A visit to village Maaliyon ki Maradi (by Akshat Jain & Aafreen Shaikh)

1. Career Point Cares A Report on Business Plan in Village Submitted to :- Submitted by:- Management Department Akshat Jain (K12255) Career Point University Afreen Shaikh…
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  • 1. Career Point Cares A Report on Business Plan in Village Submitted to :- Submitted by:- Management Department Akshat Jain (K12255) Career Point University Afreen Shaikh (K12317) BCom. & BBA. 2nd Sem.
  • 2. Career Point Cares INTRODUCTION Though villages have great importance in the national life of the Indians, their present condition is very miserable. Formerly, the villages were prosperous. People had then few wants. They lived in peace and plenty. But later, the landlords and the rich people of the villages began to leave their villages and come to live in the towns. Gradually the villages fell into ruins. Their old prosperity vanished. Now most of the villages are in a wretched condition. Generally poor people live there. Many houses are deserted. Jungles have grown there. The cultivators and artisans are poor and ignorant. There is no hospital or good physician. People die every year owing to the outbreak of epidemic diseases. In many villages there is no school for the education of the villagers. In short, the villages are utterly neglected and so they are in a ruinous state.
  • 3. Career Point Cares Geographical Location & Demographics of Maaliyon Ki Maradi Maaliyon Ki Maradi is a village in Talera Tehsil in Bundi District of Rajasthan State. It has a population of 1227 people. The village is spreaded in the area of 2.14 km2 . It is located 49 km towards North from District head quarters Bundi, 56 km from Talera. 163 km from State capital Jaipur.
  • 4. Career Point Cares Description of village Economic Profile of the Village •The economic status of people is not so good because their entire livelihood depends upon agriculture activities. •They another major part revenue for the people is milk distribution in Kota. •The monthly income of people is only Rs.4000 to Rs.4500
  • 5. Career Point Cares • Language:- The most common language spoken by the people in Maaliyon Ki Maradi is Hadoti & Hindi. • Dressing:- Both men and women put on colorful and beautifully designed costumes to show the great ambiance of Rajasthan. Cultural Analysis of the Village
  • 6. Career Point Cares • Festivals:- 1.) Diwali 2.) Holi 3.) Raksha Bandhan 4.) Gangur 5.) Sankraat 6.) Kajli Teej 7.) Gudi Padwa • Production:- Crops like wheat, rice and corn are grown in the area. Fruits like watermelon, yellowmelon and cucumber are also cultivated with the marigold flower in the village.
  • 7. Career Point Cares Administrative Structure RAJASTHAN (State) BUNDI (District) TALERA (Tehsil) LAXMIPURA (Gram Panchayt) MAALIYON KI MARADI
  • 8. Career Point Cares Infrastructural Facilities • Electricity is provided in the village only for 5-6 hours a day. • Drinking water is only taken from the boring which is not effective in the summers. • For transportation, govt. bus is available, but only twice a day. • People are bound to go Laxmipura for treatment. • There is a school in the village which is run with the help of 8 teachers. The strength of the school is 93 students.
  • 9. Career Point Cares Analysis and Interpretation • Scarcity of Water • Problem of Electricity • Lack of Food-fuels • Excess of Unemployement • Lack of Hospital facility • Banking not in reach
  • 10. Career Point Cares Conclusion with business plan • As keep in mind the poor condition of the village, it is very important to setup such type of business in the village which create employment among the people and give them a chance to grow. A business plan could be made in which the employees would be the villagers and they could be suppliers as well. • As almost all the people of Maaliyon Ki Maradi have the cattles in their homes. So keeping it in mind dairy farming will be a great enough plan to setup in the village.
  • 11. Career Point Cares Market Analysis • Product:- There will be a wide range of dairy products from milk to cheese. The manufacturing of the products will be done in the farm only. • Price:- The pricing of the different products will be done according to their quality. Each product will have a variety like in milk, we would have full cream milk, toned milk. In the same manner in cheese, we would have mozzarella, cheddar, provolone. • Place:- Since milk is a perishable food item, the farm will be set up nearby the village to cut down the transportation time. • Promotion:- No promotion will be required in that small area as we would have the monopoly.
  • 12. Career Point Cares Customer Profile • Our customers will be the milkmen in the near cities like Bundi, Kota, Tonk, Talera, Lakheri. • We could also sell our products directly to the bakeries in the cities • If any person from the village wants to buy any of the product, we will provide them with lesser rates as compare to the milkmen and bakeries of other cities.
  • 13. Career Point Cares Sales Strategy Our sales strategy is very simple and clear. We will supply high quality products at comparatively lower rate as we will have cheap labour. And anything with high standard and lower price will attract the customer.
  • 14. Career Point Cares Distribution Channel Villagers Dairy Farm Milkmen & Bakeries
  • 15. Career Point Cares Advertising or Promotion & Competitor Analysis • We don’t need regular advertising in the village because as soon as the people of the village will know that employment opportunity is available in the their own village, they will willingly came to our dairy farm. • In the present senerio, all the people want to get high standard products, specially dairy products. So we could go to door to door promotion to all the milkmen and bakeries in the cities as they required high grade products which would be our speciality. • There is no Competitor for us in the village as there is no other such farm in the village.
  • 16. Career Point Cares SWOT Analysis Strength:- • Wide range of products • Technological Advancement • Enough cheap labour Weakness:- • Unskilled labour • Distance from main cities
  • 17. Career Point Cares Opportunity:- • Abundance of raw material • No competition in the present market • Threat:- • Competiton in future • Perishable food items
  • 18. Career Point Cares Capital Requirement S.No. Particular Amount 1. FixedCapital (Land+Machinery+Furniture) Rs.30,00,000 2. Salary for top level management (5 X 30,000) Rs.1,50,000 3. Salary for bottom level management (20 X 10,000) Rs.2,00,000 4. Operational cost (90,000 X 5 days) Rs.4,50,000 5. Other Expenses ( Power+Fuel) Rs.2,00,000 6. Transportation Rs.10,00,000 Total Capital Required Rs.50,00,000
  • 19. Career Point Cares • 200 cattles X 15L = 3,000L • Rs.2 X 3000L = Rs.6,000/day • Rs.6,000 X 30 days = Rs.1,80,000 (Profit Margin/Month) • Rs.1,80,000 X 36 Months = Rs.64,80,000 This means that in less that 3 years, our business will be in the good condition and we can think about its expansion.
  • 20. Career Point Cares Future plans / Strategies If our business will run with same pace in future also then we think to build a big cold storage unit in which we would be able to store milk products like paneer, cheese, butter, curd in bulk for any immediate bulk order.
  • 21. Career Point Cares Suggestions • The villagers should motivate themselves to get skilled as the PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi also want the people of India to be skilled. • The govt. should maintain the road facility for easy transportation of people as well as goods. • The power supply should be in adequate amount so that the machines in the plant can run with full efficiency.
  • 22. Career Point Cares Link for Youtube • Name - A visit to village Maaliyon ki Maradi (by Akshat Jain & Aafreen Shaikh) • Link-
  • 23. Career Point Cares THANK YOU
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