is Berklee? 11What it offers 12What you will find 13How to study at Berklee College of Music 14 Audition & Interview How it works 22Audition testimonies 24 Prepared Piece Style 33Structure 34Length of the piece 43The thing about Vai, Malmsteen, Satriani, etc songs 45Cultural pieces 46Arrange other 46Print your prepared piece 47Record your piece 47So, what should I play? 48Prepare a second piece 49About the audition 49Schedule 50  Ear Training Introduction 51Where do I start? 51Call & Response: How to prepare for it 53Practice time: Ear Master Pro 57Instrument Call & Response: How to practice it 58Practice time: Instrument Call & Response 60Solfege and Call & Response 60Practice time: Solfege 62Chords 62Practice time: Chords 63About the audition 63 Sight Reading Introduction 65Sight Reading: How to prepare for it 66What to read 68How to read 70Practice time: Melodic reading 71If you cannot find any book 72Chords 74Chords: How to practice them 78Practice Time: Chords 81About the audition 83


Sep 17, 2017
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