A visit to the darknet

Presented by Dan Weis, Penetration Tester/Security Specialist, Kiandra IT Everybody thinks of the internet as a happy world where people connect, learn, share ideas and information and have some laughs. What most people don’t see is the layer of the internet nobody wants you to know about - the darknet. This presentation will walk attendees through some of the darknet's most dangerous sites where they trade in weapons, stolen data, accounts and payment cards, passports and botnets…amongst other things. Attendees will gain a real world look at where compromised data ends, and learn how to mitigate attackers gaining access to their Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
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  • 1. The Darknet The layer of the internet nobody wants you to see… Presented by: Dan Weis
  • 2. Who’s this guy?  Lead Pentester  Certified Ethical Hacker, Licensed Penetration Tester, 23+ other certs  Trainer/Mentor upcoming Ethical Hackers  Underground Researcher  Been in IT since 1995 in various roles both here and internationally.  5+ years in security providing consulting, 3 years+ as a pentester.  Major Nerd
  • 3. The Internet  6th August 1991 the internet was born (became publicly available)  These days, 2.5 billion people inhabit the internet  Most people think the internet is just this: And occasionally this:
  • 4. Disclaimer  The sites presented here are underground illegal sites  It is not recommended you visit these  Some are monitored by the feds (all are monitored by the CIA  )  Nor do I support any of these sites or activities  They ARE dangerous sites  Seriously…know what you are doing.. Sandboxie, Java disablement, VM’s etc..
  • 5. What is it?  The ‘Darknet’ is the hidden underground of the internet  It’s where Hackers, criminals, organised crime, political activists and whistleblowers operate  Usually only accessible through the Tor anonymizing software  Normally where blackmarket transactions are conducted  Had no search engine of any sort…. Until earlier this year….
  • 6. Grams  Meet Grams, the Darknet’s first Search Engine  It indexes 8 of the Darknet’s markets  Keep’s track of the latest rate for bitcoin currency, and allows you to filter items to display in bitcoins, USD, EUR, GBP  Sorts by relevance, similar indexing to Google  So what can you buy?
  • 7. Demo A visit to the underground……
  • 8. Hacking sites
  • 9. HACKBB
  • 10. Hacker hiring
  • 12.
  • 13. Deepweb link directory
  • 14. Doxbin Pastebin for Personally Identifiable information
  • 15. IT’S NOT ALL BAD…. For whistleblowers
  • 16.
  • 17. The New Yorker
  • 18. You don’t need tor to visit all sites  A lot of sites operate on the standard web  But are located in countries that have laws that are…. lacking…  Yes they are still watched by the Feds  They go up and down often and change url’s frequently  Require you to have anonymous currencies, such as bitcoin and paid a fee just to browse  Is where a lot of the stolen data ends up….
  • 19. Indexeus   200 million identities+ and expanding  Indexes user account information acquired from more than 100 recent data breaches  Including Adobe, Yahoo etc  Lists things like email addresses, usernames, passwords, Internet address, physical addresses, birthdays and other information that may be associated with those accounts.
  • 20. Trade in stolen credit cards & dumps
  • 21. You name it…they sell it….
  • 22. Pastebin...
  • 23. So why are you showing us this? To make you aware that there is more than what you realise….
  • 24. Why... And to ensure you don’t become a victim!  Change your passwords regularly  Use strong passwords  Don’t use the same password for everything!  Use a current browser  Ensure you are using an up-to-date, patched workstation  Ensure you are using an adequate endpoint protection  Stop clicking on things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 25. If you do this…
  • 26. Thanks!
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