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Vodafone Germany: successful transformation into an integrated communication services provider - fit for the future with a stable business model 19 May 2009 ã ã ã ã ã Profit margin is stable - and highest in sector Slight decline in revenue Mobile data services cross the one billion revenue threshold Marked growth in DSL customers and positive revenue development 39 million customers use Vodafone and Arcor services Düsseldorf, 19 May 2009. Substantial growth in the DSL customer base and DSL re
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  Vodafone Germany: successful transformation into anintegrated communication services provider - fit forthe future with a stable business model 19 May 2009 ã Profit margin is stable - and highest in sector  ã Slight decline in revenue ã Mobile data services cross the one billion revenue threshold ã Marked growth in DSL customers and positive revenue development ã 39 million customers use Vodafone and Arcor servicesDüsseldorf, 19 May 2009. Substantial growth in the DSL customer base and DSLrevenue, equally dynamic growth in data services and the best profit margin in theGerman telecommunications sector have positively impacted Vodafone Germany andArcor's balance sheet in the 2008/09 fiscal year. As a result, Vodafone Germany iseffectively equipped to ride out the crisis and sustain successful business operations. Thisvery good annual result, despite the negative economic framework, provides a solid platform for investments in new business segments and in the growth of Vodafone'sGerman operations. One such investment is being made, as recently announced, in thedevelopment of a global competence centre for IP-TV, video and connected home inEschborn near Frankfurt. Vodafone Germany successfully completed the transformationinto an integrated communications service provider last year.In the period under review from April 2008 to March 2009, Vodafone Germany andArcor's consolidated revenue across all segments amounted to EUR 9.412 billion. Theconsolidated profit margin (EBITDA margin, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciationand amortisation) was 39.0 percent, which is similar to the previous year's level andconsiderably higher than the sector EBITDA margin in Germany. There were someespecially positive developments in mobile data service and DSL revenue. Almost 39million customers used Vodafone and Arcor services in the 2008/2009 fiscal year.Friedrich Joussen, CEO Vodafone Germany and Arcor AG said, We're already benefiting from powerful synergies as a result of our integration. As an integratedcommunications service provider, we are able to target brand new customer segments.Vodafone and Arcor have raised their profile in the business customer segment byattracting key account customers in the industrial and public sectors. He mentionedSiemens, Allianz, McDonalds, Dekra and the State Government of Rhineland-Palatinateas examples. Convergent products, one-stop services, cost control and price transparencythrough additional flatrates have strengthened Vodafone and Arcor's position in theconsumer segment.On 1 August, the new integrated communications provider will be getting a newcorporate identity, providing visual evidence that the company has moved into a new era. We're reinventing ourselves. The old Vodafone and the old Arcor will be the basis for   the new Vodafone. We're in great shape and our business strategy gives us the strength toovercome future challenges in our market, said Joussen.In fiscal 2008/09, the total profit (EBITDA) across all segments was around EUR 3.7 billion. Optimised and sustainable cost transparency has kept the profit margin (EBITDAmargin) stable at the very high level of 39.0 percent and Vodafone Germany is still themost profitable company in its market.Service sales revenues across all segments amounted to EUR 9.036 billion last year (previous year: EUR 9.280 billion). This slight decline is due to the regulation of mobiletelecommunications rates. Double-digit growth in DSL business  The number of DSL customers increased in the 2008/2009 fiscal year by 575,000 to3.221 million, 154,000 of whom are wholesale customers. We are the leading alternativeDSL provider in Germany by a wide margin. We'll be remaining firmly on course for growth over the next few quarters and we plan to achieve our mid-term 20 percent marketshare target in a step-by-step process using our own resources, explained FriedrichJoussen. The total of 180,000 new DSL customers in the fourth quarter have put thecompany back on track for growth with a year-on-year increase of 2.1 percent. Data service revenue approaches the one billion mark   Mobile data services revenue is still driving future growth. The expected positivedevelopment was boosted by an increase in the use of data services for notebooks,netbooks and smartphones. This result indicates just how dynamic the mobile dataservices sector is. Data services will continue to be an attractive growth market in thefuture. Over the year, mobile data services revenue increased by 21 percent to aroundEUR 960 million, taking it close to the one billion target. 8.2 million Vodafone customersuse 3G phones or surf the net on 3G notebooks. That's a 40 percent increase in customerssince last year. 35,471 million customers  The number of mobile customers increased by 1,059 million or 3.1 percent to 35,471million (previous year: 34,412 million). However, 680,000 contracts were cancelled inthe last quarter (January to March 2009) with Vodafone customers who do not or rarelyuse their prepaid cards. An overview of key figures* 2008/092007/08ChangeMobile phone customers 35.471 million34.412million+1.059 million(+3.1%) DSL customers 3.221 million(including 154,0002.646million+575.000,+21.7%  2008/092007/08Change wholesale) Total revenue EUR 9.412 billionEUR 9.729 billion-3.2% Total service revenue EUR 9.036 billionEUR 9.280 billion-2.5% Fixed network service revenue EUR 2.116 billionEUR 2.168 billion-2.1% Mobile service revenue EUR 6.921 billionEUR 7.112 billion-2.7% Non-messaging data service revenue EUR 960 millionEUR 793million+20.8% Mobile non-messaging data servicerevenue as a percentage of totalservice revenue 13.9%11.2%+2.7% EBITDA (consolidated mobile + fixednetwork) EUR 3.672 billionEUR 3.774 billion-2.7% EBITDA margin (consolidated mobile+ fixed network) 39.0%38.8%+0.2% Mobile ARPU (average revenue percustomer/month) EUR 16.4EUR 18.4-10.7% Voice usage in minutes 46.706 billion42.008 billion+11.2% Mobile voice usage per customer andmonth 111.5 min.109.5 min.+2 min.(+1.8%) 3G users (mobile phone, note book) 8.202 million5.836million+2.366 million(+40.5%) * Deviations are possible as a result of rounding off  If you have any queries, please contact: Jens Kürten, External Communications, T. +49 211 533-6650Kuzey Alexander Esener, External Communications, T: +49 211 533-2982Press hotline +49 211 533 5500 Vodafone Germany is one of the largest and most modern telecommunications providers in Europe. It realises turnover of more than EUR 9 billion and has 15,000employees. In conjunction with its full subsidiary Arcor AG & Co KG, VodafoneGermany is an integrated technology and service provider with a portfolio includingmobile communications, fixed network telephony, internet and broadband data servicesfor business and private customers.Continuous development, numerous patents andinvestments in new products, services and the modern network have made Vodafone aninnovation leader in the German telecommunications market. Vodafone Germany isheadquartered in Düsseldorf and Arcor in Eschborn near Frankfurt. Vodafone and Arcor   are committed to CSR and they also support numerous projects through the GermanVodafone Foundation.The companies are part of the Vodafone Group. Visit the websites and www.arcor.defor further information.
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