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    A Zed Encyclopedia Without the encyclopedia part So actually just… A Zed Zed, you say? Oh, that one. You want to play him and not be considered a joke while doing so? Whoa, whoa, steady there, have you any idea of what you’re getting yourself into? Oh, you do. Well, let’s get started then, shall we? I go by the name Scroll  ‘round these parts, and I’ll be your tutor during this, “demonstration”, if you will. But first of all, why Zed? An armored ninja using shadows and shurikens to brutally and quickly assassinate others? Well, if you like killing people, this pajama wearing shadow man is the perfect fit for you. His entire kit is made to kill efficiently and live to tell the tale, and if you manage to master his techniques, you too can murder without anybody noticing you were there in the first place. Metaphorically, of course. So, how do you play Zed? It’s too broad a question to be answered in one sentence, for sure, so I’ll split this into a few different parts for you to digest and use in your adventures playing this wondrous champion. In chapters, from start to finish, I’ll go through everything you might need to know about Zed, the Master of Shadows. Also, before we begin, this guide is written from the assumption that the enemies you’ll be facing aren’t playing worse than sin. If you’re up against somebody who doesn’t know what a computer is or doesn’t understand how to use a keyboard, you can basically disregard anything I say about matchups or lane difficulty, because you’ll win anyway. I’m done with all the colourful and flavour language now, it’s time to move on. Steel yourself against the coming horrors, here we go! Chapter One - Runes, masteries, and summoners Chapter Two - Builds, combos and matchups Chapter Three - Playing the game Final Chapter - My credentials, FAQ and credits    Chapter One  Runes, summoners, cats, rats, spells and splats This section is dedicated to what you should do before the game, and everything in between. So, you pick Zed, a champion made to kill enemies, and use the gold earned from them to continue your snowballing and kick off a grand massacre. What can you do before the game to assist you in this noble task? Okay, not really a noble one… but a task nonetheless! Summoner Spells Before we get into anything, let’s just say this: Pick Flash. It’s the best summoner in the game, there’s not even any competition. If you don’t pick this, you’re doing yourself a solid… in losing more games. It’s such a staple to 99% of all champions, that not picking it could almost be considered trolling. It’s not, don’t worry, but please, for the love of everything that is edgy, pick Flash. For other summoner spells, you’ve got a few choices, but summoners that help you kill people are usually better. The main example being our lord and saviour: Ignite ! This is the summoner spell you should, and probably will take a vast   majority of the time. The enemy picked a lot of squishies? Ignite. The enemy has a lot of healing? Ignite. The enemy has some pesky stealth champions?  Ignite  (marks their last position for every tick). Think of it as 80-505 (scaling with your level)  free  damage, who wouldn’t want this spicy thing? When don’t you pick Ignite? Well, there are a few situations where going Ignite could  be considered sub-optimal, and that’s where our next summoner spell comes in: Cleanse . You should consider this if you’re up against any CC (stuns, mostly) you really don’t want to deal with. Things like Elise’s Cocoon (E), Ryze’s Rune Prison (W), or Maokai in general. But that’s not the only thing Cleanse does, it also removes enemy Ignites and Exhausts! Beware, though, that Cleanse does not   remove suppressions, like Warwick’s or Malzahar’s ultimates.  Now, if you’re going mid lane, the two summoner spells mentioned above are pretty much the only ones you need to remember, but if you’re doing the exotic and rare Zed top, you’re basically always getting Teleport . Because it’s top lane, you dingus! Yes, you could theoretically go Exhaust  on Zed and do just fine, but because you are an assassin, and your job is to kill the squishies as quickly as possible, Ignite is just better in almost all situations. It gives you more kill pressure in every game, which is what you need to snowball. You don’t really need the defense Exhaust provides you with. The same goes for Barrier  and Heal . 1    Runes Right, runes and all that jazz. After countless seconds of research and critical thinking, I came up with these rune pages just for you: Preset Rune Pages The Classic  For the nostalgic, old school Zed players. Storm into battle with thunder and French in hand, taking down any who dare oppose you. This is also the recommended   rune page, if you want to win more. The Classic (V2) One of the alternatives to the Classic page, specialized for tougher matchups and for staying healthy. 2    The Classic (V3)    Finishing the Classic set, here’s the Sorcery version, mainly focused on CDR, letting you avoid building Black Cleaver while still having at least 30% CDR, which is crucial in a lot of cases. Experimental Rune Pages (not recommended for competitive players)   The Hunter  For any aspiring huntsmen, this heavily roaming focused page makes your ambushes all the more deadly. Hunt them down, then smite them with unrelenting force. 3
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