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   Killer phrases for A2 Writing  A list of useful phrases to have next to you when doing extended writing tasks. Do not go overboard as it will then read like a string of clichés – use some of them to structure your ideas. Remember content  is at least as important as  language. Opening phrases: Primeroirstly!n primer segundo tercer lugar#n the first second $rd placePrimero tenemos    %ue preguntarnos siirst we have to ask ourselves whether... Linking phrases: Por consiguiente&onse%uentlyPor consecuencia&onse%uently!   n principio#n principlePor otra parte'n the other handAdem(s#n addition!s m(s)*oreover furthermoreDebido a estoDue to thisDicho de otro modo#n other words +o s,lo...sino -followed by a noun+ot only....but also!s decir/hat is to sayResulta %ue#t turns out that!sto explica por %ué/his explains whyAs0 %ue1oAs0 es %ue/herefore1e trata de#t concernsDesgraciadamente2nfortunatelyPor desgracia2nforutantelyPara colmo/o cap it allPuesto %ue1ince3a %ue1ince1in embargo4owever  +o obstante4owever   5alancing an argument6/eniendo en cuenta el hecho de %ueRemembering thatDado %ue7iven that!n realidad#n realityA pesar de estoDespite thisAparte de esoAside from thisAl contrario'n the contrary8isto as01een in this lightPor un lado'n the one handPor otro lado'n the other handDe todos modosAnywayDe todas maneras formasAnyway!n cuanto a9ith regard to!n lugar de eso#nstead of that*ientras %ue9hilst3 por si fuera poco)...And as if this were not enough)... +o estoy ni a favor ni en contra de -:noun inf#;m neither against or in favour of  Expressing your  point of view6&laro %ue -:clause&learlyDesde mi punto de vista rom my point of view of A mi parecer#n my opinionA mi modo de verrom my view pointA m0 me parece %ue#t seems to me that3o opino %ue# think thatPor mi parte creo %ueAs far as #;m concerned  Expressing a point of view in the INDICAI!E: !stoy de acuerdo con los opinan %ue: #+D#&A/#8!# agree with those who think that!stoy convencido de %ue : #+D#&A/#8!#;m convinced that!sto me lleva a la conclusi,n de %ue/his leads me to conclude that +o cabe duda de %ue/here can be no doubt that +o se puede negar %ue'ne cannot deny that!s cierto %ue#t is true that4ay %ue tener en cuenta -%ue'ne must remember that4ay %ue subrayar la importancia de'ne must stress the importance of  Expressing a point of view in the #$%#NCI!E:  +o estoy convencido de %ue : 125<2+&/#8!#;m not convinced that +o creo %ue : 125<2+&/#8!# don;t think that +adie dir0a %ue : #*P!R!&/ 125<2+&/#8! +obody would say that=Por %ué tenemos %ue soportar %ue : 125<2+&/#8!>9hy should we put up with...!s intolerable insoportable %ue : 125<2+&/#8!#t;s intolerable thatA m0 no me parece l,gico %ue : 125<2+&/#8!# don;t think it;s logical that +o me sorprende %ue : 125<2+&/#8!#;m not surprised thatA m0 me resulta curioso %ue : 125<2+&/#8!#sn;t it curious that=+o ser0a me?or %ue : #*P!R!&/ 125<2+&/#8!>9ouldn;t it be better to...=Por %ué no exigimos todos %ue : 125<2+&/#8!>9hy don;t we all demand that!s de lamentar %ue : 125<2+&/#8!#t;s a shame that!s una afrenta a la sociedad %ue : 125<2+&/#8!#t;s an affront to society thatParece mentira %ue : 125<2+&/#8!#t;s incredible that!s importante %ue : 125<2+&/#8!#t;s important to#ntroducing other points of view1eg@n las cifras)According to the statistics)  as cifras demuestran %ue/he statistics show that&omo ya se sabeAs is wellBknown Por supuesto %ue'f course&laro %ue -:clause&learlyDesde el punto de vista de...rom the point of view of 4ay %uienes dicen %ue1ome say that'tros afirman %ue'thers would say thata mayor0a opina %ue*ost people think thata gente piensa %uePeople think that!l caso es %ue/he fact remains that'tro factor es %ueAnother factor is that +o cabe duda de %ue/here can be no doubt that!s de suponer %ue9e can assume that thatDebemos tener en cuenta %ue9e must remember thatResulta %ue#t transpires thato cierto es %ue9hat is certain is thatRe?ecting other points of view6!ste argumento carece de sentido/his argument lacks sense!ste argumento carece de sustancia/his argument lacks substance!ste una ilusi,n creer %ue9e;re kidding ourselves if we think that +o hay manera de saber si/here;s no way of telling whether &oming to the point6a clave del problema es .../he key to the problem is...a soluci,n obvia es.../he obvious solution is...4ay %ue tomar medidas urgentes para...2rgent measures must be taken to...2na crisis a escala mundialA global crisis2na situaci,n in%uietanteA worrying situationa preocupaci,n predominante/he overriding worrya situaci,n va empeorando/he situation is worseninga situaci,n sigue deteriorando/he situation is continuing to deteriorateA corto plaCo largo plaCo#n the short long term &efining your argument:
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