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  Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology (An Autonomous Institution) Code No: 121ME01B. TECH. I  !e r I  Se#ester E$ #in tions% e'ru ry% 201( )*egul r+EN,INEE*IN, -*/IN, ) EEE & ECE +Ti#e:( Hours M $. M rs : 0 rt3 )4'5ecti6e Ty7e+M $.M rs:20NS/E* 88 9ESTI4NS. 1.What is the difference between first angle projection and third angle projection?2.Define a straight line. What are the arious possible positions for drawing projection of straight line?!.What is meant b orthographic projections.#.What is the aim of hatching in section of solids. $ention the angle.%.What is the difference between prism and p ramid.&.Define pol gon? 'ist out the t pes of pol gons..Define cale factor used in scales. *.What are conic sections? +ow are the obtained ?,.Define eccentricit ?1-.What is the difference between plane and solid.  rt  BM $. M rs: ;0NS/E* N! I<E 9ESTI4NS. ECH 9ESTI4N C**IES 10 M*=S. 1.onstruct a rectangular h perbola when a point /0/ on it is at a distance of !-mm and &- mm respectiel from two as mptotes.2.onstant a parabola when the distance between the focus and the directri is %- mm. Draw a tangent and normal at an point on the cure. 1    12 Set No : 2  !.Draw the projections of a heagonal p ramid with the side of base !-mm and ais % mm long which is resting with a slant face on +.0. such that the ais is parallel to 3.0. 4ollow the change of position method.#.A cone of base #%mm diameter and ais &-mm long is resting on its base on +.0. It is cut b a section plane perpendicular to 3.0. and %mm awa from the ais. Draw the sectional side iew of the cut solid.%.A ertical cone with diameter of base *- mm and ais 1-- mm long is penetrated b a hori5ontal c linder of %- mm diameter. 6he ais of the c linder intersects the ais of the cone at a point of !- mm from the base. Draw the projections of the solids. how the lines of inter section.&.A point /A/ is 2-mm aboe +.0. and 2%mm in front of 3.0. another point /7/ is !%mm behind 3.0. and #-mm below +.0. Draw the projections of A and 7 8eeping the distance between the two projectors e9ual to *-mm. Draw straight lines joining (i) the top iews and (ii) the front iews..A line A7 of *-mm length is inclined at an angle of !- -  to +.0. and #% -  to 3.0. 6he point A is 2-mm aboe +.0. and 2%mm in front of 3.0. Draw the projections of the straight line.*.A regular heagon of 2%mm side has its edge on +.0. 6he surface of the plane is perpendicular 3.0. and inclined at #% -  to +.0. Draw the iews of the plane and locate the traces. 33 00 33 00 33 2
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