A Vision From the Heartland, By Dan La Botz

Dan La Botz, Ohio’s Socialist Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, has published a new book titled “Vision from the Heartland: Socialism for the 21st Century” in which he analyzes the problems of American society and argues for a socialist alternative. The 200-page book, available online at DanLaBotz.com, focuses on the country’s economic crisis and the need for programs to create jobs, but it also deals with nearly all of the other important issues facing the country, from education and housing to Social Security and the need for single-payer health care. “I wanted to explain to Ohio’s voters and to the American people in a straightforward style the problems that our country faces and the measures that must be taken to solve them,” said La Botz, a 65-year old teacher, writer and activist. “The working people of this country need an analysis of the problems facing us and a plan to solve them. This book is meant to contribute to both.” “The book’s 16 chapters explain why America is in the current crisis and what must be done to end it and create jobs and economic security,” said La Botz, a longtime union activist. “At the center of my plan for solving America’s problems is the rebuilding of the labor unions and the organization of powerful social movements for rights for all. We can’t rely on the Republicans, Democrats or Tea Party, we have to build a working people’s party.” La Botz, who wrote the book while traveling throughout Ohio during the last several months, says he hopes that some voters will take a look at it before Election Day on November 2. “After the election—win or lose—I plan to use the book to continue educating and organizing to build a socialist movement.” A former Fulbright Scholar and college history professor, La Botz is the author of nine other books dealing with labor and politics in the United States, Mexico and Indonesia.
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      A Vision from the Heartland: Socialism for the 21 st Century By Dan La Botz,Socialist Party CandidateFrom Ohio For the U.S. Senate   This book is published for educational purposes only, tohelp Ohio and U.S. voters better understand the issuesfacing our country. This is a not-for-profit publication soldat cost; the publisher makes no profit and the authorreceives no royalties. The author gives his permission toreproduce any part of the written text in part or in itsentirety. © Dan La Botz 2010Buckeye Socialist PressNot-for-ProfitCincinnati, Ohio

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Oct 11, 2017


Oct 11, 2017
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