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1. t´bQk´U Iz´ fIlTI wi˘d DQt fr´m D´ devl d√T pr´Usi˘d D√/dreInz jç˘ pŒ˘s D√t bŒ˘nz jç˘ kl´UDz D√t meIks ´tSImnI ´v jç˘ n´Uz Page 1 of 21…
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  • 1. t´bQk´U Iz´ fIlTI wi˘d DQt fr´m D´ devl d√T pr´Usi˘d D√/dreInz jç˘ pŒ˘s D√t bŒ˘nz jç˘ kl´UDz D√t meIks ´tSImnI ´v jç˘ n´Uz Page 1 of 21
  • 2. Tobacco is a filthy weed, That from the devil doth proceed; That drains your purse, That burns your clothes, That makes a chimney of your nose. (Anonymous – around 1600) Page 2 of 21
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  • 6. Affricates tS dZ Page 6 of 21
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  • 8. Semi-Vowels, Lateral & Approximant j w l r Page 8 of 21
  • 9. Who is Anne? Who is Boudicca? Who is Canute? Who is Disraeli? Who is Edward? Page 9 of 21
  • 10. Anne: tell us about Achebe Boudicca: tell us about the Igbo Canute: what are the difficult sounds? Disraeli: do you need Swedish grammatical metalanguage? Edward: how are you all getting on? Page 10 of 21
  • 11. “Okonkwo deserves what he gets because he’s a wife-beater.” Page 11 of 21
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  • 13. Centring Diphthongs & Triphthongs I´ U´ e´ ´ aI´ aU´ Page 13 of 21
  • 14. Closing Diphthongs I U ´U eI çI aI aU Page 14 of 21
  • 15. Events Time Page 15 of 21
  • 16. Events Chapter 2 Chapter 4 Chapter 7 Chapter 9 Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Ikemefuna Okonkwo A priestess comes to kills comes for Okonkwo. Ikemefuna. Ezinma. Okonkwo Ezinma Okonkwo breaks becomes kills a boy the Week very ill. and is of Peace. exiled. Time Page 16 of 21
  • 17. hubris Aristotle's (pride - Theory of A Tragic hamartia - an thinking Tragedy Hero error of you can do better than judgement the gods) anagnorisis (there are things going inevitability on the hero doesn't know about) peripeteia (a sudden reversal of fortune) The catharsis - moral Tragic cleansing End for the audience Page 17 of 21
  • 18. Wars either make or break prime ministers, according to the pollsters - and this war is all but breaking Tony Blair. It has sent him into free fall over the last year, plunging down through the clouds of approval that kept him uniquely popular for most of his time in office. When he goes, whenever that may be, Iraq will be carved on his tremor-prone heart. What Suez did to Anthony Eden, what Vietnam did to Lyndon Johnson is a fate now threatening him. However hard he tries to return to the domestic agenda, Iraq dogs his every step, day after day. It is turning into a classical tragedy because it is one of his own making, wrought by his own fatal flaw. Polly Toynbee Friday, February 6, 2004 The Guardian Page 18 of 21
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  • 20. Then 12 Now Then (in the past) (in the future) Time Line for English Verbs 1 2 3 4 5 Page 20 of 21
  • 21. I was seeing his wife when he went to New York. I saw his wife when he went to New York. Page 21 of 21
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