A True Wonder of Malaysia

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  A TRUEWONDEROF M ALAYSIA   TAIPING  Heritage and Historical Trail  2 nd beautiful Natural lake in asia  The Wettest town in the world  The first railways In malaysia  T AIPING H ERITAGEAND H ISTORICAL T RAIL 1.TaipingGovernment Offices, Kota Road 2.KapitanChung KengKooi'sTownhouse, Barrack Road 3.Post and Telegraph Office, Station Road 4.Town Rest House, Station Road 5.King Edward VII School, Station Road 6.Ceylon Association, Station Road 7.St.GeorgeInstitution, Station Road 8.General Hospital, Main Road 9.FMS Indian Association, Main Road 10.Clock Tower (Police Station)11.TaipingConvent, Convent Road 12.TengkuMenteri'sResidence, PWD 41, Kota Road 13.HokkienAssociation, Kota Road 14.Sunlight Muslim Association, 212 Kota Road 15.Old Kota Mosque, Mosque Road 16.Peking Hotel, 2 JalanIdris 17.Coronation Park, Theatre Road 18.Tseng Lung Hakka Association, Market Road 19.TaipingMarket, Market Square 20.TaipingPrison 21.Guan HinChan, 19 Cross Street No.422.Shun-tehui-kuan36 Kota Road 23.Cantonese Association and Temple for the Immortal Girl, Temple Street 24.TaipingPublic Library, Kota Road 25.TaipingWar Cemetery 26.Ng Boo Bee Fountain, Waterfall Road 27.Kang HarTong Association 28.The New Club and Golf Course, New Club Road 29.Railway Station 30.The Secretary to Resident's House, Esplanade Road 31.Chinese Tombs, Esplanade Road 32.Malay States Guides Barracks, Main Road 33.British Officers' Mass, New Club Road 34.Cenotaph, Esplanade Road 35.Old Saints Church, Main Road 36.Fort Carnavon, Main Road 37.Lady TreacherGirls' School, Upper Museum Road 38.Perak Museum, Main Road  12345678 9 101112131415161718192021222324252627 2829 303132333435363738  TAIPING LAKE GARDENS Establishedin1880,theTaipingLakeGardenis oneof theoldestgardeninMalaysia .This62hectaresofparkis alsoknownasTamanTasikTaipingintheMalaylanguage.Thehugelakewasformerlyatinminebutwassince transformedintoabeautifulwellusedandwell maintainedparkwhereflowers,birds,insects,animalsand lushgreenerythrive. BUKIT MAXWELL (BUKIT LARUT) It was founded in 1884 by William Edward Maxwell, the British assistant resident of perak. Perched at 1250m above sea level, it is the wettest place in malaysia, with an annual rainfall of over 500cm. Temperature here hovers around 15 degrees centigrade in the early morning and late afternoon, dipping to 10 degrees centigrade at night  .    ZOO TAIPING  Coveringanareaof34acres,theTaipingZoohasembarkedon anexpansionprogrammewhichincludesthebuildingofnew  “OpenConcept” animalenclosures.Theseenclosureswhichtake intoconsiderationthenaturalhabitatoftherespectiveanimal andhasbeenfavourablyreceivedbythepublic-bothforits inherentbeautyandthoughtfuldesign.TaipingZooiscurrently hometo morethan180speciesofanimals totaling  – 1,300individuals.Theseincludetigers,lions,elephants,hippopotamus,giraffes,hornbills,orangutansandothers. NIGHT SAFARI TheTaipingNightSafariisa firstofitskind in Malaysia,bathedinlightingsimilartomoonlight,thebeautyandsplendorofnatureisenhanced.Inanefforttomaintaintheexperienceofa naturalenvironment,theTaipingNightSafari attemptstodisplaynocturnalanimalsinnatural lookingsettings.Thisprovidestheopportunity forvisitorstoappreciateandvaluethetreasures ofNaturewhileenjoyingoneself 
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