A Viking Age firesteel - the razor's edge ?

This week an artefact of the Viking Age, wich have been a case of heavy debate, still going on..
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   A Viking Age firesteel - the razor's edge ?  This week an artefact of the Viking Age, wich have been a case of heavy debate, still going on.Sold as a viking firesteel with Odin and his raven, Hüginn and Muninn, deicted, !was very thrilled about this addition in "y collection. #irst of all because the i"age of Odin and his co"anying birds is so outsoken clear. !f it is the i"age of Odin with his raven is a "atter of debate within itself. Aart of being a agan i"age it could as well have been a $hristian alike i"age of the ressurrection Of $hrist. Set aside that i"age, the artefact itself is "atter to debate. Sold as a described, a "an called %Sergei% "ailed "e "ore than utight, "aking "e out for so"ewhatof a fool.. '... firesteels (steel is a key word here) were all made out of iron of high carbon content during the entire history of mankind. The bronze and other copper alloysare not strong enough to serve the purpose. What you have is a decorative anthropomorphic (combining elements of a man and animals or birds simultaneously) pendant or a plague of Perm (inno!"gric tribes) animal style. #uch decor pendants$ plagues$ clasps and belt ends served as amulets against evil spirits in medieval times..'  Addressed as being &er"ian ani"al style this would refer to the ancient history of #inno'(gric eoles living west of the (rals ) *yrian +o"is, &er"ian +o"is and (d"urts ) and their art, "ost freuently referred to as -the &er"ian ani"al style.!t was at its ri"e fro" the /th to the 0th and 1th c. and its end fell to the 23th c. Treating &er"ian art, we should bear in "ind that the art of Ob'(grians is fairly si"ilar to that of &er"ian eoles and that at the ti"e there were also the Ob'(grians Mansis 4or Voguls5 living west of the (rals.And indeed, as one searchs for %&er" ani"al style% i"ages, one stu"bles uon an i"age 4on the right beneath5 wich deicts a si"ilar artefact..As one can see on the age on "y website6 htt677travellingnorth.nl7Viking'artefacts7odin'with'raven'"l ! also have so"e "ysterious i"ages out of a 4antiue 85 9ussian book, addressing this kind of artefact. :ut not known to "e until now, wich book this is. So.. an a"ulet after all 8  The debate continued though, literally on the ra;or%s edge.. :eing so"ewhat of the curator of "y own rivate collection of artefacts, one needs to rotect his artefacts fro" bron;e disease andsoforth. ! got in contact with so"eone, riorly working at the <utch =ational Archaeological Services, >ohan ?angelaar, who also "ade "e out for so"ething like a fool. Again..@ell.. one thing was for sure.. this a"ulet wasn%t going to rotect "e for being held for a fool .. '%t is a shaving razor &' he cried out. 'o not let anyone tell you otherwise & %t is ashaving razor &' 'Take a look at the iron on the bottom of the razor. That had detoriated$ the iron  part was the razor where wich one have shaved itself'. Ok.. a firesteel, an a"ulet and now a shaving ra;or..Of course ! did "y own research then. ! ca"e across a book, written by Siro Svoronos, %Medieval firesteels% wich addresses an oenwork artefact as a shaving ra;or. 9ight at the sa"e ti"e, ! auired another artefact fro" Ti"eline Originals, 4see i"age beneath the article5wich had been addressed as a firesteel also, but looks very "uch the sa"e as the tye of oenwork artefact on the i"age out of Siro Svorono%s book about "edieval firesteels. The reference given bi Ti"eline Originals haens to be a dissatisfying one too, as it refers to a uite different kind of firesteel tye artefact4$f. ?ehtosalo'Hilander, &'?., ?uistari !! The Artefacts, Helsinki, 210B, fig.B2.5 A so called %horse and rider% tye of firesteel. 4as a link to the i"age hereby attached5.  A shaving ra;or also 8 And of a "uch older date than being described as %viking% 8 ! try to get a coy of this %Medieval firesteels% book. !t see"s unavailable right now. And for one thing ! have learned over the years. To be oen for other onions, and let newly discovered oinions fro" so"eone else or by "yself alter as being %true% resented onions 4fro" by eCa"le fro" so"eone sells the obect in the first lace5. Des, we see a "an with birds. :ut what followed as described is as intruiging as well.. The debate goes on...Any thoughts on this both artefacts 8 Share the" with "e on6"Tho"as +a"huis, August BFth BF2G?ink to rior blog of >uly Fth BF2G. 9eferences6Ha""ond, :. :ritish Artefacts, Volu"e B, Middle SaCon and Viking, . 2F/, fig. 2.2/'f. Svoronos, S. Medieval firesteels 4&rinted in (SA by $lassic &rinters in August BFF3 4 !S:= F'1I/2F00'F'2 5 $oerfield =oise &ublishing, Houston5!"ages of &er" ani"al Style artefacts  Article on the &er"ian Art Style see6 htt677www.folklore.ee7folklore7vol207er"ian.df =ot used in this article, but the book fro" $acciandra, V. J $esati A., #ire steels &ublished by ("berto Alle"andi J $o. 4211/5!S:= 2F6 003BBF/0I !S:= 26 1I0003BBF/0I, "ight shed so"e new light also on this debate..An eCensive book, !%" considering buying it. @ithout a thorough library, a collector and curator is nowhere K 4a sales"an of artefacts also K5
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