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  You Mean The World To Me (Kau samakan Aku dengan Isi Bumi)  by Maya  Dear Anuj, You mean the world to me and I care about you so deeply that it hurts for the short time that we are not together each day. My every thought and breath, I draw from you and I truly do love you. I love you and you are my world. You are the most sweetest, most precious man in my life. All my life I prayed for someone like you and I thank God that I finally found you. Love, promise me that you will always be mine. I know in my heart our love will never die. You will always be a part of me and I am a part of you indefinitely. I don't find enough words to describe how I feel about you. You possess all the color and beauty of heavens, lush and satiny. Do you know how much I hunger for your gentle touch and the warmth embrace of your body? I love you; you are my every heartbeat and my every breath. Love always, Maya  SPECIFICALLY LETTER OF ATTORNEY This Letter of Attorney is to be signed or sealed by the trustor personally : Name : Mr.IMAM SUGIANTONO, SE, M. Hum Profession : Head of STIE Kerjasama Addres : Menteri Soepeno Street no 103, Yogyakarta I hereby give complete authority regarding applications to my representative (trustee), indicated below : Mr. Shofan Hakim, SH and Mr. Fachim Fahmi, SH as the advocate in DJAENAL ACHMAD, SH. & PARTNERS Firm at Laksda Adisucipto Street Km. 6,5 No. 31 Depok, Sleman, YOGYAKARTA, phone : 085868498888 to acting Alone or Collective -----------------------------------------SPECIFICALLY---------------------------------------------- In order to and on behalf of the trustor to submit the summon on Yogyakarta District Court concerning the private case based on registered case No. 79/PDT.G/2005/PNYK Concern to the statement, the trustee has authority to attend the court and other judicative body, submit the require request, running the action, or giving the information which legally acted or given by trustee, receive and signing the bill, receive and commit the payment in this case. This letter of attorney is followed with substitution rights to other person on behalf or all. YOGYAKARTA, 18th September 2008 Trustee Trustor Mr. SHOFAN HAKIM, SH. Mr. IMAM SUGIANTONO, SE, M. Hum   Hell-oooo @mas_cah Haha, I know it’s such an impolite way to say (an important) thing in a letter. But I have no choice yay. Anyway how are you? I guess it’s been three months since the last time we met. Oh, perhaps more..  Actually, the only (important) thing I wanna say here is happy birthday. Well, not to give you much words of hope--you can do it by yourself anytime you want lah--but to make you (probably) happier of getting plenty wishes words. I just have this (not so good) letter to be given to you, well.. words. I’m not gonna give you a sweet gift cause I don’t even have enough money to buy the word ‘sweet’ today. Haha. Are you happy today? You have lived for 23 years, at least be happy for that. I know you are a good guy. At least, as I remember, you were. A good guy like you will get many good things in life, (right?) It’s kinda weird when I remember you this day. Somehow my mind is filled with you -thing, twisting around like a tiny little cunning evil. Poisoning.. Well, perhaps I miss you . I miss you but I don’t wanna see you. An old odd statement which we can always end by the words “that’s all, okay?”   I wonder the day we’ll meet again. Seems like it’s just a stupid delusion which brought me to taste my past memories, including a guy whom I met accidentally years ago who are reading this absurd letter now. I believe what God wisphered to me when I asked about it (didn’t even remember why I asked about it, and let’s pretend that He really did it). In other words (which is more normal), I s till believe (in my belief) that we’ll meet again. Don’t you? Oh at least please tell me that you’re still believe in God, eventhough (I’m pretty sure) you’re so lazy to pray.   So.. see you again someday, in my wedding day, or in your wedding day. We’ll ne ver know till the day comes and we can’t run away. Um, my wedding day is coming up anyway. Just wait for five or seven years again you’ll get my cute invitation letter, not so long time than forever I guess.   How’s your study? Is it good? Good luck for you . I know there are some words better unspoken, that’s why I give you a letter. I’m not a good writer, so let’s just pretend that whatever typo and grammar mistake appears in my letter, I did it on purpose to test your profreading skills. I hope every word s I wrote here still doesn’t describe who I am. If you know me (I hope not —not today), never ask me about it, okay? Because how good you’ll try, I will never say. Anyway, long life, bye~    Shop owners Agung.Comp Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan Re: Complaint letter Dear sir, Ten days ago, on 18 April 2012 I buyed a Compaq laptop brand in your electronic store. My laptop is running as it should, but for some reason when I use the laptop suddenly can not be operated. I immediately brought the Laptop at your store to get a proper check. I believe that your technician is working properly. But I do not know why, after nearly a week of repairs, up to now has not been completed. I’ve asked a few times, but your customer ser  vice always answer please be patient. The laptop is so I need, I am will to spend some funds in the appropriate size of the reasonableness of my rights in the warranty agreement. If within two weeks of repairs has not  been completed, I hope my right to get a new laptop instead as listed in the warranty agreement can be met. I hope you can follow up my complaint. For your attention and cooperation, I say thank you. Sincerely Yours, Sucianriani Saidul Hp: 085241674839
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