A visit to khmelnytskyi art museum

A VISIT TO KHMELNYTSKYI ART MUSEUMFROM THE HISTORY OF MUSEUMã Khmelnytskyi regional museum of art was founded in 1986. It used to be the building of an industrial…
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A VISIT TO KHMELNYTSKYI ART MUSEUMFROM THE HISTORY OF MUSEUM• Khmelnytskyi regional museum of art was founded in 1986. It used to be the building of an industrial bank at the beginning of the XX century. Nowadays the collection of the museum includes almost 7 thousand exhibits. Its little particle is represented in the constant exhibition named “One’s own pathway”. • Each museum hall has its own esthetics and special spectre.CONSTANT EXPOSITION (1992 – 2017) • The pinnacle of collection formation is the end of 1980th, when a powerful nationally-folklore wave rises in the Ukrainian art. The works of many known contemporary artists are represented in the collection. Among them there are six laureates of the National Prize of Ukraine: Andrii Antoniuk, Feodosiy Gumeniuk, Ivan-Valentine Zadorozhnyi, Opanas Zalyvaha, Ivan Marchuk, Valery Franchuk. This part of collection is represented in the central display hall.CONSTANT EXPOSITION (1992 – 2017) • Its tonality is set by Andrii Antoniuk’s clean, fair voice. The artist’s canvases captivate by admiration with which the artist perceives national customs, traditions everyday realities. The simplicity and sincerity of folk picture coexist with icon-painting brevity and fresco luminosity of colour in the paintings of Andrii Antoniuk.CONSTANT EXPOSITION (1992 – 2017) • A picturesque row is complemented by volume of spatial works which give  the display special expressiveness and aesthetic completeness. Museum collection of ceramics is presented, in particular, by compositions of Lviv artists Olga Bezpalkiv, Ulyana Yaroshevich, Inna TumanovaYershova, who appeal to the traditional wares of folk ceramics - pots, milk jugs, chumps.STYLISTIC FREEDOM OF MODERN ART• The selection of canvases in the next hall is not determined by a general theme or inclination to some stylistic direction. An individual self-expression, authorial handwriting, prevails in modern art, therefore this part of display is built on the principle of the polyphony sounding, when every voice conducts its own melody. The intellectual, philosophical painting of Carl Zvirynskyi, a prominent master of Lviv artistic school, is presented alongside with perceptible, coloristic paintings by Vasyl Fedoruk; the romantic, refined paintings by Roman Zhuk adjoin hard psychological works by Liubomyr Medvid; light white color in works of Valery Basanets and Victor Maryniuk is confronted with aesthetics of black in canvases by Lion Markosyan... Figurative items are combined with works in which the objectivity exists in signs‌STYLISTIC FREEDOM OF MODERN ARTSTYLISTIC FREEDOM OF MODERN ARTCONTENT-RICHNESS OF ABSTRACT PAINTING • Polyphony of authorial styles in the display of this hall is limited by general non narrative art tendency. Volodymyr Strelnikov, Tiberiy Silvash, Mykola Malyshko canvases are exhibited here asserting the independent expressive value of color deprived of subject form and have the different internal filling.CONSTANT EXPOSITION (2015 - 2016)• The title of this permanent display is the "Ukrainian art of the second half of ХХ century : art parallels" corresponds to the content of museum collection compiled during 30 years of museum existence. The display includes 239 works of painting, sculpture, decoratively-applied art. They are exhibited in four halls, each of which presents the separate division of collection.SOCIAL REALISM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND LACK OF SPEECH LIBERTY • The lyrical paintings such as landscape, still life are presented here. You can also see the portraits - works of the famous artists in realistic genre: Serhij Grygoriev (19101988), Volodymyr Kostetskyi (1905-1968), Kostyantyn Lomykin, Ivan Holomeniuk, Valentyna Tsvetkova, Ivan Shutiev, Serhij Shishka (1911-1997) and others.SOCIAL REALISM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND LACK OF SPEECH LIBERTYSOCIAL REALISM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND LACK OF SPEECH LIBERTYSOCIAL REALISM: FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND LACK OF SPEECH LIBERTYA NEOFOLKLORE WAVE, THE PHENOMENON OF THE  UKRAINIAN ART OF THE 1980 S - BEGINNING OF 1990 S • Neofolklore works of Ukrainian art of 1980-1990s are presented in this room. The artists of this style of painting used different art techniques (painting, painting on fabric, paper cutting); they are bright creative individualities, their inner world is deeply related to history, culture and mentality of their compatriots: Andrii Antoniuk (1943-2013), Boris Buryak, Petro Gonchar, Feodosiy Gumeniuk, Mykola Mazur, Viktoria Dubovyk, Tetiana Myskovets (1954-2012), Liudmyla Mazur.
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