A Visit to the Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academy

A leadership in an entrepreneurship class, grades 6-8, from the "Mordei HaGeta'ot" school, which takes part in the Entrepreneurship for Kids program, went out for a visit on the "Ha-Mitham" of the Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academy. Read more on
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  • 1. The Entrepreneurial Leadership Group From “Mordei HaGeta’ot” school in Israel Visiting “Ha-Mitham” at Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academy Entrepreneurship for Kids Program
  • 2. “Ha-Mitham” “Innovative Entrepreneurship Program” “Ha-Mitham” - “Innovative Entrepreneurship Program” is a practical training exercise to develop business entrepreneurship from the Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academy. The training program is intensive and intended to remove the roadblocks that stand between you and realizing your ideas, starting with support and counseling during the consideration stage, through side-by-side guidance, and until executing your venture.
  • 3. The students from the entrepreneurial leadership group arrive at the academic college Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
  • 4. We gathered in the lecture hall
  • 5. Noam Vekser, an entrepreneur and mentor at “Ha-Mitham” discusses entrepreneurship with the students.
  • 6. Break time
  • 7. Representatives of the entrepreneurship group present the compound entrepreneurs with their idea for a venture: “storage table”
  • 8. The “Ha-Mitham” entrepreneurs ask the young entrepreneurs' questions and ask for clarifications about the “storage table” idea
  • 9. Entrepreneur Karen spoke about how she arrived at entrepreneurship, about the venture in which she is a partner- Ourboox, and about the guidance and support she received from “Ha-Mitham”. The venture enables writing digital books with ease.
  • 10. Erez Gavish, who has an entrepreneurial past, is currently working on a venture with support from “Ha-Mitham”. The venture is a magnet that acts as a nail, so that you can hang very heavy things on it, like a bookshelf. Thus, without making holes in the wall, you can hang things on it and change them around without worrying about damaging the wall.
  • 11. Entrepreneurial leadership students with “Ha-Mitham” entrepreneurs
  • 12. And in conclusion, they give a thank you letter to Tal Peled, who organized the entrepreneurial leadership group’s visit to “Ha-Mitham”
  • 13. Thanks The Entrepreneurial Leadership Group from “Mordei HaGeta’ot” school And the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program Would like to thank Dr. Eyal Benjamin, head of the Academic Entrepreneurship Compound Tel Aviv-Jaffa For the visit Entrepreneurship for Kids Program
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    Sep 14, 2017
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