A Teleological Identity Card. Therapeutic and Cognitive Application of Philosophy (05/07/2015)

A Teleological Identity Card. Therapeutic and Cognitive Application of Philosophy (05/07/2015)
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  A Teleological Identity Card .  Therapeutic and cognitive application of philosophy. Harry FriedmannChemistry Department, Bar Ilan University, Ramath an !"#$$. Israel. The general orientation of a comple% physical system in time is dominated &y the second la' of thermodynamics, a la' of decay of any parts of the system that are not replaced &y input from the environment. For this reason, (an as a creation of nature is )a &eing to'ard death) *Heidegger +#-+#/0. I 'ant topropose here a 'ay of rede1ning (an2s identity. 3ot &y 'hat (an is as a creature ruled &y nature, a thing 'hich does not e%ist as a man &ut as an o&4ect ruled &y the la's of nature, a &eing to'ard death. Instead of an identity carddescri&ing (an &y 'hat he is in his present situation, the ne' identity card is teleological. The relevant identity is (an2s purpose as determined &y his  practical 'isdom and his inner nature. 5ccording to 6a&&alah the inner nature or su&stance *matter0 is called light and the outer nature or form is called vessel. Confusion can arise here &ecause the outer form of man is his material &ody and the inner matter is spirit and soul. For 5ristotle, the meaning of matter and form is the e%act opposite of that of the 6a&&alah. The ne' identity advocated here is the identity of an autonomous em&odied spirit e%pressing itself in the 'orld &y its &ody7 not an animated &ody enslaving the spirit &y its addictions and its natural instincts. Besides (an2s purpose, the teleological identity card descri&es his practical 'isdom ac8uired &y e%perience, the relevant s9ills he has mastered and the relevant methods he has learned for the practical achievement of the chosen purpose. Thepurpose itself can &e considered as a step in a process 'hich should &e modi1ed if re8uired &y the practical 'isdom enriched &y the feed&ac9 of the insights gained from ne' e%perience and  a realistic reevaluation of 'hat can and should &e achieved. In education, the steps are the successive su&divisions of an educational program. This rational approach of turning to the future may &ethe right therapy for people, 'ho got stuc9 in the past &y having e%perienced frustrations, traumas or painful losses, helping them to overcome depression resulting from such tragic events. In addition, the proposed goal-oriented life gives a ne' aspect to time: time is no longer 'asted &y producing entropy &ut is measured &y and transformed into achievements and gro'th of cognitive structures. ;i9e a tree, &y gro'ing, converts time into space, a goal-orientedactivity transforms the order of succession of the past into the order of coe%istence of the present. The tree is an irreversi&le comple% adaptive system far from thermodynamic e8uili&rium 'hich transforms a part of the energy and material input from the environmentinto its o'n ordered structure. 5nother part of the input is dissipated as 'aste.  <rigogine *+#+-"$$=0 has called this type of comple% adaptive systems dissipative structures.  By analogy, I call the spiritual gro'th achieved &y the proposed goal-oriented life dissipative cognitive structures. Research is needed to sho' that the dissipative cognitive structures are e%pressed as a higher degree of organi>ation that is to say of comple%ity or order of the &rain.
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